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Ball less than for aixam

400 E-S-L-SL / 500 E-S-L-SL / 500.4 / 500.5 / A721 / A741 / 400 EVOLUTION / CITY / CROSSLINE / ROADLINE / CROSSOVER / GTO / COUPE / MINAUTO These lower ball joints are compatible with all models from 400 onwards Aixam Their role is to transmit the force coming from the steering rods to the wheel. The origin of this effort comes from the driver when he turns the steering wheel. They also participate in the articulation of the running gear.
€9.91 €12.91
Lower ball joint Chatenet CH26,28,30,32,40,46

Suspension ball joint for Chatenet CH26/CH28/CH30/CH32/CH40 and Casalini M10(2nd mounting) M12, M14, M20 Your car does not offer you an optimal road holding anymore, your suspension ball joint must be replaced. You have the possibility to do it thanks to our ball joint specially developed for the models of the brand Chatenet .
Patella lower microcar

This ball is mounted on MICROCAR LYRA / VIRGO / MC1 / MC2 / MGO  With time they can either take the game, or to instead bind if they forgot to grease or if water has penetrated by a damaged bellows. Find also all our suspension wishbones for Microcar and other brands
Patella lower chatenet / bellier

Chatenet StellaMedia, Barooder, Speedino, Ligier JS6, JS12, JS14, Optima, PrimaOptimax, Xpro, Bellier Docker, Casalini Sulky, M10, Bellier VX400, VX500, VX550 These suspension ball joints are designed for Chatenet StellaMedia, Barooder, Speedino and Bellier Vx550 but also the older models of Ligier and Casalini. They will offer you a high security and a perfect grip on the roads. If you don't know which model you should take, you can consult our technical department.
Patella lower jdm

JDM TITANE / ALBIZIA / ABACA / FURIO / X 5 / ORANE This piece, which allows the articulation of the nosewheel, is adaptable on models titane, ALBIZIA, ABACA, FURIO, X 5 and finally the mark ASHLEY JDM .
Lower ball basher - erad

Ball joint lower Bellier crazy / Opal / Jade and Erad Spacia   Allowing the joint to the front of your vehicle, this lower ball is dedicated to vehicles without a brand license Bellier (crazy, opal and Jade models) and Erad (model Spacia). Over time a ball can either take the game, either to the contrary seize up if we forgot to grease them or if water has penetrated by a damaged bellows.
Patella direction tapered aixam

AIXAM 400E-S-L-SL / 400i / 500i / Chatenet Media, Stella, Barooder, CH26, Microcar VirgoLyra, JDM Titane, Albizia, Abaca, AloesRoxsy, Xheos, Bellier Truck These conical steering ball joints can be mounted on older Aixam models but also on older models Microcar, Chatenet, BellierJDM. They will bring you all the comfort and safety in your changes of direction. It is highly recommended to have your cart aligned at your garage after replacing your ball joints. 14 mm thread diameter
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Patella direction non-tapered aixam

AIXAM 400 E-S-L-SL-500.4-721-741-CROSSLINE These non-tapered for direction bearings Aixam 400/500/721/741/crossline will give you precision and rigidity at the level of your Directorate especially on roads difficult state. think above all about your safety and your budget.
€8.08 €11.58
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Direction microcar patella

MICROCAR VIRGO, MGO1, MGO2, M8, F8C, Ligier 162, AmbraNova, Ixo, JSRC and Grecav EKE These ball joints have been produced especially for Microcar and Ligier . They are one of our best sellers due to their easy installation and high precision manufacturing. Don't wait any longer, and come to discover our other parts for car without licence
€9.75 €10.75
Steering ball joint Casalini M10 and M12

Right-hand steering head for Casalini M10 (2nd mounting) and M12 The steering ball joint is the part that allows you to turn your wheels and also to absorb the shocks once associated with the suspension ball joints. In case you feel too much vibrations or a lack of road holding think of replacing it as soon as possible.
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Ball of direction microcar

MICROCAR MC1 / MC2 / CARGO / MGO3, 4, 5, 6, Ligier BE two, Be upNova, XTOO1, XTOO2, XTOO R, RS, S, Optiamx, Ixo, JS50, Dué 2, 3/5 and 6 These ball joints have been machined to fit the Microcar and Ligier . They will stand out for their great capacity to resist shocks on bad roads as well as for their exceptional price. 12 mm thread diameter
€9.58 €11.58