Parts for car without permit Chatenet

    For more than 25 years Louis Georges Châtenet and his team are specialists of 'vehicle outside large series' and automotive enthusiasts.
    As early as 1984, its creation date, Automobiles CHATENET has established itself in true automaker and has contributed to the improvement of the image of the vehicle without a license giving it its letters of nobility through models such as the CH26 lines inspired by the mini resolutely young and dynamic.
    Automotive CHATENET is particularly attentive to finishes of his carts and the qualities of its spare parts.

    This strategy made today of the Automobiles CHATENET one of the European leaders of the car without a license. Thus, the CHÂTENET company has 70% of its turnover abroad. Today, Automobiles CHATENET is present in Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Finland.


    The main models of CHATENET are:

    -Châtenet media

    -Chatenet barooder

    -Chatenet CH26

    -Châtenet stella



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