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Mini-auto parts offers you all its range of rear axle for cars without a licence. For a better road holding, Mini-auto has rigorously selected its suppliers for a quality rear axle manufacturing!

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Rear axle for microcar - 1000654

MICROCAR VIRGO This also called rear axle "rear axle" is suitable for Microcar Virgo. It was developed by the best manufacturers in order to obtain a product of solid resistance at lower cost. Don't hesitate to discover our other models of rear for Chatenet and JDM
€189.00 €199.00
Rear axle microcar mc1-mc2 - 1001640

MICROCAR MC1-MC2 rear axle has specially made these rear wheels for Microcar MC1/MC2. Of an exceptional quality, it will fit perfectly on the chassis of your car. Because we care about your safety, we have selected the best manufacturers.
Rear axle for microcar - 1006205

MICROCAR MGO This rear axle can only be mounted on the Microcar MGO CARTS. It will stand out for its high precision finishing and its reliability in case of important shocks. If you have a problem with the assembly, you can follow our advice for each product on our website.
Bottom crosspiece mgo - 1005671 - 1005671

Microcar MGO If you notice significant rust marks on your MGO rear crossmember, it's best to replace it as there can be a risk of breakage very quickly. That's why we offer you our quality adaptable part, to guarantee you safety on board your VSP
Rear axle chatenet ch26 - 126098

Rear axle CHATENET CH26 This rear axle fits the Chatenet CH26. You will be bluffed by its long duration of use as well as by its simplicity to install. Don't wait any longer, check our latest spare parts for cars without a licence
Rear axle for chatenet - 118002

CHATENET BAROODER / SPEEDINO This rear axle has been developed especially for cars without a licence Chatenet Barooder and Speedino. It will satisfy you with its carefully made welds and its remarkably low price.
Rear axle jdm aloes - 204019

JDM ALOES rear axle This rear axle is specifically designed for JDM license-free cars Aloes. You will be seduced by its great efficiency to accomplish its role as well as by its superior quality allowing you to benefit from an optimal safety during your daily trips.
Suspension arm casalini - G9003021814 / G9003021824

CASALINI SULKY and DAYTONA M10 This suspension arm is perfectly compatible with the carts Casalini SulkyDaytona, M10. A faulty arm (warped following an impact) can lead to a loss of control of the vehicle and cause serious consequences, so do not wait any longer to replace your parts.
Silent rear suspension JDM Aloes

Rear end silent block JDM Aloes You feel abnormal cracking sounds from the rear end, its definitely your silent blocks which are too old.  In order to guarantee your safety, change them thanks to our silent blocks specially designed for  JDM Aloes .
Rear suspension arm washer Aixam

Aixam 400 SL, 500 SL, 400.4, 400 EVO, 500.4, 500.5, A721, A741, A751, City, City S, Roadline, Scouty, Crossline, Crossover, GTO and Coupé Need to change your suspension arm? Don't forget to order this washer, which may have worn out over time or been lost during disassembly. This washer is made of high-quality steel. It is originally fitted to your Aixam. Piecesanspermis offers it at the best price.
Silent bloc triangle JDM

Silent block for triangle JDM Aloes, Roxsy and Xheos Your suspension triangles become loose due to worn out silent blocks, replace them with new ones at discount prices . offers you superior quality parts specially developed for the latest JDM models.
bras de suspension arrière...

Right/left rear suspension arm Ligier, Microcar, Dué This suspension arm is perfectly compatible with VSP Microcar, Ligier, Dué A defective arm (warped following an impact) can lead to a loss of control of the vehicle and cause serious consequences, so don't wait any longer to replace your parts and opt for our new part at the best price
VIS M12X180

Aixam Discover our Genuine Rear Arm Screws specially designed for vehicles Aixam. Ensure safe driving by choosing our genuine rear arm bolts, guaranteeing simple and effective installation to maintain the structural strength of your rear suspension system. Opt for quality and reliability by choosing our Genuine Rear Arm Screws for your Aixam. With their exceptional durability and reliable performance, our Genuine Rear Arm Screws provide extra peace of mind for your daily commutes and adventures on the road.
Triangle arrière & fusée -...

Aixam City, Coupé, Crossline, Crossover (Sensation and Emotion ranges) Minauto Access Discover our original rear triangle, designed with precision for the Aixam City, Crossline, Coupé and Crossover models in the Sensation and Emotion ranges, as well as the Minauto Access. Opt for the safety and reliability of your Aixam or Minauto by choosing our original rear triangle. With simple installation and a perfect fit, our original rear triangle guarantees carefree driving and optimum performance, allowing you to enjoy your driving experience to the full, whatever the destination.
Triangle arrière - Aixam...

Rear wishbone Aixam Mega phase 1 & 2 Our original rear wishbone is specially designed for Aixam Mega phase 1 and phase 2 models, offering a reliable solution for maintaining the stability and performance of your vehicle's rear suspension. F Opt for quality and reliability by choosing our Genuine Rear Wishbone for your Aixam Mega. Whether you're faced with rough roads or varied driving conditions, our Genuine Rear Wishbone is designed to meet the most rigorous requirements, offering optimum stability and performance for a safe driving experience.
copy of VIS M12X180

Aixam 400, 500, 721, 741, 751, City, Coupé, Crossline, Crossover (Impulsion, Vision range) Discover our original rear wishbone, available in left or right-hand versions, tailor-made for a wide range of models Aixam. Compatible with Aixam 400SL, 400evo, 400.4, 500SL, 500.4, 500.5, A721, A741, A751, City, City S, Roadline, Scouty, Coupé, Crossover from the Impulsion & Vision range, our rear wishbone ensures reliable performance and optimum stability for your vehicle. Opt for quality and reliability with our genuine rear triangle, designed to meet the precise specifications of your Aixam.
Support de triangle arrière...

Aixam Mega phase 1 & 2 Discover our original rear triangle support, available in right or left-hand versions, custom-designed for Aixam Mega phase 1 & 2 models. This rear wishbone support guarantees exceptional strength and durability, ensuring a secure and stable hold of the rear wishbone for reliable performance on the road. Opt for the safety and reliability of your Aixam Mega by choosing our original rear wishbone support, designed to withstand the stresses of the road and provide a solid hold for the rear wishbone.
Rear triangle Casalini Sulkym10, 110, M12 (1st assembly)

Casalini Sulky, M10, 110, M12 (1st assembly) Look for reliability and durability when you choose this genuine right or left rear triangle designed specifically for Casalini Sulky, M10 / 110 and M12 (1st fitment) models Whether you need to replace a damaged triangle or prevent potential problems, opt for this genuine part to maintain the performance of your Casalini and ensure a worry-free riding experience. Give your vehicle the quality, safety and durability it deserves by choosing this genuine left or right rear triangle.