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Bearing wheel front 30 x 60 x 37

AIXAM / BELLIER / CHATENET / LIGIER / MICROCAR MC1 MC2 / JDM ALBIZIA - ABACA This front wheel broken priced bearing is dimension 30 X 60 X 37, it is adaptable to vehicles without a permit Aixam, Bellier, Chatenet, Ligier, Microcar and JDM.  The wheel bearing allows the axial guidance and rotation without resistance to the weight of the wheel.
Door hub ligier

LIGIER 162 / AMBRA / NOVA / 1 XTOO model up to chassis No. 3502 These wheel hubs for mounting the wheel and allowing the rotation of the is adaptable to Ligier Ambra/Nova/XTOO. Remember to check the status of the other Hub carrier and replace if necessary.
Door hub bellier / italcar

BELLIER - DIVANE - OPALE 6 JADE / ITALCAR / LIGIER - XPRO / CASALINI - YDEA - SULKY - M10 - M12 - M14 / CHATENET - MEDIA - STELLA Piecesanspermis knows how difficult it is to find spare parts for certain makes of licence-free cars. That's why we have asked our suppliers to make these wheel hubs especially for buggies Bellier , Italcar, Casalini, Chatenet and Ligier XPRO.