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Mega D-truck 400 - VLGTV490

Visit Aixam D-Truck 400 has been designed to appeal to both private and professional customers. In fact, this little van is available in a flatbed version and a van version to appeal to as many people as possible. Aixam is one of the few brands to have brought out a van without a license. Find all ourAixam D-truck 400 parts by clicking HERE

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Alternator regulator lombardini

ENGINE LOMBARDINI FOCS This alternator regulator is adaptable on the brand engines Lombardini . With an exceptional quality, this product will meet your expectations!
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Bottom ball joint for AIXAM, MINAUTO from 1997 and Grecav

400 E-S-L-SL / 500 E-S-L-SL / 500.4 / 500.5 / A721 / A741 / 400 EVOLUTION / CITY / CROSSLINE / ROADLINE / CROSSOVER / GTO / COUPE / MINAUTO These lower ball joints are compatible with all models from 400 onwards Aixam Their role is to transmit the force coming from the steering rods to the wheel. The origin of this effort comes from the driver when he turns the steering wheel. They also participate in the articulation of the running gear.
€12.40 €15.40
Water pump Motor KUBOTA Z402 and Z482

KUBOTA (Z482) engine from the engine 6C0001 This water pump is designed for the motorization of the mark Kubota from the 6C0001 reference. Reliable and robust, this reference can only seduce you thanks to its attractive price!
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AIXAM front plates , Minauto and Chatenet CH26 / CH28 / CH30 / CH32 / CH33 / CH40 / CH46

Front plate for Aixam after 2010, Minauto and CHATENET   Inserts for City / Crossline / Crossover / cut / GTO (from the Impulse range, Vision and Sensation) and Chatenet CH26 / CH28 / CH30 / CH32 / CH33 / Sporteevo / CH40 / CH46 (Kailing assembly) For the replacement of front brake pads adaptable on Aixam Impulse, Sensation, Vision (models after 2010), choose this model delivered with the clamps and the sliders. Also remember to check the condition of your brake discs, which can cause premature wear of your brake pads.
€14.90 €21.90
Drive belt Aixam - AD522172

Aixam impetus and Vision This belt of original speed control is specially designed for the pulse Aixam and the Aixam Vision. Check to see if your belt needs to be changed, if it has signs of wear (cracks, belt that is Cup, cut belt). If you notice any of these signs, quickly replace your belt.
Drive belt Aixam (from 2010)

Aixam Impulsion, Vision and Sensation This belt specially developed for models of the Aixam make from the Impulsion, Vision and Sensation range will please you with its manufacture quality and its unbeatable price.  Strictly conforms to the original, this belt has been chosen by our technicians. - 3ARP023
Fuel gauge Aixam Mega 1 & 2 and D-Truck

Aixam Mega 1, Mega 2 and D-Truck Replace your fuel gauge for your truck of the brand Aixam, Mega phase 1 and 2 and for the D-Truck at competitive price on our site.
Injector Aixam engine Kubota Z402

Aixam and Minauto all models with motor Kubota Z402 and Z482 A defective injector presents several signs, black smoke, over-consumption, jerks, difficulty in starting which can tell you that you must replace your injectors.
Injector nose Aixam and Minauto engine kubota Z402, Z482 and Z602

Aixam 400sl, 400.4, 400 Evo, 500.4, 500.5, 721, 741, 751, City, City S, Crossline I, Scouty, Roadline, CityCoupé, Crossline Crossover, GTO impulse range, Vision and Sensation, Mega 1 & 2, D-truck, Minauto Replace your injector nose for your VSP brand Aixam or Minauto equipped with an engine Kubota Z402, Z482 and Z602 at the best price with our new and adaptable part on
Cooling propeller Aixam and Minauto

Aixam 400sl, 400.4, 400 Evo, 500.4, 500.5, 721, 741, 751, City, City S, Crossline I, Scouty, Roadline, City, Coupé, Crossline Crossover, GTO Impulsion range, Vision and Sensation, Mega 1 & 2, D-truck, Minauto offers you this cooling propeller for Aixam equipped with a Kubota Z402 and Z482 engine at an unbeatable price.
Windshield washer nozzle for AIXAM/ MICROCAR/ CHATENET / Bellier / JDM / Casalini

