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    Dimmer box Chatenet

    Dimmer box chatenet ch26 View larger

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    Variable speed drive CHATENET ch26


    Original CHATENET CH26 box dimmer

    This original box variator is purely compatible with the Chatenet CH26.

    Our products have undergone a whole battery of quality tests in order to verify that they have been manufactured according to the safety standards imposed by French legislation.

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    Technical sheet

    Type of partsDimmer box original
    Adaptable onChatenet, Bellier, Casalini, Bellier, Grecav, JDM, Ligier, Microcar
    Engine forLombardini Progress, Lombardini Inn, Mitsubishi, Yanmar
    Packagingto the unit


    LigierLigier Flex Progress - VJRA3FMX1
    Ligier IXO DCI - VJRJS36CR
    Ligier D'IXO
    Ligier JS50 Lombardini DCI - VJRB1C2R
    Ligier JS50 -
    Ligier Optimax DCI - VJRJS40CR
    Ligier Optimax
    Ligier XTOO R DCI - VJRJS34CR
    Ligier XTOO R
    Ligier XTOO R MEP - VJRJS34MP
    Ligier XTOO RS
    Ligier XTOO RS DCI - VJRJS44CR
    Ligier XTOO RS MEP - VJRJS44MP
    Ligier XTOO S
    Ligier JS RC
    Ligier JS RC DCI (492) - VH862BR
    Ligier JS RC DCI (442) - VH862BC
    Ligier JS 60 - VJRB2URR
    Ligier JS60 492 Euro 4 - VJR84BR
    Ligier Due - VJRJS42FDD
    MicrocarMicrocar Cargo DCI - VJRJS40CR
    Microcar Cargo Progress - VJRJS40FD
    Microcar Dué Coupé - VH862BLPA
    Microcar F8C DCI - VH862BC
    Microcar F8C Progress - VH862BL
    Microcar M8 DCI - VH881BC - 442
    Microcar M8 DCI - VH881BC
    Microcar M8 Lombardini - VH881BL
    Microcar MGO
    Microcar MGO essence - VH865A
    Microcar MGO Lombardini - VH861BL
    Microcar MGO SXI Yanmar - VH861BY
    Microcar MGO 2 442DCi - VH861BC
    Microcar MGO 2 492DCi - VH861BR
    Microcar MGO 2 LWD502 -VH861BL
    Microcar MGO 2 Yanmar - VH861BY
    Microcar MGO 3 492 DCi - VJR82LR
    Microcar MGO3 Lombardini- VJR82BL
    Microcar MGO4 Lombardini- VJR82BL
    Microcar MGO 4 492 DCi - VJR84LR
    Microcar MGO 5 - Lombardini 442 DCi
    Microcar MGO 5 - Lombardini 492 DCi
    Microcar MGO 5 - Lombardini Progress
    Microcar MGO 6 - LWD 492 DCi
    Microcar MGO 6 -
    ChatenetChatenet CH26
    Chatenet CH26 DCI - VMSCH2610
    Chatenet CH32 - VMSCH32
    Chatenet CH30
    Chatenet CH26 Yanmar découvrable - VMSCH2611
    Chatenet CH26 Yanmar - VMSCH2612
    Chatenet CH32 Break Yanmar - VMSCH2622
    Chatenet CH28 DCI Découvrable - VMSCH2633
    Chatenet CH30 Lombardini MPI - VMSCH3012
    Chatenet CH28 DCI - VMSCH2630
    Chatenet CH28 DCI Découvrable - VMSCH2631
    Chatenet CH30 Lombardini Essence - VMSCH3010
    Chatenet Sporteevo
    Chatenet CH40 VMSCH40
    Chatenet CH26 L - Lombardini LDW502
    Chatenet CH26 Yanmar découvrable - VMSCH2613
    Chatenet CH33 Yanmar Pick-up - VMSCH2672
    Chatenet CH46 DCi
    BellierBellier B8
    Bellier B8 - Yanmar
    MD *.JDM Aloe
    JDM Roxsy - VGP10Y2DR
    JDM Xheos - VGP
    DuéDué 2 P85
    Dué 3 492 Euro4 -VJR84BR
    Dué 3 P88
    Dué 5 - P88
    Dué 6
    Dué 6 492 Euro 4 - VJR84BR
    CasaliniCasalini M10
    Casalini M12
    Casalini M14 - ZD5902498
    Casalini M20 - ZD5894431
    Casalini Sulky
    GrecavGrecav Sonique Progress - ZD6ECRCM4
    Grecav Sonique DCI - ZD6ECRCM5