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Casalini Radiators

You need to change your engine radiator of your casalini but you can't find it or it's too expensive? Mini-auto parts has the solution, by offering you its engine radiators for casalini at a shock price!

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Radiator casalini - F2105000029

CASALINI SULKY, ETC... This adaptable radiator is reserved for the brand Casalini for the vast majority of these models. Reliable and robust, this reference will seduce you with its discount price!
€89.00 €119.00
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Radiator casalini ydea - F2105000020

CASALINI YDEA This adaptable heater on the Ydea of the brand model Casalini . Reliable and robust, this reference will replace your part to perfection with price discount and more!
€89.00 €119.00

Cooling liquid -25° You have to carry out a supplement of the  cooling liquid  or a draining of your cooling circuit, choose our professional cooling liquid which will guarantee the optimal cooling of your engine
Stop radiator leak

Stop radiator leak If you notice one or more leaks in your cooling radiator, don't hesitate to use our stop radiator leak additive to prevent your engine from overheating.