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Axis of cylindrical brake pad

All models (sold to the unit) These axes of platelets are compatible with all models of car without a permit) Aixam , Microcar , Ligier , Chatenet , Grecav , Bellier ,...) It is recommended to replace the axes at each change of brake pads
Cache dust piston

Hiding dust + piston Cup d ' adaptable caliper With this kit hiding dust + adaptable dish on most of the models of cars without a permit your pistons d ' caliper will be protected and refurbished for a price defying any competition.
Caliper dust cover - 40 mm

Diameter 40 mm This revision of caliper kit will allow you to replace this worn out joints on your car without a license brake caliper. This kit consists of a joint (diameter: 40mm), a dust as well as cache a cache for aims it purge of the caliper. Think to check the diameter of the seal before you order.
Kit révision caliper Ligier

Ligier Nova and Xtoo 1/2 you're having a problem at the level of your calipers, and you do not want to replace your caliper completely. This kit will allow you to replace the bellows around the guides as well as the dust and the Stirrup Cup cache.
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Before aixam brake caliper

CALIPER RIGHT OR LEFT FOR AIXAM / DISC DIAMETER 170 AIXAM 400E/S/SL/500.4/A721/A741 Can be mounted on these front calipers for Aixam Aixam 400/500.4/721/741 with discs with a diameter of 170 mm. They are supplied complete with brake pads. For the most recent aixam, see our other models of brake calipers.
€96.58 €116.58
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Before aixam brake caliper

AIXAM 500.5 / A751 / MEGA / CITY / ROADLINE / SCOOTY / GT DIAMETER 210 These designed for front brake calipers Aixam  will convince you by their braking as well as by their unbeatable price performance. Below you will find our mounting board to become a real mechanic. With Piecesanspermis, mechanics has never been easier than now.
€110.42 €122.42
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Left front brake caliper Aixam impulse range, Sensation and Vision

Front left brake caliper Aixam City, Crossline, CrossoverCoupé and GTO and Minauto Take advantage of our front left brake caliper specially designed for the models Aixam of the Impulse range, Sensation and Vision. This caliper fits with 220mm diameter discs. High quality part at a discount price!
€67.75 €85.75
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Caliper front ligier

LIGIER XTOO and NOVA (last edit) These left and right front brake calipers complete are ideal for your Ligier Nova or XTOO. Sold to the unit, you'll be surprise by its perfect finishes developed by our best supplier. These products are the latest models of Nova for another installation, we recommend that you consult us.
€101.75 €115.75
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Caliper before jdm

JDM ALBIZIA / ABACA / ALOE You feel that your braking system becomes less effective? This can be from to your cars brake calipers. Piecesanspermis presents you these brake calipers for JDM Abaca, Albizia and Aloe sold at lower prices.
€106.75 €115.75
Caliper before jdm

JDM TITANIUM DIAMETER 170 BRACKET These front brake calipers are only suitable for the JDM Titanium with 170 mm diameter discs. Quality exceptional, they will give you all the comforts at your brake. The rear calipers are also visible on our site for this model.
Brake caliper JDM Chatenet

JDM Roxsy / Xheos and Chatenet CH26 The brackets are an essential part in your VSP braking system. As soon as it is defective (seized or presence of leak), it is important to replace them to ensure better braking. The pads are supplied with the bracket. Remember to check at the same time drives because it may be damaged due to a defective caliper.
Front caliper bracket Chatenet

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH30, CH32, CH40, CH46, Sporteevo and Bellier B8 The etier support is a metal alloy part, if you have had an accident this one can be damaged and thus no longer allow the etier to be held properly.
Front brake caliper piston Chatenet

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH30, CH32, CH33, CH40, CH46, Sporteevo and Bellier B8 The purpose of the caliper piston is to push the brake pads onto the disc, in case of leakage or excessive seizure it is recommended to replace it with a new part.
Front brake caliper screw Ligier

Ligier Nova, Xtoo 1, 2, Max, Xtoo R, Xtoo S, Xtoo RS, Optimax Need to replace your Ligier front brake caliper screw? Buy our new and original part specially designed for Ligier Xtoo 1 and 2, Max, XtooR, XtooS, XtooRS, Optimax