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Under engine covers

Enjoy without delay of our protections under engine at discount prices! Take plus the risk of breaking your carter or a motor room, install without further delay a motor protection aixam, ligier and microcar. Easy to install, this protection will help protect your engine in the event of shocks.

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Under-motor protection xtoo - 055200 / 055198

LIGIER XTOO1, XTOO2, XTOO MAX This superb under-engine protection for Ligier XTOO1, XTOO2 and XTOO MAX is a very appreciated product. Designed to protect your engine in an optimal way, it is proposed to you at small price
Under-motor protection aixam 2010 - 7AP229

PROTECTION ENGINE AIXAM FROM 2010 This engine cover to prevent water from getting on the motor organs and transmission. It also allows the soundproofing of the engine operation.
Under-motor protection aixam - 7AA229

AIXAM 721 / 741 / 751 / CITY / ROADLINE / CROSSLINE / SCOUTY This beautiful piece was designed to replace your old guard under engine. It is adapera on the cart of marked Aixam , for the following models: 721 / 741 / 751 / CITY / ROADLINE / CROSSLINE / SCOUTY. As always, this piece is offered at a price very low.   
Under-motor protection aixam - 7K229

AIXAM 400 / 400 EVO / 500 / 500.4 This protection under engine is adaptable to many models of Aixam (400 / 400 EVO / 500 / 500.4). Easy to install, this product will give you great satisfaction. As always, the price we offer you the lowest possible.  
Under-motor protection Ligier - 055250

Ligier JS50 and IXO You have hooked an edge and your protection under engine broke or does not hold any more correctly under your VSP. Take the opportunity to replace it with our part perfectly adaptable to your cart. Made of fiber, it will be moreover very resistant to the shocks.
Under-motor protection Microcar MGO

Microcar MGO In order to avoid any risk of infiltration in the lower part of your car's engine, think of keeping a protection under engine in good condition. Take the opportunity to replace it with our quality part, in fiber, at discount price.
Under-motor protection microcar mc1 / mc2 - 1002243

MICROCAR MC1 / MC2 This under-engine protection is only dedicated to the cars without licence Microcar MC1 / MC2. It will convince you by its efficiency, its robustness, but also by its remarkably low price.
Under-motor protection microcar virgo

MICROCAR VIRGO 1-2-3 This protection under engine is exclusively for carts   Microcar VIRGO. It is considered by its quality design impeccable but also by its very low price. If you want cheap and quality parts for your car, you are in the right place!
Under-motor protection Aixam Vision, Sensation 2016

Aixam City , Coupé , Crossline , Crossover Vision range Lombardini HDI and Sensation engines This under-engine protector will easily fit Aixam Vision and Sensation range carts . Piecesanspermis also invites you to consult the front plates for your model.
Under-motor protection Chatenet

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH30, CH32, CH33 Pick Up and Sporteevo The under engine splash shield of your licence-free car is an important element for the protection of certain parts of the lower engine.  Make the most of our spare part at an unbeatable price.
Body rivet

RIVET BODY  These body extra-large head rivets allow you to set all your body reinforcements. They are reusable and easily arise at a glance.  
Under-engine soundproofing Chatenet

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH30, CH32, CH33 pick-up, Spoortevo Enhance the driving comfort of your hatchback with our original under-engine soundproofing kit. Designed to effectively reduce engine noise and vibration, this kit offers superior sound insulation, ensuring a more peaceful and enjoyable driving experience. By reducing engine noise levels, it helps improve cabin sound insulation, creating a quieter, more comfortable driving environment. Order today to enjoy a significant reduction in engine noise and a more relaxed driving experience
Engine soundproofing Aixam

Aixam CityCrosover, CrosslineCoupé and GTO (Impulse and Vision) The engine sound deadener helps contain engine noise in the passenger compartment, specially designed for the Impulse and Vision models of the brand Aixam.