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Triangle jdm titanium

JDM TITANIUM This suspension triangle is strictly designed to JDM Titanium. It will give you full satisfaction by its quality and its capacity. Come now consult our other suspension arm for any brand of vehicles without a permit.
€25.90 €34.90
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Traingle JDM Aloes / Xheos - 201012

JDM Aloe and Xheos The triangle to make the connection between the frame of the vehicle and the wheel. If your car has suffers a shock at the level of the wheel, it may be veiled or even broken which may cause a loss of control of your vehicle. For more security, check your triangle as well as the silent block and the ball joint.
€32.50 €45.00
Silent triangle block JDM

Silent block for triangle JDM Aloes, Roxsy and Xheos Your suspension triangles become loose due to worn out silent blocks, replace them with new ones at discount prices . offers you superior quality parts specially developed for the latest JDM models.