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Support Moteur offers a complete catalog of engine support parts for VSPs equipped with an engine Lombardini.

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Motor - gearbox link pin Ligier / Microcar

Connection axel engine - box Ligier and Microcar Strong vibrations are felt from the connection of the engine and the box, make sure your connection axel engine - box is tightened and not damaged.  If necessary, replace it with our spare part specially designed for Lomardini Progress engines. 
€9.90 €11.90
Alternator bracket for Lombardini Focs and Progress

Engine Lombardini Focs and Progress This support helps keep your alternator car without a license in the best position so that it works correctly. If it turns out that your support is broken or about to be, consider replacing it, with our adaptable room and quality.
Grecav front engine mount Eke, Eke pick-up and Sonique

Front original motor mount for Grecav Eke, Eke pick up and Sonique This metal part holds your engine securely in place. It is to be coupled with the specific engine mounts Grecav that we offer at the best price. A good engine mount is essential to avoid vibrations. is the specialist Grecav at the best price.
Motor support Ligier Xtoo 1, Xtoo 2, Xtoo Max and Be-up

Engine mount for Ligier Xtoo 1, Xtoo 2, Xtoo Max and Be-up This aluminum engine mount is an essential part of your engine's mounting system, specially developed for vehicles from the following brands Ligier Xtoo 1, Xtoo 2, Xtoo Max and Be-up (Lombardini 523 MPI engine).
Grecav motor mount Sonique (motor Lombardini DCI)

Original front engine mount for Grecav Sonique (Lombardini DCI engine) Proper engine mounting is essential to avoid vibrations. If you have any doubts about the strength of this part, you should replace it immediately. is THE specialist for your original parts Grecav.
Air filter holder for Grecav Eke, Eke pick-up and Sonique

Original air filter holder for Grecav Eke, Eke pick up and Sonique on Lombardini Focs engines This original air filter holder will allow your air filter to be correctly held and to play its filtration role perfectly. Piecesanspermis offers you this support at the best price. Discover also all our parts for Grecav.
Filter holder and fuel pump Ligier, Microcar

Ligier XTOO R, RS, S, Max, Optimax, Microcar Cargo The Genuine Lombardini Focs and Progress engine filter and fuel pump holder is an essential part in ensuring the proper operation of your car's fuel system. Designed with high-quality materials and precise workmanship, this bracket provides a solid, reliable base for the filter and diesel pump, ensuring smooth, efficient engine operation. Opt for this original bracket to guarantee smooth operation of your fuel system, ensuring safe and reliable driving of your licence-free vehicle.
Motor support screws Microcar, ligierdué

Ligier XTOO R, XTOO RS, Optimax, Ixo, JS50, JS60, JS RC, Microcar MGO 2, 3, 4/5, 6, M8, F8C, Dué 2 and 3 The original engine support screw is an essential element in maintaining the stability of your car's engine. Made from durable, hard-wearing materials, it provides a secure hold, reducing vibrations and ensuring smooth engine operation. By opting for this original engine mount screw, you ensure the reliability and robustness of your vehicle, prolonging its life and reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns. Choose this original engine support screw for optimum performance and peace of mind.
Gearbox engine mount Ligier, Microcardué

Ligier JS50, JS60, Xtoo R, Xtoo S, Xtoo RS, Optimax 2, Ixo, Microcar Mgo 3, 4, 5, 6, Cargo, Dué 2, 3, 5, 6 with Lombardini Progress engine Optimize the stability and performance of your vehicle with our adaptable engine mount. Designed to provide a secure, long-lasting mount for the engine and gearbox, this bracket offers exceptional resistance to vibration and shocks. Made from top-quality materials, this bracket is designed to fit a wide range of license-free car models. Order it today for a safe, hassle-free drive
Motor connecting rod bolt Lombardini Focs and Progress

Ligier, Microcar, Dué, Chatenet, Bellier, JDM with Lombardini Focs & Progress engine Genuine connecting rod bolts are essential components for ensuring a stable and secure connection between the various parts of your car's engine. Precision manufacturing and high-quality materials guarantee exceptional strength and durability, ensuring that your engine runs reliably and efficiently. Opt for these original screws to maintain your engine's optimum performance and ensure confident driving
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Support démarreur liaison moteur / boite Microcar et Chatenet

Microcar Virgo, Lyra, Chatenet Stella, Media, Barooder, Speedino, CH26L, CH30 The starter bracket connects the starter to the engine and gearbox. It holds the starter in place and ensures proper transmission of the energy required to start the engine. This component is essential to the smooth operation of the vehicle's starting system. In the event of starter support failure, we recommend replacing it with a new one to avoid any engine starting problems.