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    The Ligier brand was born under the leadership of a man, Guy Ligier, champion of France by bike in 1959 and 1960. But in 1968, with the help of Jo Schlesser, the Ligier brand is created to produce formula 2. In 1976, the first appearance in formula 1 in the Brazil marks the beginning of a beautiful story that will last 20 years with 326 grands prix started, 50 podiums, 9 wins and a second place in the constructors World Championship in 1980.

    At the same time, Automobiles Ligier will capitalize on this experience in the world of formula 1 to design a range of innovative unlicensed vehicle benefiting from State of the art manufacturing techniques. Today Automobiles Ligier continues to market models of cart recognized as new market standards.

    In 2008, following a merger with the brand of car without a licence Microcar and Ligier Automobiles, the Driveplanet company emerges from the Earth forbecome the group leader in the European market. With 3 marks autonomous (Automobiles Ligier and Microcar and Due), independence between production on French territory, Driveplanet sites represents more than 40% market share with more than 10,000 vehicles put into circulation.

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    • Ambra
    • 162
    • IXO


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