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Pièce Moteur Mitsubishi offers you a wide range of spare parts for MITSUBISHI engines available in stock. They will be able to satisfy you in the event of engine failure.

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MITSUBISHI glow plugs

Mitsubishi engine This candle is dedicated to the Mitsubishi engine. You will easily replace the candles of your Ydea Casalini. Buy this piece at discount prices, without neglecting the quality on
Fuel filter casalini - F0098000054

Engine MITSUBISHI This fuel filter is ideal for cars without a permit Casalini with engine Mitsubishi. Because ' it is difficult to find the right product for your car without a licence, offers you thousands of parts at discount prices.
CASALINI air filter

Engine MITSUBISHI This air cleaner is suitable for cars without a permit Casalini equipped with a Mitsubishi engine. Because knows how difficult it is to find parts not expensive for Casalini, we try to find these parts for you at the best price.
Alternator belt CASALINI mitsubishi engine - 775 mm

CASALINI all models engine MITSUBISHI This alternator belt is made to fit perfectly to the Mitsubishi engine, it therefore ascend the majority of brand carts Casalini . Reliable and robust, it will fill you completely!
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Thermostat for Mitsubishi engines

Thermostat for Mitsubishi engines offers you this Mitsubischi engine thermostat at a bargain price. If you have heating problems or engine overheating, think about replacing your thermostat.
€19.90 €24.90
Mitsubishi engine stop solenoid

Mitsubishi engine stop solenoid This engine stop solenoid electrically stops your Mitsubischi engine for CASALINI license-free cars.
Mitsubishi diesel pump

GASOIL PUMP MITSUBISHI This diesel pump fits VSPs equipped with a Mitsubishi engine. Enjoy the quality of our parts at discount prices on
Mitsubishi cylinder head gasket - F0098000019

Mitsubishi engine White smoke coming from the exhaust? abnormal overheating your engine? What are the signs of a head gasket, which shows signs of aging. Replace the without further delay in order to avoid a broken motor on your car without a license.
Mitsubishi engine water pump

Mitsubishi engine water pump If your water pump shows signs of failure (leakage, seizing of the axis...) or you have to carry out your distribution, offers you this new and adaptable water pump of equivalent quality to the original one
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Mitsubishi Diesel Pump

Mitsubishi diesel pump This electric diesel pump fits Mitsubishi engines. This part is used to supply diesel fuel electrically to the Mitsubishi engine.
€79.80 €99.80
Adaptable Mitsubishi alternator

Casalini Ydea, Sulky, M10, M12, M14 with Mitsubishi engine Alternators are very important to the proper functioning of your VSP car. It enables the battery to be recharged after starting the engine and ensures the production of the vehicle's electricity. 
5W30 engine oil

5W30 engine oil Optimize the performance of your hatchback with our 5W30 engine oil, specially formulated for diesel vehicles. Offering superior protection against engine wear, our 5W30 oil ensures optimum lubrication even in difficult operating conditions, guaranteeing enhanced engine durability and longevity. Designed to meet the specific requirements of diesel engines, our 5W30 oil formula improves fuel efficiency and promotes clean combustion, reducing harmful emissions. Order today to keep your car in perfect working order
Engine oil 15W40 (2L)

15W40 engine oil A mineral oil specially designed for gasoline and diesel engines without particulate filters (DPF), this quality oil is particularly well-suited to Non-licensed Car engines.
Stop radiator leak

Stop radiator leak If you notice one or more leaks in your cooling radiator, don't hesitate to use our stop radiator leak additive to prevent your engine from overheating.
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Relais gestion moteur Casalini

Casalini / Engine Mitsubishi L2C and L2E An engine management relay is an essential component for the proper operation of a car's engine. This electrical device controls and regulates various engine functions, such as fuel injection, ignition and engine temperature. On our website, you'll find a selection of high-quality engine management relays, compatible with different makes and models of vehicle. Order now!
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Fixation de réservoir

Casalini Sulky , M10 , M12 , M14 , M20 The fuel tank clamp is an essential element in ensuring the safety and stability of the fuel tank. This spare part secures the tank to the vehicle's structure, avoiding any risk of leakage or displacement while driving. Order now!