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Take advantage of our engine spare parts catalogue and more specifically the electrical parts fitted to the engine.

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Water temperature sensor for motor Lombardini

Water temperature sensor for Lombardini DCI engines This water temperature sensor is designed to work with Lombardini DCI engines. High-quality, it will solve your cooling problems at a discount price!
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Thermo contact sensor for radiator LIGIER,MICROCAR , DUÉ

Sensor Thermo-contact for radiator LIGIER and MICROCAR This Thermo-contact for heater probe is adaptable on trademarks Ligier and Microcar car without a licence. Sturdy and reliable, it will allow you to make your repairs quickly and inexpensively!
€12.90 €13.90
Oil pressure switch probe

Mano touch of oil pressure is an electrical sensor mounted on engines Lombardini focs or progress. This pressure contact mano instructs the witness in operation oil pressure. This type of probe is electric and adapts to the engines Lombardini JIBS or Progress. Robust and accurate it will totally satisfy you!
Temperature sensor Lombardini Focs and Progress

Thermo electrical contact probe This thermo electrical contact probe is for the engine Lombardini . It informs and raises the temperature of the engine.
Temperature sensor aixam - 1W070

Probe electrical temperature for AIXAM 540 motor, 400, 5004.4, 721, 741, 751, CROSSLINE... This electric motor temperature sensor is intended models 540, 400, 5004.4, 721, 741, 751 and mark crossline Aixam . This room will meet all your expectations in quality and price!
Original starter Lombardini LWD 442 DCi

Original Lombardini LDW 442 DCi ignition part This original ignition part has been specially designed for VSP cars that have an LWD442 DCi motor, including Microcar Ligier, Chatenet, JDM and Grecav, and is  perfect for your VSP car. 
Preheating probe

LOMBARDINI FOCS ORIGIN This probe of preheating of origin is designed to work with engines Lombardini JIBS. High quality, it will allow you to reduce your cost of repairing with its discount prices!
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Engine stop solenoid - K168516001

AIXAM - KUBOTA-mounted solenoid This piece is an engine stop solenoid, restricted to the motorization of the mark Kubota . This type of room is mostly mounted on cars without a permit of the mark Aixam with the original reference:  K168516001. It allows a stop of the motor electrically.
€49.90 €89.90
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5-pin regulator - 7362298

30A LOMBARDINI (ORIGIN) This original part is a regulator Lombardini high-quality it will perfectly replace your defective part. Do not hesitate and require quality at the best price! Attention: the regulator 5-pin now comes with 6 brooches by LOMBARDINI.
€39.00 €58.00
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KUBOTA engine alternator for AIXAM

AIXAM ALL MODELS FROM 1997 This alternator will fit to your Aixam If it was put in circulation after 1997. Note that this part is reserved for Kubota z402 and z482 engine, information to be taken into account for your order.
€109.00 €189.00
Thermo contact probe - 9195030

FOR FORMER MODEL LOMBARDINI ORIGINAL If you are looking for a former thermal probe model for your engine Lombardini This original part is made for you! With superior quality and a discount price, our reference has all the assets to please you!
6-pin regulator - 7362228

6-PIN LOMBARDINI (ORIGIN) This original controller has 6 pins, manufactured by Lombardini It will perfectly fit to the engines of the same brand. Of superior quality and with the best price assurance, hard to resist!
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Regulator 40 a - 7362320

Regulator to wire from 40 amps for engine Lombardini Focs (origin) This regulator to 40 amp wire is intended for engine-equipped carts Lombardini JIBS. Easy has lay and robust, it impresses also by its discount price!
€74.90 €99.90
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LOMBARDINI ALTERNATOR (FOCS - PROGRESS and DCI)   For Bellier / Chatenet / Ligier Due Italcar / Grecav / JDM / Ligier and Microcar with engine Lombardini This alternator is compatible with the engines of the brand Lombardini . The amperage of this model is 40 amps, an information to be taken into account when ordering.
€109.00 €189.00