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    Founded in 1964, Grecav was born from the merger of two companies specialized in agricultural mechanics and the other in manufacture of. Sheet and components machining mechanical has always been the point of strength of the company Grecav and was at the origin of the tradition of manufacturing that continues to date.

     Since the 1970s, Grecav specialises in the manufacture of commercial vehicles for other brands (such as Iveco, Piaggio) and won enough competence to join the field of light quadricycles. In the year 2000 it presents EKE, the only cart aluminium on the market, a revolutionary product in the field of light quadricycles. Ten years later this Grecav Sonic, the result of a long experience in the sector, which brings together quality and technique on a booming market.

    On our site you will find parts for models:

    • Eke
    • Sonic