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Rear brake calipers

Take advantage of our comprehensive online catalog of rear brake calipers for all VSP (Aixam, Ligier, MicrocarjDM...) sold at attractive prices on our website.

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Rear brake caliper LIGIER XTOO1, 2, R , RS, S, Max, Microcar Cargo

LIGIER NOVA / XTOO (right or left) These left and right brake calipers are compatible to the back of Ligier XTOO and Nova. Unbeatable prices, they may bring you great flexibility of braking. The calipers for the front of your cart are also available on our site.
€113.90 €129.90
Driver's side / Left - 1003928

MICROCAR after 2006 These rear calipers are developed specially for the carts Microcar after 2006. Piecesanspermis will offer you many unbeatable price brake calipers and invites you to discover the front calipers for your car without a licence. We strongly recommend to replace the two brackets at the same time.
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Passenger side / Right - 1002136

CALIPER REAR MICROCAR PRIOR TO 2006 AND JDM TITANIUM These rear calipers are exclusively reserved to the Microcar prior to 2006 as well as for JDM Titanium. Mindful of the requirements of its clients, Piecesanspermis has been manufactured these clamps according to very strict standards to produce a remarkable qualities.
€159.00 €169.00