Windscreen washer nozzle for Aixam 500.4 / 500.5 / A721 / A741 / 751 / City / City S / Roadline / Crossline / Crossover / GTO Coupé from the Impulse range, Vision and Sensation, Microcar MC1 / MC2 / MGO / M8 / F8C, Ligier JSRC, Chatenet BarooderCH26 / 28 / 30 / 32/ 33 Pick-up / Sporteevo, JDM Albizia / Abaca / Aloes Roxsy Xheos, Bellier Jade, Casalini M14 / M20 The nozzle of your car is blocked or broken? We offer you this adaptable nozzle at the best price.
Rear engine mount Aixam and Minauto (Impulse range, Vision and Sensation)

Aixam City, Coupé, Crossline, Crossover and GTO (Impulsion 2nd assembly, Vision and Sensation range), Mega D-truck and Minauto Replace your rear engine mount fromAixam with our new and genuine part at the best price, Aixam City, Coupé, Crossline, Crossover and GTO Impulsion, Vision and Sensation range, Minauto from 2015 and Mega D-truck
Inverter cable Aixam Mega D-truck

Reverse cable for Aixam Mega D-truck If you can no longer select your gearbox positions, it's probably due to your gearshift cable.
Handbrake plate Mega D-truck

Handbrake plate Aixam Mega D-truck Genuine handbrake plate specially developed for the D-truck model Aixam, new and genuine part
Seat mounting plate Aixam Mega D-truck

Seat mounting bracket Aixam Mega D-truck Take advantage of our original front seat mounting part for Aixam Mega D-truck on at the best guaranteed price.
Gearbox fixing screws Aixam and Minauto

Aixam 400sl, 400.4, 400Evo, 500.4, 500.5, 721, 741, 751, City, Crossline I, Roadline, Scouty and City, Coupé, Crossline, Crossover and GTO (Impulsion, Vision , Sensation Emotion), Mega 1 and 2, Mega D-truck and Minauto (all models) Genuine gearbox fixing screws for Aixam models from 400 Sl upwards, Minauto all models on sale at
Master cylinder surround Aixam and Minauto

Aixam City, City S, Roadline, Scouty, Crossline, City, COupé, Crossline, Crossover and GTO (Impulsion, Vision, Sensation, Emotion ranges) and Minauto The rubber master cylinder surround is the part that acts as a seal between the engine apron and your passenger compartment. If the part is missing or in poor condition, replace it as soon as possible.
Left mirror Aixam Mega D-truck

Aixam Mega D-truck Do you need to replace your rear-view mirror following a collision that damaged your mounting bracket or mirror? Take advantage of our new, original parts for Aixam Mega D-truck brand vans
Right-hand mirror Aixam Mega D-truck

Aixam Mega D-truck Replace your worn-out rear-view mirror with our new and adaptable part at the best price on our online sales site
Relays with electronic protection Aixam and Minauto

Aixam 721, 741, 751, City, City S, Roadline, Scouty, Crossline, Mega 1 and 2, City, Coupé, Crossline, Crossover and GTO Impulsion, Vision, Sensation and Emotion ranges and Minauto all models. Replace your faulty relay with our new, genuine part specially designed for VSPs from Aixam and Minauto from model 721 to the present day.
Heating valve Aixam (Impulse range, Vision, Sensationemotion ) and Minauto

Aixam City, Coupé, Crossline, Crossover and GTO range Impulsion, Vision, Sensation, Emotion, Minauto 2011, Minauto 2015, Cross Minauto Vision and Sensation, Access By activating the dashboard control, the heater valve opens or closes the coolant circuit for heating the VSP.
Gear lever contactor harness Aixam and Minauto

Aixam City, Coupé, Crossline, Crossover and GTO range Impulsion, Vision, Sensation, Emotion and Minauto 2011, 2015, Cross Minauto Replace your original power shuttle switch harness, offers you a wide choice of transmission parts at the lowest prices
Ice-washer jar Aixam Mega 1, 2 and D-truck

