Frequently asked Questions











    Who are we?

    ASPL is a company established since February 2009, based in Tourcoing, near the city centre, in the northern region of Calais

    A team specialized in the field of the car without a license is at your disposal for information and to provide you with quality parts at discount prices.


    What are the opening hours of your local store?

    The store is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 6:30 p.m. without interruption.




    How to order?

    To place an order on ourwebsite, 2 options are available to you:

    1. You can order by phone by contacting us at + 33 (0) (call non-premium rate), the standard is open from 09:00 am to 6:00 pm non-stop.
    2. You can also order on the site 7 d/7 and 24/24, here is the procedure to follow:
      1. Select the products you want to order and click on "add to cart"
      2. Check all of your shopping cart by clicking on 'basket', also remember to check the amount of coins you want to order
      3. Log in to your account or create one if you have not yet done. (if you are already logged into your account ignore this step)
      4. Select your shipping method (+ info here), shipping costs are calculated automatically.
      5. Select your payment method (+ info here)
      6. "Confirm your order by clicking on the button: ' I confirm my order"
      7. After validation, you will receive email summary of your order, confirming that it has well been registered, with its order number. and a link to the steps of the preparation.



    How to tell if the product isin stock?

    To find out if the product is in stock it is very simple, just consult the data sheet. At the moment you can add the product to your cart, it is that the coin is available in our stock. And if the button "add to cart" appears, this means that the product is no longer available at the moment and it is therefore not controllable.


    However some parts are available but only on command like nightclubs speeds Aixam, Chatenet Media, Microcar Virgo 1/2/3 to know the deadline for delivery of these parts, please feel free to contact us at or by completing the contact form



    Is it possible to make a withdrawal store?

    Yes, it is possible to come and remove your pieces in the store. We have a point of sale, here is the address and the timetables for the withdrawal in-store:


    Car without permit Lecocq

    242 rue de l'Yser

    59200 Tourcoing

     The store is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 p.m. without interruption.


    Do you have the used parts?

    All the documents on the site are new, it may be that by now we have parts for sale as soon as it is the case, these are saved on the site under the heading "used parts - good business"

    Do not hesitate to visit the page, you will find can be your room, It is through here!


    What are the payment methods?

    On the website you currently have 4 means of payment:

    • Payment by credit cardvia the payment system secure Credit Mutuel (+ info here)
    • Payment by Paypal : secure transaction, payment by PAYPAL account or by credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, CB, Aurora, COFINIGO, 4 stars,...)


    • Payment via mandate Cash : You need to return the mandate Cash of the amount of your order to this address:

    Order service
    242 rue de l'Yser
    59200 TOURCOING

    It must also send us at the same time as your mandate Cash, a photocopy of your order and your contact information.

    • Payment by bank transfer, all contact information you will be supplied during the validation of your order after selecting payment method "bank transfer".


    I got or I have a discount code for an order, how to use it?

    To use your discount code nothing simpler, here is the procedure to follow:

    1. Select all of the products you want to order en adding them to your basket now
    2. Click on the "cart" button in the left column to view the summary of it.
    3. As soon as your basket is made, insert the discount code in the box provided for this purpose (it is located at the end of the list of the products in your shopping cart)
    4. Then click on 'Add', the page reloads and your discount code is taken into account *.


    * If the code is not taken into account, check all of the conditions for the use of it which is located in the mail you received at the same time as your code.

    If all the conditions are met and that the code still does not please not hesitate to contact us at (from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm) or by using the contact form


    I want to pay in several times, is this possible?

    We do offer payment in several times on our website.


    I have not invoice in my package, how do I have it?

    We do not invoice in the package when it is passed directly on the website. They are put in your package when you place an order by phone.


    To retrieve your Bill, here are the steps:

    1. Connect to your customer if you have already logged skip this step.
    2. Go to the section "my orders" located at the top left.
    3. Then click on the "details" button corresponding to the command you want to have the Bill
    4. Then just above your address (billing and shipping), click on the link to download your invoice.
    5. There is more you save it on your computer or print it.




    What are the shipping methods?

