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Aixam damper front

AIXAM ALL MODELS : AIXAM 400 - 400.4 - 400sl - 400Evo - 500.4 - 500.5 - PICK-UP 500.4 - 721 - 741 - CITY - ROADLINE - CROSSLINE These low cost shock absorbers are compatible on most of the . Sold individually and equivalent to the original, they will satisfy you by their capacity to maintain the wheels in permanent contact with the road and to ensure a maximum grip.
Damper rear aixam

AIXAM from 1997: AIXAM 400 / 500.4 / 721 / 741 / 751 / CROSSLINE / CITY / ROADLINE / SCOUTY These rear shock absorbers are exclusively reserved to the Aixam starting from 1997. Because they play a crucial role in stability and braking of vehicles, ensure their good condition, especially in anticipation of more difficult traffic conditions during the winter.
Shock absorber before aixam - 4p009

Front shock absorber Aixam scouty, scouty R, MAC 300 and MAC 400, 721 sport, city sport 2008, scouty 2008 and GTO 2010 Change the front shocks of your vehicle without a license Aixam by this adaptable model. Conforming to the original and at a reduced price, this product will be easily mounted on your cart. An essential safety element, your shock absorbers ensure the road holding of your vehicle. Remember to change them in pairs.
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Rear shock absorber aixam 2010

Rear shock absorber Aixam from 2010 Your Aixam (Impulse range) needs new rear shock absorbers? This low-cost adaptable model is identical to the original and will give your car back its full handling. The shocks must be changed in pairs. Our shocks are sold individually.
€43.25 €63.25
Rear shock absorber aixam

Rear shock absorber for Aixam 751, 500.5, Minivan 500.4 , crossline TQM, Roadline Z600... You wish to change the rear shock absorbers of your car without licence Aixam 4 seats? This model adaptable on many vehicles of the brand will bring you all satisfaction for a reduced cost. Shock absorbers must be changed in pairs. Our shock absorbers are sold individually.
Front shock absorber Aixam 2010

Front shock absorber for Aixam after 2010, range Vision and Sensation These unbeatable price shock absorbers are compatible with most Aixam after 2010, from the range Vision and Sensation. Sold individually and equivalent to the original assembly, they will satisfy you by their ability to offer you optimal riding comfort.
Rear shock absorber Aixam Mega

Rear shock absorber Aixam Mega (phase 1 & 2) The suspensions of your van Aixam Mega are not as efficient as they used to be? Replace your rear shock absorbers to Aixam Mega with