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Cable throttle ch26

Chatenet CH26 Accelerator cable   This cable Accelerator, in line with European standards, is identical to the original model of your car without a license. Adaptable on the model of the mark Chatenet CH26, this product will bring you satisfaction and pleasure of driving.
€9.92 €14.92
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Cable accélérateur Chatenet barooder yanmar

Chatenet Barooder The accelerator cable allows to give the information to pressure or not on the gas pedal for controlling the engine speed. If your accelerator pedal is suddenly too hard or conversely too soft, you probably have a problem on your cable that needs to be replaced. This cable can be mounted only on Chatenet Barooder with YANMAR engine.
€10.58 €11.58
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Cable accelerator chatenet

Cable CHATENET BAROODER and MEDIA This Accelerator for cable Chatenet media and barooder will be perfect to replace a former faulty cable. This cable is manufactured with first quality materials to give it durability and exceptional ruggedness.   
€6.25 €8.25