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Câbles de frein à main Chatenet

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Brake cable has hand chatenet ch26

Cable CHATENET CH26 Specially designed for cars without a license from Microcar Virgo, this cable brake you appotera satisfaction thanks to its high resistance and durability. Always at discount prices, this product is indispensable!
€14.90 €17.90
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Brake cable has hand chatenet barooder

Cable CHATENET BAROODER This Handbrake cable specially designed for carts Chatenet Barooder will ensure excellent braking due to the very high quality of the material used. This brake is also very resistant to giving it an exceptional longevity. So enjoy this cable to brake at low cost but high quality!  
€15.90 €17.90
Brake cable has hand chatenet media

Cable CHATENET MEDIA This Handbrake cable designed for the VSP Chatenet Media has been manufactured in accordance with the highest European standards. The material used to manufacture this brake cable is of great resistance to ensure durability.