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Ligier ixo handbrake cable

HAND BRAKE CABLE FOR LIGIER IXO / JS50L phase 1, 2, 3 This handbrake cable is designed for Ligier IXO and JS50L will fit perfectly to your vehicle without licence. Its quality and its discount price will satisfy you.
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Brake cable has hand ligier xtoo

Cable LIGIER XTOO MAX / R / OPTIMAX Your car without a license Ligier a hand brake problem? Don't wait any longer: this Handbrake cable is probably what need you! Designed for models XTOO MAX, R and OPTIMAX, it will bring you satisfaction.
€12.92 €14.92
Ligier be - two handbrake cable

For Ligier Be - two hand brake cable   The hand of your Be - two Ligier brake cable needs to be replaced? Choose this to the original model and the most stringent European standards. His discount price going to convince you!
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Brake cable has hand ligier xtoo 1

Cable LIGIER XTOO 1st series This Handbrake cable is designed specifically for cars without a trademark license Ligier model Xtoo (1st series). Its low cost and its durability will fully satisfy you. 
€11.92 €14.92
Brake cable has hand ligier nova

Cable LIGIER NOVA Cable Handbrake for carts Ligier Nova is departed from our flagship products. Excellent quality, it is little more expensive, which will satisfy you fully.