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Fog lamps

Mini-auto parts offers fog lights at a bargain price. This model mounted on the AIXAM CITY - ROADLINE - CROSSLINE, LIGHT XTOO and CHATENET CH26 make it possible to offer a dynamic line to your cart.

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LED fog light Aixam Vision and Sensation

Aixam Crossline, Crossline GT, Crossline GTR range Vision and Sensation LED fog lamp for the models Crossline of the brand Aixam of the ranges Vision and Sensation. Enjoy our original parts at the best price on
Fog light Ligier

LED fog lamp Ligier XToo, Ixo and Optimax Need to replace your LED fog light of your offers you this lighting element at a discount price.
Front fog light

AIXAM / LIGIER XTOO / CHATENET CH26 These fog lights are made for cars without a permit Aixam / Ligier XTOO. Chatenet CH26. Very powerful, they have an excellent life expectancy, and their very attractive price will suit everyone, even the treasurers.
Fog light Ligier JS50 and JSRC

Fog lamp Ligier JS50 and JSRC Your fog light has been damaged on the road, replace it with our fog light specially designed for the Ligier JS50 and JSRC. The quality of manufacture and its price 3 times less expensive than the concession will satisfy you.
Fog light Microcar MGO 1-2-3 and M8

Fog lamp Microcar MGO 1-2-3 and M8 Your fog lamp is defective, we offer you this high quality part to replace it at the origin. Our fog lamp specially developed for your Microcar will satisfy you.
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Rear fog light for Grecav

Original fog light for Grecav Does your fog light not work anymore ? Is it broken? Don't take any risk with your security and take advantage of this original rear fog light for your Grecav EKE, Eke Pick up and Sonique. is the specialist in France of Grecav parts. Discover all our range of Grecav spare parts at the best price
Bulb H11

This type of bulb is mainly used for fog lights. If you notice that they don't work or don't light up properly, your bulb is probably damaged. So think about replacing it quickly to keep a better visibility when driving your VSP. Check before buying the type of bulb you need, some fog lamps are equipped with H8 bulbs.