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Kubota oil filter

KUBOTA engine - adaptable The oil filter is designed specifically for Aixam equipped with a motor Kubota . Manufactured with the utmost care by our supplier, this product will give you complete satisfaction through its price as well as by ease of installation thanks to our tips.
Regulator alternator lombardini

ENGINE LOMBARDINI FOCS This alternator regulator is adaptable on the brand engines Lombardini . With an exceptional quality, this product will meet your expectations!
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Alternator engine kubota

AIXAM ALL MODELS FROM 1997 This alternator will fit to your Aixam If it was put in circulation after 1997. Note that this part is reserved for Kubota z402 and z482 engine, information to be taken into account for your order.
€109.00 €189.00
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Lower ball joint for AIXAM and MINAUTO from 1997

400 E-S-L-SL / 500 E-S-L-SL / 500.4 / 500.5 / A721 / A741 / 400 EVOLUTION / CITY / CROSSLINE / ROADLINE / CROSSOVER / GTO / COUPE / MINAUTO These lower ball joints are compatible with all models from 400 onwards Aixam Their role is to transmit the force coming from the steering rods to the wheel. The origin of this effort comes from the driver when he turns the steering wheel. They also participate in the articulation of the running gear.
€12.49 €15.49
Support engine aixam

400TH AIXAM / S / L / SL / 500.4 / A741 / A751 / CROSSLINE / CITY / ROADLINE / SCOUTY This adaptable front motor mount is intended for models 400, 400s, 400L, 400SL, 500.4, A741, A751, Crossline, City, Roadline and Scouty brand Aixam . This parts has many advantages such as its reliability and its discount prices, more than attractive!
Rack and pinion bellows

AIXAM / LIGIER / MICROCAR / JDM / CHATENET / ERAD / BASHER... This bellows of rack or also called "bellows direction" is standard and compatible with all brands of cars without a permit. Also find on our website of fat in order to install your bellows direction.
Support binding engine aixam

AIXAM This engine binding support is intended for the models of the brand Aixam . This attachment piece that helps keep the engine on the cradle. A quality piece and which enjoys a price discount, hard to not enjoy!

Glue for windshield 310 ml  Bumpers, fenders, windshield glue This glue for windscreen and bodywork suitable for all models of VSP is the essential accessory to ensure a good attachment of your windshield! Easy to use, it will ensure a keeping perfect your windshield or your body parts by absorbing all the vibrations.
Rivet body

RIVET BODY  These body extra-large head rivets allow you to set all your body reinforcements. They are reusable and easily arise at a glance.  
Kubota water pump

KUBOTA (Z482) engine from the engine 6C0001 This water pump is designed for the motorization of the mark Kubota from the 6C0001 reference. Reliable and robust, this reference can only seduce you thanks to its attractive price!
Support box aixam

400TH AIXAM / S / SL / 500.4 / A741 / A751 / CROSSLINE / CITY / ROADLINE / SCOUTY... This adaptable engine support is intended for models 400, 400s, 400L, 400SL, 500.4, A741, A751, Crossline, City, Roadline and Scouty brand Aixam . This parts has many advantages such as its reliability and its discount prices, more than attractive!
5w40 engine oil

Oil for all vehicle without a permit This engine oil 5W40 100% synthetic has been specially manufactured for all cars without a permit and recommended for vehicles without a permit from 2008 (motor inns,...). The tank is with a capacity of two litres knowing that you have need of a liter and a half when your drain. Remember to check your oil level regularly.
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Washer aixam

This lava ice engine enables to pump washer fluid to send it on your windscreen. This pump at low cost will allow you to replace your washer troubleshooting engine.
€12.90 €19.90
Pre-AIXAM leaflets after...

Front plate for Aixam after 2010, Minauto and CHATENET   Inserts for City / Crossline / Crossover / cut / GTO (from the Impulse range, Vision and Sensation) and Chatenet CH26 / CH28 / CH30 / CH32 / CH33 / Sporteevo / CH40 / CH46 (Kailing assembly) For the replacement of front brake pads adaptable on Aixam Impulse, Sensation, Vision (models after 2010), choose this model delivered with the clamps and the sliders. Also remember to check the condition of your brake discs, which can cause premature wear of your brake pads.
Disc brake aixam 2010

Aixam GTO / Cut / Crossover / CITY range Impulse, Vision and Sensation and Minauto Crossline Braking is an essential safety element and must therefore be carefully monitored. If the front brake discs of your vehicle without licence Aixam GTO / Coupé / Crossover / City / Crossline or Minauto need to be replaced, this 220 mm diameter model conforms to the strictest European Union standards and will fit your car perfectly. Our brake discs are sold individually.
2 door engine son aixam

For Aixam models after 1997   Your car won't be unlock? Is perhaps due to a faulty door motor. This product dedicated to vehicles without a permit of the brands Aixam dating from 1997 will ideally replace your original at low cost.
2 battery terminals +/-

For all vehicles without a permit.   To avoid an electric outage, remember to replace your battery terminals which oxidizes often.  
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Hub aixam 2010

For Aixam impulse from 2010 The wheel hub is reserved for cars without permits Aixam range pulse (from 2010) equipped with ABS. Replace the door hub using your VSP for you make a better road holding. Caution: Be sure to choose the desired side before adding it to your cart.
€127.90 €157.90
Drive belt Aixam - AD522172

