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Aixam Vision Coupé GTI

Since the beginning of our activity, we have acquired, over time, an increasingly wide range of adaptable spare parts of surprising quality, for your licence-free vehicle Aixam Vision coupé GTI.

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Front bumper Vision 2014 - 7AY019

Vision 2014 You want to improve the aesthetics of your vsp, thanks to this carbon effect bumper it is now possible. This quality ABS part will perfectly replace your old bumper on your cart.
Rear bumper Vision City carbon effect - 7AZ029

Vision City Your car without a license Vision City 2013 needs a new rear bumper? offers you this carbon effect model that will perfectly fit your vehicle for a price defying all competition.
External part - 7ay931

Adaptable cover on the vision 2013 range This hood, ABS, is adapatable on cars without a permit of the Vision 2013 range. This product you raviera by its quality and its price. This hood is shipped gross in 2 parts (inside and outside)
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Front bumper Aixam GTI 2013 - 7BE019

Aixam cut vision GTI You just had an accident with your car without a license, and your front bumper is broken. so you need to change it but you do not want to pay too much. With this bumper adaptable, especially designed for the vision cut GTI Aixam, you will be satisfied with its quality ABS and its price.
€89.00 €109.00
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Rear bumper Aixam vision GTI Coupe - 7BE029

Cut vision GTI You've just had a shock in the back of your vsp and your bumper to need to be changed. Don't worry, we have the bumper need you. Made in ABS, this quality adaptable part, gets up very easily on your Aixam vision Cup GTI.
€89.00 €99.00
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Front bumper aixam vision 2014 - 7AY019

Adaptable front bumper on Vision 2014   This front bumper for all models of the range Vision 2014 (except Vision GTI) unlicensed vehicles will ideally replace your defective or damaged part. Quality and discount price, this product is gross (to prepare and paint).
€59.00 €79.00
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Rear bumper vision city pack and premium - 7az029

Adaptable to vision city pack and city premium You need to replace the rear bumper of your car vision city 2013 and that at a lower cost. Take advantage of this product specially designed for your vsp. This rear bumper, in abs, is the guarantee of a quality part in accordance with your vehicle.
€89.00 €99.00
Exterior tailgate aixam vision - 7AY095

Vision 2014 (City, City S, City PremiumS, Coupé, Coupé S, Coupé GTI) This tailgate in ABS material is dedicated to the models of the range Vision of the brand of vehicle without licence Aixam (from 2014). It will replace your damaged part for a limited cost.
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Passenger side / Right - 7AP040

Right outer panel for Aixam after 2010 Need to replace the outer panel right of your car without permit Aixam after 2010? Look no further, this product is the one need you! It will meet your expectations both in terms of finish and reliability and its discount prices will captivate you.
€79.00 €99.00
Left door panel AIXAM 2010

AIXAM AFTER 2010 Need to replace the left-hand outer panel on your Aixam license-free car after 2010? Look no further than this product! It will meet your expectations both in terms of finish and reliability, and its discount price will win you over.
Interior tailgate Aixam 2010 and range Vision - 7XB460 - 7AR460

Aixam 2010 and Impulse range This tailgate is compatible with the models of the Impulsion range of the manufacturer of vehicles without licence Aixam. Robust and of quality thanks to its manufacture out of plastic ABS, this interior tailgate will give again its original aspect to your trunk.
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Right front fender aixam vision 2014 - 7AY013

Adaptable front wing on Vision 2014   The wing on the left side of your vehicle without a permit needs to be changed? Choose this product dedicated to the models in the range Vision 2014 (except GTI). Perfectly adaptable, this room at discount prices will restore its allure to your car. This product is gross. It must be prepared and painted.
€46.90 €57.90
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Passenger side / right -7ay014

Adaptable front wing on Vision 2014   This front right fender will fit to your high-end Vision 2014 (except GTI) for a reduced cost.  This quality product will replace a damaged piece and will give splendour to your vehicle without a permit.   This product is gross. We must prepare it and paint it.
€46.90 €57.90
Under-motor protection aixam 2010 - 7AP229

PROTECTION ENGINE AIXAM FROM 2010 This engine cover to prevent water from getting on the motor organs and transmission. It also allows the soundproofing of the engine operation.
Reversing sensor Aixam (Impulse, Vision, Sensation and Emotion)

Aixam City, Coupé, Crossover, Crossline and GTO Impulsion, Vision, Sensation and Emotion ranges offers a kit of 2 reversing radar sensors for all Aixam Impulsion, Vision, Sensation and Emotion models
Bumper bracket Aixam-7AY317

