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Brooms Flex for Grecav Eke

Towel ice before great wall Eke To allow you to ride in any security with good visibility, plan to check your brushes for windshield wipers. If they show signs of wear, leaves traces on the windshield on each pass or make noise. It is time to change. Thanks to our flexible brushes for great wall Eke replace them at a low price.
€10.90 €12.90
Wiper rear aixam

Wiper before Grecav EKE An adaptable wiper that can easily replace the defective part of your Grecav EKE. With a discount price on a piece of this quality, hard to resist! It should be noted that this product measures 550 mm, important information for your order.
Wiper rear aixam

REAR WINDOW WIPER FOR GRECAV This rear window wiper is adaptable on Grecav models. This part has a length of 280 mm, an information to take into account when placing your order.