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Kubota air filter

KUBOTA engine - adaptable on AIXAM all models BI cylinder, 400 / A540 / 500 / 721 / 741 / CITY / CROSSLINE / ROADLINE This air filter fits most of Aixam with engine Kubota . Its rectangular shape is identical parfaitetement originally but at very soft price. When the garbage, remember that the air filter replaces all 10000 kms.
Kubota air filter

KUBOTA engine - original on AIXAM all models BI CYLINDER, 400 / A540 / 500 / 721 / 741 / CITY / CROSSLINE / ROADLINE This air filter is mounted on most of the Aixam and has been developed according to strict European standards. If yours is different, you will find on our site other models for your cart. It is advised to change the air filter every 10000 kms
Cylindrical air filter

KUBOTA engine This air cleaner is specially suitable for carts Aixam . Resistant to shock and temperature changes, this product has been manufactured to be reliable and inexpensive. Do not hesitate to consult us if you do not know and or are not on the template you need.
Kubota air filter

FILTER AIR KUBOTA ROUND FOR AIXAM MODELS ALUMNI AND A540 This air cleaner is adaptable on the Aixam A540 and earlier models. is willing to offer you several choices among many products. An air filter is changed around 10000 kms.
Mono lombardini air filter

Engine LOMBARDINI single cylinder 325 LD for MICROCAR LYRA This air filter has been specially manufactured for Microcar Lyra with a motor Lombardini focs single cylinder. Its good finishes as well as its price make this filter a reliable product. You can find our instructions for installation on each of our product.