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VJRJS3002 offers a wide range of product for your Ligier Xpro - VJRJS3002 at discount prices

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Couple supplement Lombardini Focs and Progress

Microcar, Ligier, Chatenet, Bellier, JDM, DUÉ, Grecav with Lombardini Focs and progress engine Enhance the performance of your car with our original Lombardini torque supplement. Made from high-quality materials and to the highest manufacturing standards, this torque supplement offers a noticeable improvement in your car's performance without compromising engine durability and reliability. Order today to enjoy a more dynamic and responsive drive, offering an enhanced and more rewarding driving experience
Motor flow adjustment screw Lombardini Focs and Progress

Microcar, Dué, Ligier with Lombardini Focs and Progress engines Ensure optimum performance from your car with our original flow adjustment screw. Manufactured with high-quality materials and to the strictest manufacturing standards, this adjusting screw guarantees precise flow adjustment, allowing your engine to run smoothly and efficiently. Designed to fit your vehicle perfectly, this screw offers exceptional durability and wear resistance, ensuring long life and reliable performance. Order today to maintain optimum performance and ensure a hassle-free driving experience
Oil pump O-ring Lombardini Focs - Progress

Microcar Ligier, , , Jdm, , with Lombardini Focs and Progress motors Chatenet Bellier Dué Grecav Maintain the integrity of your lubrication system with our genuine oil pump O-ring. With its robust design and resistance to high temperatures and stresses, this O-ring is essential for keeping your oil pump running smoothly. Its easy installation and compatibility with a variety of license-free car models make it an ideal choice for maintaining your vehicle's optimum performance. Order today to ensure efficient, reliable lubrication of your engine
Lumbar cushion

Adaptable to all licence-free cars Optimize your driving comfort with our adaptable lumbar cushion, designed to fit all models of licence-free cars. This ergonomic cushion provides extra support for the lower back, helping to reduce fatigue on long journeys. Its adjustable design and high-quality materials guarantee a perfect fit and optimum comfort for all drivers. Easy to install and adjust, this lumbar cushion is the ideal accessory for improving your posture and reducing back pain while driving. Treat yourself to a more pleasant driving experience by opting for our adaptable lumbar cushion today!
Crankshaft screws Lombardini Focs and Progress

Microcar Ligier, , , , , Chatenet Bellier JDM Dué Grecav Ensure the strength and reliability of your engine with our genuine M16 crankshaft bolt, specifically designed to guarantee a precise fit and optimum performance. Made from high-quality materials, this crankshaft screw ensures superior strength and maximum durability, helping to keep your engine running smoothly and stably. Choose our genuine crankshaft bolt for optimum engine performance and lasting peace of mind
Engine exhaust valve Lombardini Focs and Progress

Microcar Ligier , Chatenet, Bellier, Jdm, Dué, Grecav with Lombardini Focs and Progress engines Maintain optimum performance of your exhaust system with our high-quality original exhaust valve. Made from durable, hard-wearing materials, our exhaust valve ensures efficient flow of exhaust gases, helping to improve your vehicle's overall performance. Specifically designed to fit your model, this exhaust valve offers simple installation and precise compatibility. Choose our OE exhaust valve to ensure smooth engine operation and reduced emissions, while extending the life of your exhaust system
Universal bumper fixing screw

Universal These Universal Bumper Mounting Screws are designed to provide a secure and reliable mounting solution for no-license car bumpers. Their adaptable design guarantees quick and easy installation, providing a secure hold to ensure bumper stability and safety. These high-quality screws are made from durable, hard-wearing materials, ensuring long-term durability and effective protection against vibration and impact. Opt for these universal bumper fixing screws to keep your bumper securely in place and extend the life of your no-license vehicle size: 6X20 mm
Right-hand steering knuckle Ligier, Casalini