    • Withdrawal in store : All parts available on the site can be removed the same day in store at the following address during the opening hours of this:


    242 rue de l'Yser

    59200 Tourcoing


    Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm

    • Delivery by mail : This carrier is used only for small order volumes. The delivery is made within 48 hours to your home

    • Delivery by Fedex : Sends carrier used for body parts, tyres, of some cribs. Delivery in metropolitan france and in Europe.

    • Delivery by Chronopost: We offer several types of deliveries with this carrier
      • Chronopost - relay package 24 : This delivery is only possible for a delivery of products in stock, in metropolitan France.
        As soon as the shipment of your package, a number of parcel is sent by e-mail so that you can follow his delivery. This parcel number is also always available in your customer account.

        The parcel is delivered against signature. You have 15 days to retrieve the package in point relay chosen during your transition from command. If you do not claim the package within 15 days, the package will be returned for us automatically.
      • Chronopost - in-home 24 h : This delivery is only possible for a delivery of products in stock, in metropolitan France.
        As soon as the shipment of your package, a number of parcel is sent by e-mail so that you can follow his delivery. This parcel number is also always available in your customer account.

        The parcel is delivered against signature. If absent, the delivery person contact you telephonically communicated at the time of the command. Encase of unavailability, the parcel is deposited in the nearest post office, the address of the withdrawal will be conveyed to you on the refurbished transit advice in your mailbox. You have 15 days to retrieve the package. If you do not claim the package within 15 days, the package will be returned for us automatically.


    What are the time limits for delivery of an order?

    Delivery time varies depending on the type of carrier when placing your order, you will be delivered in 24 h, 48 h or 72 h after shipment of your order.

    The time for the preparation of a command can be done within a period of one (1) to two (2) business days


    What are the zones of delivery?

    Below is the list of all countries in which we carry out deliveries.

    • Metropolitan France
    • Belgium
    • Germany
    • Luxembourg
    • Netherlands
    • Austria
    • Spain
    • Italy
    • United Kingdom
    • Switzerland
    • Finland
    • Sweden
    • Poland
    • Czech Republic
    • Norway
    • Romania
    • Slovakia
    • Estonia
    • Latvia
    • Lithuania
    • Hungary
    • Slovenia
    • Portugal
    • Denmark


    What are the rates for delivery?

    Rates vary depending on the shipping method chosen during checkout, you will find, below, the set of rates for each carrier depending on the weight of your parcel.

    The post office (France) colissimo : unique €6.90

    The post (DOM):

    0 to 1 kg€17.207 to 8kg€59.90
    1 to 2kg€22.908 to 9kg€65.90
    2 to 3kg€29.409 to 10kg€72.10
    3 to 4kg€35.5010-15kg€ 98.40
    4 to 5kg€39.9015-20kg€ 128.90
    5 to 6kg€45.5020 to 25kg€ 159.40
    6 to 7kg€53.9025 to 35 kg€ 189.00


    The post office (TOM)

    0 to 1 kg€25.007 to 8kg€ 124.00
    1 to 2kg€39.508 to 9kg€139.00
    2 to 3kg€ 53.809 to 10kg€153.00
    3 to 4kg€68.0010-15kg€ 224.00
    4 to 5kg€81.9015-20kg€ 294.00
    5 to 6kg96.€0020 to 25kg€ 365.00
    6 to 7kg€110.7025 to 35 kg€ 435.00




    Chronopost: Home (Metropolitan France) delivery

    0 to 6kg€8.9015-20kg€ 11.90
    6-10kg€9.9020 to 25kg€12.90
    10-15kg€10.9025 to 30kg€13.90


    Chronopost: Relay (Metropolitan France) delivery

    0 to 6-5kg€6.9010-18kg€6.90
    5 to 10kg€6.9018-20kg€6.90


    Fare Zone 1 Europe (Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands)

    0 to 7kg€13.997 to 10.5 kg€17.99
    10.5 to 35kg€ 23.99

    Europe zone 2 rates (Austria, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom):

    0 to 7kg€16.997 to 10.5 kg€ 20.99
    10.5 to 35kg€ 26.99

    Prices Europe zone 3 (Finland, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark):

    0 to 7kg€20.797 to 10.5 kg€ 24.79
    10.5 to 35kg€ 30.99


    Prices Europe zone 4 (Poland, Czech Republic, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovenia):

    0 to 7kg€16.997 to 10.5 kg€ 20.99
    10.5 to 35kg€ 26.99


    Can I track a package? and how?

