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warning switch Aixam

Warning switch for Aixam 721, 741, 751, City, Roadline, Scouty and Crossline Your warning switch is defective, replace it with this original part Aixam
Warning button Aixam impulse range, Vision and Sensation

Warning button Aixam impulse range, Vision and Sensation Your warning switch or button no longer works, replace it with our compatible original part for the models City, Crossline, CrossoverCoupé and GTO impulse ranges, Vision and Sensation.
Heating button Aixam

Heating button for Aixam 721/741/751/Crossline and Scouty Your heater button is missing on your vehicle, don't hesitate to buy this button specially dedicated to the 721, 741, 751 models, Crossline and Scouty of the brand Aixam
Ventilation switch Aixam

Aixam 721, 741, 751, City Roadline, Crossline and Scouty Need to replace your ventilation switch Aixam ? offers you this switch reserved for VSP models Aixam.
Window lift switch holder Aixam

Window regulator switch holder Aixam 721, 741, 751, City, Roadline, Crossline and Scouty Take advantage of our switch holder (or window lift button) to Aixam 721, 741, 751, City, Roadline, Crossline and Scouty on New and original parts at the best price.
Window lift switch Aixam 721/741/751/City/Roadline/Crossline and Scouty

Window regulator switch Aixam 721/741/751/CITY/ROADLINE/CROSSLINE/SCOUTY This window regulator switch is perfectly adapted to the vehicles of the brand Aixam. Its quality of manufacture and its discount price make it the ideal spare part.
Window lift switch Aixam 400 / 500

Window regulator switch Aixam 400 SL / 400.4 / Evo and 500 SL / 500.4 and 500.5 Your window regulator switch is defective on your AixamThis switch will satisfy you by its quality of manufacture and its discount price
Window lift switch Aixam impulse and Vision

Aixam City, CrosslineCut, Crossover and GTO impulse range and Vision Your window regulator button is defective, replace it with our new and original part for all models Aixam of the Impulse and Vision (1st assembly).
Tailgate switch Aixam

Aixam CityCut, Crossline, Crossover and GTO (Impulse range, Vision and Sensation) The rear hatch switch controls the opening of the trunk, it is a part with electrical connections that can malfunction over time.
Defrost switch Aixam

Aixam City, CrosslineCut, Crossover, GTO (range Vision 2nd assembly, Sensation and Emotion). offers you this original switch Aixam to replace your broken part and enjoy your automatic defrost.
Switch lever speed...

Aixam / Ligier / Microcar Your cart has trouble making the reverse or forward, it's maybe the contactor which is grilled or defective so preventing your shifter to function. This can also prevent the starting of the vehicle. Your VSP is equipped with 2 contactors, check them at the same time.