Ligier X-pro, Casalini Kerry The adaptable right-hand (passenger-side) steering ball joint is an essential component for precise, responsive steering of your licence-free vehicle. Designed for optimum durability and performance, it guarantees safe driving. Opt for this top-quality adaptable steering ball joint to maintain the maneuverability and stability of your licence-free car on the road
Cylinder ball joint fastener

Universal The Universal Adaptable Cylinder Ball Mount is an essential accessory for holding your cylinder securely in place, ensuring safe and reliable performance. With its versatile design, this mount adapts to a variety of license-free car models. Opt for the Universal Adaptable Cylinder Ball Mount to guarantee the stability and durability of your cylinder system diameter: 10 mm thread length: 16 mm
Torx screws, Ligier, Microcar

Microcar, Dué, Ligier M6 x 25 Torx screws are versatile, heavy-duty fasteners, suitable for a variety of applications to ensure a secure connection. Their sturdy design and reliability make them ideal choices for holding the essential components of your licence-free car. Opt for these M6 x 25 Torx screws to guarantee solid, long-lasting installation of your spare parts, ensuring optimum performance of your vehicle. For various uses.
All makes of cardan or ball joint nuts

Adaptable ball joint nut for all models of licence-free car. Adaptable universal joint or ball joint nuts are essential to guarantee the stability and safety of the mechanical links in your licence-free car. Made from high-quality materials and a robust design, these nuts offer exceptional resistance to mechanical stress and vibration, ensuring reliable performance on the road. Opt for these adaptable nuts to ensure safe driving and enjoy optimum ride quality on every journey Diameter: 10 mm
Set of 4 30mm brake pads *Prenium quality*

AIXAM - LIGIER - MICROCAR- CHATENET - JDM - GRECAV - BELLIER Your front brake pads are at the end of their life and no longer provide safe braking for your VSP. Replace them at the lowest cost with our set of 4 brake pads. Height (lining): 30 mm For disc diameter :172mm
Front hub carrier circlips

Aixam Ligier, , , , , , and Microcar Chatenet JDM Bellier Casalini Minauto Dué The front hub circlip is primarily there to hold your front wheel bearing in its housing. If it is missing, replace it as soon as possible.
Oil pump card gasket Lombardini

Lombardini Focs and Progress oil pump casing gasket Is there a leak in your oil pump? If so, it is likely that the gasket is cracked or split. To repair your VSP at the lowest cost, choose our superior quality part at a discount price. 
Thermostat housing gasket lombardini

Thermostat housing gasket Lombardini Focs and Progress You notice a leak in the thermostat housing top, your gasket must be faulty.  Do not worsen the problem and replace it with our original gasket at ultra competitive prices.  Specially designed for vehicles fitted with a  Lombardini LDW 502 (diesel) or 523 I (essence) engine.
Breather hose Lombardini Focs and Progress

Radiator hose breather pipe for Lombardini Focs and Progress engines If your radiator hose breather pipe shows cracks or is completely torn replace it with our new and adaptable part at an equivalent quality to the original. 
Oil filler cap Lombardini DCi

Oil filling cap for Lombardini Progress and DCi engines Your oil filling cap for Lombardini Progress and DCi engines is missing on your licence-free car, do not hesitate to buy our original cap.
Motor variator spring after 2008

Post-2008 engine transmission spring An essential part in the opening and closing of your engine transmission, the spring ensures the ramp-up of your vehicle. Don't hesitate to replace it if you notice a reduction in speed and difficulties opening or closing the transmission.
LIGIER V2 logo

To change the logo on your Ligier models after 2015.
Cardan shaft (590 mm) Ligier Xpro, Nova, Ambra, XTOO 1

LIGIER XPRO STRAIGHT (590mm) This shaft is specially designed for the XPRO model of the brand Ligier . This part has a dimension of 590 mm and will fit on products with a radiator on the side.
Left LIGIER XPRO universal joint, Casalini Kerry, Sulkym10, M12

