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Generation Sans Permis ! or the new car mister for licence-free cars

It's a fact borne out by the figures: while the new car market has fallen by 20-30%, licence-free cars are booming. The licence-free car sector is clearly on the rise, with an 8.3% increase in sales last November, driven not only by its traditional clientele - senior citizens and people with disabilities - but also by new customers:

Teenagers, because a licence-free car can be driven from the age of 14;
French urbanites, who see nothing but advantages: easy to park, fuel-efficient, suitable for a wide range of 30km/hour and 50km/hour driving zones;
French people who can't afford to take their driving test. (80% of users without a driving license are interested in these types of vehicles).

The success of licence-free cars is such that major manufacturers are getting in on the act. Citroën, for example, with its AMI.

It's against this backdrop that Piecesanspermis a real success story: founded 10 years ago. Today, the site for parts for all makes of PSV has established itself as the leader in its sector.

A vast range of spare parts at discount prices offers a wide range of spare parts, from filtration and lighting to braking, transmission, electrical and exhaust systems. You'll also find tires and body parts for licence-free cars.

"Our catalog is extremely comprehensive: we sell VSP parts for all makes and models, including Aixam, Microcar, Ligierand Chatene", explains Stéphanie Lecocq, the company's managing director. has become an essential site for VSP owners, thanks to the breadth of its offering. But also because it offers extremely competitive prices, without compromising on the quality of parts and service.

As a result, it has won the trust of Internet users, with a rating of 9.4/10 on the independent TrustPilot site, and numerous testimonials attest to the quality of service, such as this one from Patrice.L: "Hello, very professional and courteous, fast shipping, exemplary soap on a previous order I had a problem with a glow plug, exchange and shipping within the day, I can only recommend."

A wealth of information on licence-free vehicles

The site has launched a YouTube channel, L'atelier de Piecesanspermis! where you can find tips and tutorials. You can learn how to replace a wiper blade in two minutes. How to replace a rear-view mirror, engine alternator, starter motor or cooling hose. The channel is very popular, with some videos having been viewed more than 117,000 times. also features a blog. And an "Allo Mécano" space where you can diagnose breakdowns.

Unbeatable delivery times

At, all orders placed before 3pm are dispatched the same day. "For us, this is a priority, because a customer who orders from us is often out of stock and therefore unable to travel.

Delivery times are between 48 and 72 hours by Colissimo. Parts can also be collected from the Tourcoing store.

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