Aixam Range vision and minauto 2015 This bumper support dedicated to the vehicles without license of the brand Aixam will allow you to easily mount your new bumper. Quality and always at a reduced price this support will fully satisfy you.
AIXAM spray paint

This 400-ml spray can makes it easy to paint your brand's fender, bumper, etc Aixam It's worth noting that, in general, spray paint yields 5 m2 per liter. This means that a 400 ml can of paint can cover around 2 m2. Find out more about our bodywork range Aixam Choose your color code from the drop-down menu below.
Right outer windscreen pillar Aixam impulsion and Vision

Aixam CityCut, Crossline, Crossover, GTO impulse range and Vision Windshield post in ABS quality, exterior straight, for VSP of the brand Aixam models Impulse and Vision offered at the best price on
Wing flange for AIXAM range Vision

You have a problem with the wing cheeks of your Aixam of the VISION range, it is broken or cracked and impossible to repair it. Do not hesitate and order this adaptable part, exclusively designed for your AIXAM VISION Quality and low price, it is a sure value.
AIXAM right wing flange range Vision

Aixam City, Crossover, Crossline, City S, City Sport, Coupé, Coupé Premium (Vision range) Do you have a problem with the fender flange of your Aixam from the VISION range? Is it broken or cracked and impossible to repair? Don't hesitate any longer and order this adaptable part, exclusively designed for your AIXAM VISION.
Chrome tailgate insert Aixam

Aixam City, Crossline, Coupe and Crossover (range Vision) Repair your tailgate and give it back its full appearance with this chrome tailgate insert for the brand's models Aixam range Vision
Chrome-plated tailgate insert, right Aixam

Aixam City, Crossline, Crossover and Coupé (range Vision) Make your rear hatch look as good as new Aixam thanks to our original chromed insert specially developed for the models of the range Vision.
Bumper grille Aixam range Vision

Aixam City, Crossline, Crossover and Coupé (range Vision) You may have lost your bumper grille due to a collision, don't hesitate to restore the aesthetics of your car Aixam thanks to our bumper grille specially adapted to the models City, Crossline, Crossover and Coupé from the range Vision
Windshield gasket Aixam City, Crossline, Crossovercoupé and GTO

Aixam City, Crossline, Crossover, Coupé and GTO Impulsion, Vision and Sensation ranges If you need to replace your windshield, don't hesitate to replace your windshield gasket at the same time, to ensure a perfect seal.
Left fog grille Aixam GTI Coupé and GTO

Aixam Coupé GTI and GTO from the Vision range Your bumper fog grille is missing on your VSP Aixam, replace it with our new original part for Coupé GTI and GTO models in the Vision range.
Right-hand fog grille Aixam GTI Coupé and GTO

Aixam GTI and GTO Coupé from the Vision range Your right fog grille is damaged or missing on your AIXAM VSP. Don't hesitate, replace it with our new, original part for Coupé GTI and GTO models in the Vision range.
Flexible putty 750gr

Flexible two-component polyester putty from SINTO for repairing, filling and bonding substrates exposed to frequent thermal variations or vibrations, in 750gr
Hood catch Aixam

Aixam City, Crossline, Coupé, Crossover and GTO Impulsion, Vision, Sensation and Emotion ranges Does your hood not close properly? It's probably the left-hand one that's broken. Don't hesitate to change it. This little repair takes less than 5 minutes and is easy to do, even for beginners.
Bumper tie-rod Aixam vision - 7AY315

Aixam vision 2014 If your car suffered a front impact and your support of bumper as well as pulling them are broken. With piecesanspermis, you can replace them quickly at low cost. This model of pulling is only made to the VSP Aixam Vision after 2014.
Fiber putty 300gr

SINTO two-component, glass-fibre reinforced polyester putty for repairs to major bodywork defects
Body varnish

SINTO bodywork varnish 400ml container
Standard putty 375gr

Bi-component mastic by SINTO to repair, refill and bond for example, repairs to car bodywork, motorcycles...
Flexible putty 350gr

Mastic polyester bi-component by SINTO, flexible to repair, refill and bond substrates exposed to thermic variation or frequent vibrations, in 350 gr.
Bumper tie-rod Aixam Crossline Sensation

Bumper tie-rod Aixam Crossline Sensation range This bumper tie-rod is specially designed for the Crossline model in the Sensation range from the VSP brand Aixam. Offered at a discount price and top quality, it's hard to resist.
Wing stiffener aixam vision - 7AY151

Aixam 2014 Your vehicle without a permit from 2014 Aixam needs d ' a stiffener d ' Wing? Check out this product at discount prices that will satisfy you fully!