XPRO LINE LEFT (620mm) This gimbal is specially designed for the XPRO model of the brand Ligier . This part has a dimension of 620 mm and will fit on products with a radiator on the side.
Universal horn

Your trusty Horn no longer responds to your requests? Change it to this new brand Horn proposed by This essential security element will be with ease on your vehicle without a permit.
Ribbon oil filter wrench

Change your oil filter is a breeze with this key to Ribbon. Remove your old filter and tighten the new easily with this tool of quality at discount prices.
Universal fuel filler cap

If you have lost your original cap, you can replace it with this cap. It will fit all types of cars without license. This cap is keyless.
Puncture tool

This tubeless puncture repair kit allows you to repair a punctured tire easily and quickly from the outside (no need to remove the tire from the wheel).
Oil filter clamp

This oil filter clamp will facilitate the assembly and disassembly of your filter. This tool is dedicated to filters with a maximum diameter of 105 mm.
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Starter cable

Your car has trouble starting, but you don't have the right equipment to avoid this problem. Don't worry anymore with this starter cable kit, this he dreaded moment when your license free car won't start will be a distant memory.
€12.40 €15.90
Set of 4 13-inch hubcaps

You lost a hubcap on your VSP and you want to harmonize the 4 wheels or simply change the look of your car without a license. It is now possible with this set of 4 Hubcaps of 13 inches. They fit perfectly on your cart if it is equipped with 13-inch tires. Check the size of your tires before you buy.
Gear knob

Need or want to change your gear knob? Choose this classic black model in brushed aluminium and leather for an easy grip.
Round shift knob

Whether your gear knob is broken or you decide to customize your vehicle without a license, this brushed aluminum and carbon knob will bring a whole new style to your car. In the shape of a ball and covered with a texture that makes it easy to grip, this quality product will fully satisfy you.
Red steering wheel cover offers this wheel covers of quality at discount prices. 39 cm in diameter this product of red and black will fit most models of vehicles without a permit.  
Black steering wheel cover

Need to recover a damaged wheel or just want to customize your vehicle? This universal wheel covers of black color is right for you! Its 39 cm diameter will fit the majority of vehicles on the road.
Brake cleaner

Cleaning brakes for VSP You can change the discs and/or the brake pads of your vehicle without license or simply for maintenance of your braking system, this degreaser cleaner brake easier and will give all its brilliance to your brakes.
Injector gasket lombardini Focs - 4670082

Engine Lombardini Focs / Progress Replace the joint of copper from your injector with this perfectly compatible piece for the vsp an engine Lombardini Focs / Progress. Think also to control the State of the PARE flame injector This just above the joint in copper, it is may be useful to replace at the same time
Self-locking transmission nut

Cardan nut all models You have replaced your cardan shafts and at the same time found that your nuts were seized or not reusable. Replace them with new cardan nuts for greater safety and this will ensure easier installation, and by simply tightening it will prevent it from loosening during vibrations.
Mounting cone for cardan bellows

You encounter difficulties to perform the replacement of the bellows of cardan? Don't want to waste time? With this cone, the mounting of your bellows will very quickly and with its very attractive price you will be more than satisfied.
2 battery terminals +/-

For all vehicles without a permit.   To avoid an electric outage, remember to replace your battery terminals which oxidizes often.  
Car alarm - siren - XR5

For all vehicles without a permit   For peace of mind, what better way to install an alarm in your vehicle without a permit? With this product a sub-audio shock sensor connected to your cigarette lighter-powered, your car will keep away potential thieves. This kit includes a sensor of shock with car, two remotes and Central Mermaid charger. Ultra simple Assembly.
Mini clamp

Mini hose clamp 9mm   This mini clamp is dedicated to fastening of hoses of fuel your vehicle without a permit.
Primary tree stilfreni

For stilfreni gearbox This discounted driveshaft is intended for vehicles without a licence of the following brands LigierJDM or Bellier equipped with Stilfreni gearbox.