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Contactors Ligier

Discover our wide range of contactors and switches for Ligier at low prices.

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Brake light switch

Stop switch Aixam, Ligier, Microcar. This electrical contactor is an essential part of your safety, as it enables you to switch on your brake lights when braking. Replace it immediately if you notice it is defective.
Warning switch Ligier JS50 and JS50L

Warning switch Ligier JS50 and Ligier JS50L Your warning switch e Ligier JS50 and JS50L is defective, replace it by our new and original part especially developed for these models
Warning switch Ligier Ixo and JS50

Ligier Ixo and JS50 (phase 1) Take advantage of our original part specially developed for the Ixo and JS50 (phase 1) models of the VSP brand Ligier. Do not hesitate to replace it in case of failure and thus to benefit from a part at competitive price .
Window regulator switch Ligier

Window regulator switch Ligier XTOO R, RS, S, Ixo, Optimax and JS50 Your electric window regulator does not respond normally anymore, replace it by our window regulator specially developed for the latest models of Ligier .
Tailgate switch Chatenet, Ligier, Microcar and Casalini

Electric rear hatch opening control for Chatenet, Ligier, Microcar and Casalini The control of your tailgate opening is an electrical part that may no longer be operational with wear and tear and thus block access to your trunk, remember to replace this part.
Gearshift switch AIXAM / LIGIER / MICROCAR

Aixam / Ligier / Microcar Your cart has trouble making the reverse or forward, it's maybe the contactor which is grilled or defective so preventing your shifter to function. This can also prevent the starting of the vehicle. Your VSP is equipped with 2 contactors, check them at the same time.
Microswitch for reversing lever Ligier, Microcar and Dué

Gearshift microswitch for Ligier XTOO 2 and Max (2nd fitment), R, S, RS, Optimas, IXO, JS50, JS RC, Microcar MGO 1 / 2 / 3 / 4, 5 (1st fitment) F8C, M8, Cargo, DUE 2 / 3 / 5 (1st fitment) The microswitch on your gearshift lever will function as a two-way switch for your Ligier, Microcar or Dué. This part can easily break. So don't hesitate to change it. To do so, take a look at our generic auto, which will show you how to change any contactor for your licence-free car.
Reverse gear and neutral switch LigierjDM and Bellier

Reverse and neutral switch for Ligier 162 / Ambra / Nova / Xtoo 1 and 2 / Xtoo Max, JDM Albizia : Abaca / Aloes / Roxsy / Xheos, Bellier B8 Indispensable for your gearshift, once located this contactor is easy to change on your Ligier, JDM or Bellier licence-free car Original reference 101044 / 0132233
Stop switch for Ligier / Microcar / Due / Casalini

Contactor for Ligier X Pro / JS RC / JS 50 / JS 50L, Microcar MGO 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / M8 / F8C, Due First / 2 / 3 / 5, Casalini Sulky / M10 / M14 / Kerry An essential part of your small car's braking system, the contactor is located near the brake pedal. Once you've located it in your car, repairing your small car will be a breeze.
Gearshift switch - 101044

Electric contactor for JDM, great wall, Bellier This piece allows starting the engine only when the gear lever is on a standstill. If this switch, it is possible to start the vehicle is no longer possible. It is designed for the JDM, great wall and Bellier brand vehicles.
Hall-effect sensor Ligier, Microcardué

Ligier Ixo, JS50, JS50L, Optimax, Microcar Cargo, MGO4 and Dué 3 The hall-effect speed sensor is a part that measures magnetic field variations and maintains the gearshift's electrical voltage.
Door lock button Ligier

Ligier Xtoo R, Xtoo S, Xtoo RS, Optimax 2, Ixo, JS50, Microcar Cargo, MGO3, 4/5, 6, Dué 2, 3/5, 6 The original door lock button is a vital part of ensuring the safety and ease of use of your licence-free vehicle. Manufactured to exacting standards of quality and compatibility, this button guarantees reliable, long-lasting operation, giving you peace of mind while you're on the move. Opt for this genuine part to ensure adequate protection for your vehicle, ensuring effective and reliable locking of your doors
Reverse and neutral switch Microcar, Chatenet and Bellier

Reverse and neutral switch for Microcar Lyra / Ligier 162, Ambra, Nova / Chatenet Chatelaine, Stella, Media / Bellier VX550, Divan, Le Bellier. An essential part of your gearshift lever, this switch engages reverse and neutral for your licence-free car. Discover our full range of contactors and microswitches for your licence-free car at the best prices.
Handbrake switch support...

Ligier JSRC, Dué First, Dué Coupé, Microcar F8C, M8, MGO1, MGO2 Take advantage of our handbrake switch bracket to replace your old broken part. The handbrake switch bracket is a crucial automotive part which ensures the stable and secure holding of your vehicle's handbrake switch. The bracket is specially designed to hold the contactor in place, ensuring correct operation of the handbrake system. Choose a quality handbrake switch bracket to ensure safe and reliable handbraking in your vehicle. Order this replacement part today for safe driving.