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Flexible exhaust hose

Find our entire range of exhaust hoses (or braid) for VSPs of the following brands Aixam, Ligier, Microcar, Chatenet...JDM...

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Reinforced AIXAM exhaust hose

Flexible exhaust reinforced Aixam since 1997 to 2010 This flexible exhaust reinforced with sheath heat and sound designed for unlicensed vehicles Aixam will ideally replace your damaged piece. Discover the quality at discount price of!
Flexible exhaust AIXAM

Flexible AIXAM all types after 1997 -> 2010. This flexible exhaust will fit all models of the brand Aixam put into circulation after 1997. Reliable and easy to assemble, this piece will fill your expectations without breaking the Bank!
Flexible welding hose aixam - 1AP907

For Aixam 2010, Minauto and Aixam vision 2013   Your vehicle without a permit Aixam (after 2010) requires a flexible new exhaust? Indispensable element in your vehicle, we offer this adaptable model at discount prices that will satisfy you fully.
Exhaust manifold with hose Aixam Citycoupe, Crossline, Crossover, Minauto access

Aixam City, Coupé, Crossline, Crossover (Sensation / Emotion range), Minauto Access The exhaust manifold is the first component in the exhaust system, and is subject to strong vibrations and, over time, can develop leaks or cracks. Replace it with our new, adaptable part for Aixam City, Coupé, Crossline, Crossover
Flexible ligier xtoo r - 116277

For model XTOO R / S / RS / OPTIMAX / IXO DCI / JS50 Phase 1,2,3 / JS50 L Phase 1,2,3 / JS RC / FLEX Your flexible is pierced or defective? This hose specially designed for models Ligier XTOO R / S / RS / OPTIMAX / IXO DCI / JS50 phase 1,2,3 / JS50L JS RC / FLEX and  IXO Progress  perfect for your car Ligier . On both its quality, it has a long life and its price will delight more than one.
Flexible exhaust system LIGIER Nova / Ambra / Be up

Flexible LIGIER NOVA This flexible adaptable exhaust is reserved for the Nova of the brand model Ligier . The two biggest advantages are its easy installation as well as its price defying all competition.

Flexible MICROCAR MC1, MC2 / JDM Albizia, Abaca, AloesRoxsy, Xheos. This hose as the title indicates is of high quality. It will fit the different models of the brand Microcar such as the MC1, MC2 and the JDM model Albizia, Abaca, AloesRoxsy, Xheos. Don't hesitate, this part is made for you !
JDM exhaust hose Abaca / Albizia

Flexible exhaust JDM Abaca / Albizia Take advantage of our exhaust hoses for the Abaca and Albiza models from JDM, the quality of manufacture and its discount price will be its main assets. Discover our wide range of exhaust hoses for all makes of licence-free cars.
Grecav exhaust hose Sonique

Grecav Sonique exhaust hose propose the best quality exhaust parts for Grecav no-licence cars. Buy this exhaust hose equivalent to the original at a discount price.
Exhaust hose with Grecav manifold Sonique

Grecav Sonique DCi exhaust hose Need to replace your exhaust hose on you Grecav no-licence car ? Choose our exhaust hose with collector for Grecav Sonique DCi.
Flexible welding hose grecav sonique dci

For great wall Sonic DCI   Indispensable part of your vehicle, the exhaust hose exhaust should be monitored and changed quickly in case of breakage. We offer this model dedicated to the car without permit great wall Sonic DCI, at discount prices.
Flexible welding hose grecav eke

For great wall EKE   Your great wall EKE needs ' a flexible new d ' exhaust and you do not want to ruin you l ' buying? Choose this product dedicated to discount prices!
Flexible exhaust grecav

Flexible exhaust GRECAV This flexible exhaust is adaptable to all of the trademark Grecav carts. Boasting an exceptional quality and with a price discount, hard to resist our offer!
U-shaped flange collar

Collar exhaust mounts on the flexible Ligier and Microcar... Reference: ASLIG1003 and ASMIC1003