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Ventilator for unlicensed cars

Welcome to, your online destination for car air vents. Discover our wide selection of high-quality parts specially designed to ensure optimum air circulation in your vehicle. Whether you need to replace a faulty vent or add extra vents, we've got you covered. Enjoy user-friendly navigation, detailed descriptions and fast delivery for a hassle-free online shopping experience. Enhance the comfort of your license-free car by ordering now at

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Ventilator Aixam

Aixam 400 I/O/L, 400.4, 500 SL, 500.4, 500.5, and Mega (phase 1 and 2) The air vent grille allows optimal diffusion of your heating within the passenger compartment for perfect comfort. This part is specially designed for the models of the brand Aixam.
Ventilator Aixam carbon finish

Aixam City, Crossline, Coupé, Crossover and GTO (Impulsion and Vision 1st fitment) Replace your dashboard air vent on your Aixam Impulsion or Vision range 1st fitment with our new and genuine part at the best price.
White ring & aerator

Aixam City, Coupé, Crossline, Crossover, GTO (Impulsion range, Vision 1st fitment), Sensation (2nd fitment), Emotion, Minauto Access (1st fitment) The white adaptable ring and aerator are versatile parts designed for a wide range of vehicles, including the Aixam City, Crossline, Coupé, Crossover, GTO Impulsion range, Vision 1st fitment, Sensation 2nd fitment, as well as the Minauto Access 1st fitment. These parts play an essential role in ensuring proper ventilation and aesthetic appearance in your car's interior. Choose these white rings and vents to refresh your vehicle's interior and improve air quality while driving. Order today for a practical and aesthetic interior upgrade.
Ventilator Aixam ivory finish

Aixam City, Coupé, Crossline, Crossover and GTO (Impulsion and Vision range 1st assembly) Replace your dashboard air vent for Aixam from the Impulsion and Vision range with our new, genuine part at a discount price.
Side aerator Aixam

Aixam City, Coupé, Crossline, Crossover ( Vision 2eme montage and Sensation range) Take advantage of our wide selection of dashboard aerator parts for Aixam. New and original parts at the best price guaranteed on
Central air vent Aixam chrome

Aixam City, Coupé, Crossline, Crossover (Vision2eme montage and Sensation ranges) The role of the air vent is to diffuse cool or warm air into your vehicle's interior, providing optimum comfort. New and original parts Aixam at the best price on
Air intake Aixam and Minauto

Aixam City, Coupé, Crossover, Crossline and GTO Impulsion, Vision, Sensation and Emotion ranges and Minauto Air intake nozzle for main ventilation system ofAixam impulsion , Vision, Sensation, Emotion and Minauto ranges.
Windscreen ventilation grille Aixam and Minauto

Aixam City, Coupé, Crossline, Crossover and GTO range Impulsion, Vision, Sensation, Emotion and Minauto Replace your windshield air vent at the best price with our genuine Aixam part for Impulsion, Vision, Sensation and Emotion models.
Ivory ventilation front Aixam

Aixam City, Crossover, Crossline, Coupé from the Vision range The original ivory-colored ventilation panel adds a touch of style and elegance to the interior of your hatchback. Its precise design and attractive color perfectly match the aesthetics of your vehicle. Choose this ventilation front panel to create a welcoming, refined atmosphere in your car's interior, while ensuring efficient operation of the ventilation system
Heating diffuser Microcar

Microcar MC1 and MC2 and Dué first The air diffuser distributes hot or cold air evenly throughout the passenger compartment. If the diffuser fails, you may encounter problems defrosting the windshield.
Air diffuser Ligier - Microcar - Dué

Microcar MGO3, Ligier Ixo, JS50 and Dué 2 Take advantage of our large catalogue of ventilation parts for VSPs Ligier, Microcar and Dué. Here an original air diffuser for MGO3 models, Ligier Ixo, JS50 and Dué 2
Heater front Ligier

Ligier Nova, XTOO, XTOO Max, XTOO R, RS, S, Optimax, Dué The heating front panel allows you to position your heating knobs for maximum comfort in your car without a licence.
MC1 and MC2 aluminum aerators

Microcar MC1 and MC2 Buy our air vent with original aluminium finish for Microcar MC1 and MC2 at the best price and thus enjoy optimum comfort on board your VSP.
Chrome-plated aerator Ligier, Microcardué

Microcar MGO2, MGO3, M8, F8C, Ligier Ixo, JS RC, JS50(phase 1) and Dué II Replace your dashboard vent for your branded vehicle Microcar, Ligier or Dué. New and original part at the best price guaranteed.
Black-tinted air vent Ligier, Microcar

Ligier Xtoo 1 and 2, Max, R, S, RS, Optimax and Microcar Cargo Your air vent is damaged and you want to change it? offers you a wide range of genuine parts at guaranteed best prices, compatible with all Ligier and Microcar models.
Ventilator Microcar MC1, MC2 and MGO 1

Microcar MC1, MC2, MGO1 The dashboard air vent lets you control the flow of air inside your licence-free car for optimum comfort and safety.
Black aerator Ligier Ixo

Ligier Ixo with Lombardini DCI (442/492) and Progress (502) engines Replace your damaged dashboard air vent with our new and genuine part at the best guaranteed price. Genuine part for Ligier Ixo models
Aerator frame Ligier Microcar

Microcar MGO2, M8, F8C, Dué Coupé, Ligier JS RC, The air vent frame keeps your ventilator in position. Remember to replace it if the plastic is cracked or split.
Ventilator Chatenet

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH30, CH32, Pick up and Sporteevo Dashboard air vent for ChatenetThis room allows you to direct cold or warm air into your cabin in an optimal way and for greater comfort.
Heating vent hose Chatenet

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH30, CH32 and Sporteevo The aerator hose is a part that must be hermetically sealed. If it shows signs of cracking, replace it quickly, otherwise your heater will not operate optimally
Black aerator Bellier B8

Black air vent Bellier B8 Your Bellier B8 air vent blades are damaged and no longer allow you to distribute the air correctly in your cabin, replace your air vent with our new and original part for Bellier B8
Chrome heating vent Bellier B8

Aerator for Bellier B8 This chrome-plated heating vent is the ideal replacement for your old aerator on your Bellier B8. A heater vent, also known as an aerator, is a part that allows you to evenly distribute or direct hot air from your cart's heater radiator.
Air vent bezel Bellier B8

Black air vent cover Bellier B8 Keep all your vehicle's interior finish intact with our new and original part at the best price for your licence-free car Bellier B8.
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Grille d'aération

Casalini M14 Discover our quality air vents for open-top vehicles, guaranteeing optimum ventilation of the passenger compartment. A ventilation grille for a license-free car ensures optimum air circulation inside the vehicle, guaranteeing passenger comfort and cabin air quality. Easy to install, this essential spare part ensures the comfort and safety of your vehicle. Order it now on our website!