Aixam Mega 1, Mega 2 and D-truck Your windshield washer jar is cracked, replace it with our new and original part sold with the windshield washer pump for D-trucks Aixam
Brake master cylinder clips Aixam impulse range, Vision, Sensationemotion and Minauto

Aixam City, Coupé, Crossline, Crossover and GTO range Impulsion, Vision, Sensation, Emotion and Minauto Original master cylinder retaining clips for Impulsion, Vision, Sensation, Emotion and Minauto models at discount prices.
Master cylinder push rod Aixam D-truck

Master cylinder push rod Aixam D-truck Replace your master cylinder push rod for Aixam D-truck with our new and original part at the lowest price on
Gearbox Nylstop nut diam. 12 Aixam and Minauto

Nylstop nut diameter 12 mm gearbox for Aixam and Minauto Your nut is deformed or missing, buy our original nylstop nut for many models Aixam
Door contactor Aixam and Chatenet

Door switch Aixam all models and Chatenet CH26 Adaptable contactor for your VSP Aixam: 400 (1997-2004), 400.4 (1997-2004), 400 Evolution (1997-2004), 500.4 (1997-2004), 500.4 Minivan (1997-2004), 500.4 Pick-Up (1997-2004), 721 (2005-2008), 741 (2005-2008), Scouty 2005-2008, Crossline 2005-2008, City 2008-2010, Roadline 2008-2010, Crossline 2008-2010, Scouty 2008-2010, City 2010-2013, Crossline 2010-2013, Crossover 2010-2013, GTO 2010-2013, Coupe 2010-2013, City 2013-2016, Coupe 2013-2016, Crossline 2013-2016, Crossover 2013-2016, City 2016-2019, Coupe 2016-2019, Crossline 2016-2019, MEGA 1, MEGA 2, Pro D-Truck Easy to change, this little switch ensures that you're properly alerted in the event of an incorrect door closure.
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Alternator belt Aixam, Microcar, ChatenetjDM, Bellier, Minauto - 830 mm

Aixam all models, Microcar MC1, MC2, MGO 1, Chatenet Barooder, Speedino, CH26, CH32, Pick up, Sporteevo, JDM Titane, Albizia, Abaca, Aloes, Roxsy, Xheos, Bellier Divane, Opale, Jade, Docker, B8, Minauto Dimension: (10 x 830mm) This adaptable alternator belt is designed for models from Aixam, Microcar, Jdm, Chatenet, Bellier. Reliable and robust, this belt is the perfect replacement for your defective part.
€5.30 €8.30
Headlight Aixam Mega D-Truck 400, 600

Aixam Mega D-Truck 400, 600 Has your headlight been damaged or broken in an accident? This adaptable headlight for Aixam Mega D-Truck is available at the best guaranteed price
Gearbox Aixam City, Crosslinecoupé, GTO, Crossover d-truck and Minauto

Aixam City, Coupé, Crossline, GTO, Crossover (Impulsion range 2nd assembly, Vision, Sensation and Émotion), Mega D-Truck, Minauto 2011, 2015, Cross Minauto, Minauto Access. Replace your gearbox for models Aixam from Impulsion range and Minauto from 2011 at the best price on
Under-motor protection Aixam Vision, Sensation 2016

Aixam City , Coupé , Crossline , Crossover Vision range Lombardini HDI and Sensation engines This under-engine protector will easily fit Aixam Vision and Sensation range carts . Piecesanspermis also invites you to consult the front plates for your model.
Ceiling light Aixam all models

Aixam all models The original ceiling light for all Aixam models is designed to provide reliable, optimum lighting inside your no-license car. Featuring simple installation and superior durability, this dome light ensures clear, comfortable visibility for drivers and passengers. Choose this original dome light for a safer, more pleasant driving experience, even in low-light conditions
Brake disc screws Aixam, Minautogrecav Eke

Disc screws Aixam (all models), Minauto (all models) Grecav Eke The adaptable brake disc fixing screw is designed to provide optimum security and stability for your braking system. Made from durable, hard-wearing materials, this screw ensures a solid hold on the brake disc, guaranteeing reliable, efficient braking performance. Choose this adaptable brake disc fixing screw to maintain the safety and reliability of your unlicensed vehicle.
Suspension ball joint fixing screw Aixam, Minauto