Aixam impetus and Vision This belt of original speed control is specially designed for the pulse Aixam and the Aixam Vision. Check to see if your belt needs to be changed, if it has signs of wear (cracks, belt that is Cup, cut belt). If you notice any of these signs, quickly replace your belt.
Tirant pare-chos Aixam vision

Aixam vision 2014 If your car suffered a front impact and your support of bumper as well as pulling them are broken. With piecesanspermis, you can replace them quickly at low cost. This model of pulling is only made to the VSP Aixam Vision after 2014.
Vis de fixation Noir - 7R349

For Aixam You need to replace the bumper of your Aixam but you do not have screws to fix it. Don't worry, we now offer you the fixing screws of bumper. They are usable only on cars without a permit of the Aixam brand. We also have of this gray color fixing screws
Windshield wiper Aixam impulse - 8K027

Windshield wiper for Aixam impulse Damaged windshield wipers do not allow you to get a good vision and can even damage your windscreen. Check their condition regularly, if you notice traces on your windshield during use, it's time to change them. Take advantage of this with this quality wiper at a discount price.
Brooms Flex for Aixam

Front windshield wiper Aixam Impulse Do you have a lack of visibility when you activate the wipers on your car without a licence? Thanks to our new range of wiper blades, this problem will be a distant memory. With the flexible wiper blades, they will respect the shape of your windshield for an efficient cleaning. Take advantage of our flexible wipers for VSP and have a look at all our wiper blades for VSP Aixam
Ribbon oil filter key

Change your oil filter is a breeze with this key to Ribbon. Remove your old filter and tighten the new easily with this tool of quality at discount prices.
Master Cylinder Aixam

Master cylinder for AIXAM and Minauto impulse range, Vision, Sensation and Emotion The connection is made with 4 hoses The master cylinder pressurizes the brake fluid and distributes it to the front and rear wheels and can be the cause of the lack of braking
Comex 2 Kit

This repair kit is specially adapted for AIXAM carts from 2008 to nowadays with a Comex gearbox. It includes the crankcase gasket, the spy seals and all the bearings you need to bring your reverser back to life.
Radiator Aixam 2015

Radiator Aixam This radiator Aixam after 2015 is mounted on the range Vision with an engine Lombardini HDI and the range Sensation.. This radiator is specially designed for cars without a licence Aixam.
AIXAM executive rack

AIXAM City / Crossline / Cut / Crossover / GTO (Impulse range, Vision and Sensation) the steering of your car without licence Aixam leaves something to be desired? Have you thought about checking your steering rack? offers you this part dedicated to the Impulsion models, Vision and Sensation. The quality and reliability of this product at a discounted price will put your vehicle back on the right track.
Front shock absorber Aixam 2010

Front shock absorber for Aixam after 2010, range Vision and Sensation These unbeatable price shock absorbers are compatible with most Aixam after 2010, from the range Vision and Sensation. Sold individually and equivalent to the original assembly, they will satisfy you by their ability to offer you optimal riding comfort.
Hand brake cable Aixam Range Sensation

HANDBRAKE CABLE, AIXAM COUP É AND CROSSLINE, SENSATION RANGE If your handbrake cable is showing signs of weakness, replace it with our cable that is specially developed for vehicles by Aixam and, more specifically, for Aixam Coupé and Crossline from the Sensation range from 2016.  
Crank handle for window regulator

Window winder lever for Aixam (all models), Ligier and Microcar If your window regulator crank no longer functions, we recommend that you replace it with this part, which has been specially designed for vehicles with manual window winder levers. 
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Windshield wiper switch Aixam

Windscreen wiper control stick Aixam offers you this windscreen wiper control stick for  Aixam 721, 741, 751, City,City S, Roadline, Scouty, Crossline, City and Crossline 2010 and  Aixam of the Vision and Sensation ranges.
€31.90 €34.00
Front bumper support Aixam range Sensation

Front bumper support for Aixam City, Crossline and Coupe range Sensation offers you this bumper support for Aixam of the range Sensation. The quality of this part will satisfy you as well as its discount price. Specially designed for the models City, Crossline and Coupé of the range Sensation.
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Headlight and fog light convenience Aixam

Headlights and fog lights control stick for Aixam Your control stick is no longer functioning, replace it with our part of superior quality.  Specially developed for models  721, 741, 751, Crossline , Scouty, Roadline and models of the Impulsion, Vision and Sensation ranges.
€24.50 €31.50
Brake drum Aixam City, Crossline and Coupe range Sensation

Rear brake drum for Aixam City, Crossline and Coupe from the Sensation Need to redo your rear brakes for your Aixam offers you this drum that is true to the origin from a manufacturing quality point of view. Do not hesitate to replace it for your Aixam City, Crossline and Coupe from the Sensation. The corresponding bearings per drum are : -RO6305 x1 -RO6005 x 1
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Left front brake caliper Aixam impulse range, Sensation and Vision

Front left brake caliper Aixam City, Crossline, CrossoverCoupé and GTO and Minauto Take advantage of our front left brake caliper specially designed for the models Aixam of the Impulse range, Sensation and Vision. This caliper fits with 220mm diameter discs. High quality part at a discount price!
€84.90 €102.90