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Module d'essui glace arrière pour Ligier IXO, JS 50, Microcar MGO 2 / 3, M8

Ligier IXO, JS 50, M8, Microcar MGO 2 / 3 and M8 Your rear window wiper does not work anymore ? Think of changing your rear wiper module compatible with the following models Ligier IXO, JS 50 and Microcar MGO 2 / 3, M8. Attention it is advisable if you have an old model, to buy also the beam of adaptation of the module reference: FSC4361 sue This kit includes the module AND the adapted harness.
Centralization box adapter Ligier, Microcar

Ligier XTOO2, XTOO Max, XTOO R, RS, S, Optimax, JS50, JS50L, Microcar Cargo and F8C Following a change of the electrical device you will need this centralization box adapter to repair your VSP