    Yes, it is possible to follow your parcel after the shipping of it

    To follow simply login to your account, look at the details of your order and click on the link of this follow-up on your detail.

    Tracking is only available for orders with the mail carrier.

    This service is not available for orders placed by phone.

    If you have your parcel number (listed in the shipping confirmation email or your order tracking), you can access it directly by clicking on the link below of the carrier concerned:




    What is the delay in return for a product?

    You have a period of seven (7) days after receipt of your order to return your product to us.


    How to return a product?

    Two solutions are available to you to make a return.

    1. Either by telephone, open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, specifying your order number, the name of the part you want to return to us and specify the reason for your return for each product.
    2. Either directly in your customer area of the website.
      1. Log into your client area, skip this step if you are already logged on the site
      2. Click on the "my orders" section, at the top left in the 'my account' block.
      3. All orders placed on our site are displayed choose the one that contains (s) product (s) you want to return to us, by clicking on the "details" button.
      4. Navigate the page, until you reach the details of your order, then check (s) product (s) you want to return (box located on the left of the product name).
      5. In the next box, explain the reason for your return for each piece.
      6. Post your request for return,by clicking on the button "generate a return".
      7. He re you need to send us your products accompanied by a photocopy of your order.


    The return costs are at your expense (except in the event of duly proven piecesanspermis.fr error). If the article is returned incomplete or damaged, piecesanspermis.fr refuse to refund or apply a discount according to the diagnosis realized by the service which will be conveyed to you.
    Reimbursement will be made within thirty (30) days after receipt of products, either by bank cheque sent on behalf of the customer who placed the order and billing address or by crediting the customer's credit card according to the mode of payment used at the command.




    Are they warranted?

    You will find attached a table summarizing all the products with a guarantee, with beside the duration column.

    ProductDuration of warranty
    Radiator1 year
    Starter1 year
    Alternator1 year
    Inverter motor1 year
    Controller box1 year
    Box1 year

    Parts sold on the site piecesanspermis.fr benefit:

    • the legal guarantee
    • the legal warranty of defects hidden
    • the manufacturer's warranty including the extent and duration differ according to the products and brands.

    The cost of sending the item (s) are the responsibility of the customer. To qualify for the guarantee of the products it you must keep the receipt of purchase of the product.

    The guarantee does not cover:

    • the replacement of consumables (light bulbs, brushes, batteries, disks, filters, jaws, wafers...)
    • using abnormal or non-compliant products.
    • the defects and their consequences related to the use of non-compliant to the use for which the product is intended (competition...).
    • the defects and their consequences related to any external cause.

    Attention, the warranty does not apply to compensation for damage caused by an external cause (for example, accident, shock, lightning, a fluctuation of current...), or a fault of the resulting customer for example employment or installation not in accordance with the specifications of the OEM use detrimental to the good preservation of the exhibit.



    Do you have other parts than those present on the site?

    All of these parts on the site constitutes the entire parts we have provisions. We cannot pass control for a piece that is not referenced here.

    However if you would like confirmation you can through the contact form make us a request for a room, just in case that it would be available with us but not yet put on sale on the site.


    Are the parts painted?

    Most of the body parts are delivered "raw", IE in a black colour for ABS parts, and are ready to paint.

    "However you can find parts already build in painting, that are available under the heading "part used".


    What are the images under some product photos?

    These images are further information on the product, there are 3 currently, here is the explanation for each image.

    : This is the symbol to mean you the duration of the warranty for this product. In this example the warranty is one year.


    : It tells you that it's an adaptable piece and original, this symbol is mainly used for body parts.


    : It is the guarantee of quality that piecesanspermis strives toyou. This enable you to have some quality parts for your car without a licence, and any ca in ABS.




    How to be reimbursed?

    Reimbursement will be made at the latest within thirty (30) days after receipt of the products, either by crediting the customer's credit card according to the mode of payment used when ordering.