Aixam, Minauto Adaptable suspension ball joint mounting bolts are designed for optimum stability and safety, guaranteeing a solid connection between the various suspension components of your no-license car. Manufactured from top-quality materials and with a precise design, these screws ensure high resistance to stress and guarantee long-lasting performance. Opt for these adaptable suspension ball joint fixing screws to maintain the structural integrity of your suspension system and ensure safe driving
All makes of cardan or ball joint nuts

Adaptable ball joint nut for all models of licence-free car. Adaptable universal joint or ball joint nuts are essential to guarantee the stability and safety of the mechanical links in your licence-free car. Made from high-quality materials and a robust design, these nuts offer exceptional resistance to mechanical stress and vibration, ensuring reliable performance on the road. Opt for these adaptable nuts to ensure safe driving and enjoy optimum ride quality on every journey Diameter: 10 mm
Cylinder ball joint fastener

Universal The Universal Adaptable Cylinder Ball Mount is an essential accessory for holding your cylinder securely in place, ensuring safe and reliable performance. With its versatile design, this mount adapts to a variety of license-free car models. Opt for the Universal Adaptable Cylinder Ball Mount to guarantee the stability and durability of your cylinder system diameter: 10 mm thread length: 16 mm
Universal bumper fixing screw

Universal These Universal Bumper Mounting Screws are designed to provide a secure and reliable mounting solution for no-license car bumpers. Their adaptable design guarantees quick and easy installation, providing a secure hold to ensure bumper stability and safety. These high-quality screws are made from durable, hard-wearing materials, ensuring long-term durability and effective protection against vibration and impact. Opt for these universal bumper fixing screws to keep your bumper securely in place and extend the life of your no-license vehicle size: 6X20 mm
Brake pad clip

Aixam Microcar, , , , B8 Ligier Chatenet Dué Bellier Ensure the safety and reliability of your braking system with this adaptable brake pad clip. Designed to offer a precise fit and optimum functionality, this brake pad clip is compatible with a variety of license-free car models. Easy to install, this clip ensures a firm hold on the brake pads, reducing noise and vibration during braking. Made from durable, long-lasting materials, this brake pad clip is designed to ensure reliable, long-lasting performance, giving you peace of mind on the road. Opt for this adaptable brake pad clip to guarantee optimum braking performance and safe driving
Lumbar cushion

Adaptable to all licence-free cars Optimize your driving comfort with our adaptable lumbar cushion, designed to fit all models of licence-free cars. This ergonomic cushion provides extra support for the lower back, helping to reduce fatigue on long journeys. Its adjustable design and high-quality materials guarantee a perfect fit and optimum comfort for all drivers. Easy to install and adjust, this lumbar cushion is the ideal accessory for improving your posture and reducing back pain while driving. Treat yourself to a more pleasant driving experience by opting for our adaptable lumbar cushion today!
Rear bearing housing gasket Aixam - Minauto

Kubota Z402 and Z482 rear bearing housing gasket Ensure the sealing and reliability of your transmission system with our adaptable rear bearing housing gasket. Designed to fit your vehicle precisely, our rear bearing housing gasket provides reliable protection against oil leaks, preserving the integrity of your transmission system. Made from durable, long-lasting materials, our housing gasket is designed to withstand high temperatures and operating pressures, ensuring reliable performance and exceptional durability. Order today to keep your transmission running smoothly and reliably, whatever the road ahead
Injector cleaner

CLEANER DIESEL INJECTOR NOZZLE   Cleaner diesel injector is recommended to clean and lubricate the pump and injectors   It restores engine performance, removes the holes to acceleration by cleaning the combustion as well as the valve Chamber. Facilitates cold starts.
Carbon stickers

For all cars Enhance the appearance of your licence-free car with our adaptable carbon door sill, designed to fit all vehicle models. Our carbon door sill also offers extra protection against scratches and wear, preserving the finish of your original door sills. Easy to install, our adaptable carbon door sill is an essential accessory for personalizing your vehicle to your taste. Order today to enhance the interior appearance of your hatchback, while providing extra protection against daily wear and tear