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JDM, Grecav, Bellier, Casalini.... Cabin parts can be found here at the best prices.

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Window winder crank

Window winder lever for Aixam (all models), Ligier and Microcar If your window regulator crank no longer functions, we recommend that you replace it with this part, which has been specially designed for vehicles with manual window winder levers. 
Ceiling light Ligier, Microcar and Dué

Ligier Ixo, JS50 and JS50 L, Microcar MGO3/4/5/6, M8, F8C and Dué Change the ceiling light of your VSP Ligier, Microcar and Dué at the best price thanks to our new and adaptable part specially designed for recent models.
12-volt socket

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH30, CH32, CH40, CH46, Sporteevo and Pick up Directly plugged into your car's power supply without a license, the 12v plug will allow you to connect a GPS, a phone charger or an auxiliary light.
Air vent bezel Bellier B8

Black air vent cover Bellier B8 Keep all your vehicle's interior finish intact with our new and original part at the best price for your licence-free car Bellier B8.
Black aerator Bellier B8

Black air vent Bellier B8 Your Bellier B8 air vent blades are damaged and no longer allow you to distribute the air correctly in your cabin, replace your air vent with our new and original part for Bellier B8
Gear lever Bellier Jade

Gearshift Bellier Jade Your shifter may show signs of wear and tear, so replace it quickly with our new, original part exclusively for Jade models Bellier
Shuttle lever bellows Bellier B8

Shuttle lever bellows Bellier B8 The reverser lever bellows are not to be neglected. After its aesthetic aspect, its purpose is to protect the connector parts of your reverser lever from dust and other impurities in the passenger compartment.
Brake pedal Bellier B8

Brake pedal Bellier B8 With wear and tear, the brake pedal can show signs of weakness. Don't neglect this safety component, as the pedal actuates your braking system.
Gas pedal pedal Bellier B8

Accelerator pedal Bellier B8 with Yanmar engine Replace your accelerator pedal for your Bellier VSP with our new, genuine part at an unbeatable price. Specially designed accelerator pedal for the B8 model with Yanmar engine.
Gear knob

Need or want to change your gear knob? Choose this classic black model in brushed aluminium and leather for an easy grip.
Round shift knob

Whether your gear knob is broken or you decide to customize your vehicle without a license, this brushed aluminum and carbon knob will bring a whole new style to your car. In the shape of a ball and covered with a texture that makes it easy to grip, this quality product will fully satisfy you.
Black steering wheel cover

Need to recover a damaged wheel or just want to customize your vehicle? This universal wheel covers of black color is right for you! Its 39 cm diameter will fit the majority of vehicles on the road.
Red steering wheel cover offers this wheel covers of quality at discount prices. 39 cm in diameter this product of red and black will fit most models of vehicles without a permit.  
Chrome heating vent Bellier B8

Aerator for Bellier B8 This chrome-plated heating vent is the ideal replacement for your old aerator on your Bellier B8. A heater vent, also known as an aerator, is a part that allows you to evenly distribute or direct hot air from your cart's heater radiator.
Grecav dashboard centering bracket Sonique

Grecav Sonic Have you noticed that your dashboard is moving, and when you disassemble it you discover that it's cracked? Now's the time to replace it with our new, original part.
Universal trunk net

All models (Aixam, Ligier, Microcar, Bellier, JDM, Chatenet, Casalini, Minauto, Dué, Grecav...) Is your trunk net cracked or defective? With replace your net with our new and adaptable part for all VSP models, at the best guaranteed price.
Steering wheel fixing screws Aixam - Minauto

Aixam (all models) Minauto (all models) The original steering wheel fixing screw for licence-free cars is a vital component ensuring a secure and stable connection between the steering wheel and the steering column. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, this screw guarantees a secure fit, providing a safe and comfortable driving experience. Opt for this genuine steering wheel fixing screw to maintain the stability and security of your steering system, and enjoy hassle-free driving
Gear lever Chatenetgrecav

Chatenet Media, Barooder, Speedino, Grecav Eke Improve the control and maneuverability of your license-free car with our high-quality adaptable shifter. Designed to provide smooth, precise sensation shifting, this gearshift lever is compatible with several models of licence-free car. Made from durable, hard-wearing materials, this shifter guarantees exceptional durability even under the most demanding driving conditions. Its ergonomic design offers a comfortable grip and easy handling, ensuring a pleasant driving experience. Order today to enhance the performance and comfort of your licence-free driving
Two-component epoxy adhesive

Aixam Ligier, , , , , , , , Microcar Chatenet Bellier JDM Minauto Grecav Casalini Dué Thanks to our two-component epoxy glue, you can easily and cost-effectively glue and repair your VSP. This glue will fit your Aixam , Chatenet , Ligier , Dué , Minauto , Casalini , Bellier , JDM ... 25 ml container
MP3 / Bluetooth car radio 80W

Car radio for VSP Aixam, Ligier, Microcar, Chatenet, Bellier, JDM, Casalini, Minauto, Dué, Grecav Enhance your driving experience with our MP3 / Bluetooth car radio specially designed for cars without a license (VSP). Enjoy your favorite tunes in high audio quality with MP3 playback, while staying securely connected with integrated Bluetooth functionality. Our car radio offers universal compatibility and ease of installation, guaranteeing perfect integration into your license-free car. Order today to enjoy a more enjoyable, connected driving experience.
Universal front seat cover...

Universal front seat covers The 4-pack of universal front seat covers for licence-free cars, suitable for all makes, is the perfect solution for protecting and refreshing your vehicle's interior. These practical covers not only offer effective protection against wear, stains and tears, but also add a touch of style to your interior. Installation of these covers is quick and easy, allowing you to install them yourself with little effort. Opt for the 4-pack of universal front seat covers to keep your interior clean and looking good, while enhancing your driving comfort. Order today for an easy and affordable vehicle upgrade.