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celebrate 10th anniversary

    Exterior Accessories car without a license

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    This microfiber cleans the interior and exterior of vehicles without a license

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    5 different coloured microfibres

    Technical sheet

    Type of partsAccessories
    Adaptable onMicrocar, Chatenet, Grecav, Ligier, JDM, Bellier, Casalini, Aixam
    Packagingto the unit


    AixamAixam 400
    Aixam Evolution 400
    Aixam 400.4
    Aixam 500
    Aixam 500.4
    Aixam gp500.5 - VLGF45VBA
    Aixam A540
    Aixam 721
    Aixam 500 Evolution - VLGC45VBA
    Aixam 741
    Aixam 751
    Aixam 500 Benz - VLGF49VBA
    Aixam City
    Aixam city pulse - VLGSV43AF
    Aixam City 2010
    Aixam City Sport
    Aixam Crossline 400 - VLGK24VBA
    Aixam Crossline 500 - VLGL25VBA
    Aixam Crossline Benz 505 - VLGL24VBA
    Aixam Crossline II - VLGK24VBR
    Aixam Crossline pulse - VLGSV42AF
    Aixam Crossline pulse petrol - VLGST92AF
    Aixam Crossover - VLGSV45AF
    Aixam GTO
    Aixam Mega Multitruck
    Aixam Mega Multitruck 2007 - VLGN94VBA
    AIxam Minivan gp500.5 - VLGF25VBA
    Aixam Minivan 500.5 Essence - VLGG29VBA
    Aixam pick-up 500.4 - VLGE64VBA
    Aixam pick-up gp500.5 - VLGG65VBA
    Aixam Roadline
    Aixam Scouty
    Aixam Scouty GT - VLGL09VBA
    Aixam Scouty GT R - VLGL09VBA
    Aixam Scouty GT R petrol - VLGL09VBR
    Aixam Scouty R - VLGK04VBR
    Aixam Scouty R - VLGK04VBA
    LigierLigier be two - VJRJS22FD
    Ligier Be up - VJRJS22FE
    Ligier Due - VJRJS42FDD
    Ligier IXO DCI - VJRJS36CR
    Ligier D'IXO
    Ligier JS50 -
    Ligier Optima
    Ligier Prima
    Ligier Xpro - VJRJS3002
    Ligier XTOO RS MEP - VJRJS44MP
    MicrocarMicrocar Cargo Progress - VJRJS40FD
    Microcar Lyra - VH840LYBBL0
    Microcar M8 DCI - VH881BC
    Microcar M8 Lombardini - VH881BL
    Microcar MC1
    Microcar MC1 Yanmar - VH851XY
    Microcar MC2 Highland Lombardini - VH852PX
    Microcar MC2
    Microcar MC2 Yanmar - VH852XYSA
    Microcar MGO
    Microcar MGO Lombardini - VH861BL
    Microcar MGO SXI Yanmar - VH861BY
    Microcar Spid-
    Microcar Virgo
    ChatenetChatenet Barooder Lombardini - VMSCH22
    Chatenet Barooder
    Chatenet CH26
    Chatenet CH26 DCI - VMSCH2610
    Chatenet CH32 - VMSCH32
    Chatenet Chatelaine
    Chatenet Media
    Chatenet Speedino - VMSCH24
    Chatenet Stella - VMSCH14
    BellierBellier Divane Yanmar - VF9DVB503
    Bellier Jade
    Bellier Opale Yanmar - VF9DPB503
    Bellier VX550 - VF9XLD
    MD *.JDM Abaca Lombardini - VGP09L2DB
    JDM Abaca
    JDM Albizia Lombardini - VGP08L2DB
    JDM Albizia
    JDM Aloe
    JDM Roxsy - VGP10Y2DR
    JDM titanium 1 - VGP97BSY29A
    JDM Titanium 2 - VGP97BLY29A
    JDM titanium 3 Lombardini - VGP97BLL2
    JDM titanium
    JDM X 5 jibs - VGP00089L1A
    JDM X 5 Mono Lombardini - VGP00089D9A
    JDM Xheos - VGP
    CasaliniCasalini M10
    Casalini M12
    Casalini M14 - ZD5902498
    Casalini Sulky
    Casalini Ydea