celebrate 10th anniversary
celebrate 10th anniversary


    4l Trophy

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    The great departure

    quoteGood evening everyone!
    This morning we passed all controls with success! Except the control of our chassis where there's some Rusty! In short we had to buy a metal plate and make welding a mechanic at a lower cost!
    We took the road to 6 P.m. instead of noon but we crossed France night! I you mail this message before the Spanish border!
    A day rich in emotion!

    (The 4L, said AZUL, Thunder market!)quote

    Sent on 02-13-2014

    A few photos

    4l trophy

    Thomas & Azul

    vue nocturne

    Night view

    The crossing (Spain) and the arrival in the Morocco

    quoteGood evening to all!
    First of all! I'm sorry but we could not have internet before now!
    So we left the entrance of the Spain! To finish the evening where I sent the last message we were up to ¨san sebastian¨ in Spain a 3 o'clock in the morning! Our famous 4l was our bed for the night!
    The next day we crossed the Spain in 1 day from 9: 00 to 3:30 in the morning! Where we spent our first night at the bivouac of Algeciras! The next day, which was to be a day of rest was a day where we spent approximately 8 hours in the company of one of the technical teams (mechanical and bodywork) so that it have more defects on the 4 L!
    The next day was the entrance to the Morocco! The boat being planned for 6 o'clock in the morning in Algeciras, he went for 8 H direction Tangier! Arrived at 9:30 we took our 4 direction Belajoul! (A little more than 500 km) On the road we surprised a small clutch which was settled as early as problemour arrival by our dear friends mechanic! We saw beautiful landscape and opposite our mentalities as see people cross the highways on foot while we are over 100 km/h! And beautiful encounters with Moroccans who are very welcoming! I you sending the news more quickly!quote

    Sent on 02-16-2014

    A few photos

    4l au maroc

    Azul in Morocco

    port embarquement

    Departure of the Spain

    1st stage (Belajoul - Merzouga)

    quoteGood evening to all! Today February 17, we carried out the first stage of the 4 L TROPHY that goes from Belajoul to Merzouga where we gave our school supplies to the children! The road went well, the scenery was beautiful (the mountains of the atlas, the Lake of Errachidia and finally)the first dunes). However a 4L TROPHY would not be a 4L TROPHY without galleys! We broke our motor protection front plate and the repair the fan who dropped us on the road as well as tighten the belts! We have sympathized with a Berber with whom we exchanged our cultures.quote

    Sent on 17-Feb - 2014

    A few photos

    4l au maroc

    Azul in Morocco

    thomas et le berbère

    Thomas and the Berbe

    4l au maroc

    Azul in Morocco

    L'équipe au bivouac

    The team at the bivouac

    step 2 (Merzouga)

    quoteGood evening to all!
    Today, February 18, 2014, we participated in step two of the 4 L TROPHY called: loop 1 Mdis of Merzouga aka the sand bin! The course is beautifully past! We are give twice! We have helped many crews that were give to themselves. Landscapes as their habits were magnificent, we have taken our first sand dunes as well as several kilometers of track (96 km) from 9 H 30 to 19 H non-stop! Hey Yes it is long but let us not forget that we are in 4L! The night we ate a delicious couscous made by the Moroccan desert hired by the 4 L TROPHY.quote

    Sent on 19-Feb - 2014

    A few photos

    4l au maroc

    yet Azul

    la 4l


    le desert

    The desert

    Un coucher de soleil

    A sunset