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Rear drum aixam

ALL TYPES AIXAM AND MINAUTO These rear drums can be mounted on most carts Aixam . Piecesanspermis has negotiated its prices to provide you with solid drums at a unique price. Remember to check also your brake shoes and replace them if necessary. Center distance: 115mm
€59.90 €79.90
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Bottom ball joint for AIXAM, MINAUTO from 1997 and Grecav

400 E-S-L-SL / 500 E-S-L-SL / 500.4 / 500.5 / A721 / A741 / 400 EVOLUTION / CITY / CROSSLINE / ROADLINE / CROSSOVER / GTO / COUPE / MINAUTO These lower ball joints are compatible with all models from 400 onwards Aixam Their role is to transmit the force coming from the steering rods to the wheel. The origin of this effort comes from the driver when he turns the steering wheel. They also participate in the articulation of the running gear.
€12.40 €15.40

Glue for windshield 310 ml  Bumpers, fenders, windshield glue This glue for windscreen and bodywork suitable for all models of VSP is the essential accessory to ensure a good attachment of your windshield! Easy to use, it will ensure a keeping perfect your windshield or your body parts by absorbing all the vibrations.
Cardan shaft AIXAM 325i, 400i ,A540, A550,300, 400SL, 400Evo, 400.4, 500.5, Mega 1

AIXAM 400 - 540 - 300 (560 mm) This gimbal is specially designed for the model Aixam 400 - 540 - 300 of the brand Aixam . This piece has a right and left dimension of 560 mm .
Ribbon oil filter wrench

Change your oil filter is a breeze with this key to Ribbon. Remove your old filter and tighten the new easily with this tool of quality at discount prices.
Universal horn

Your trusty Horn no longer responds to your requests? Change it to this new brand Horn proposed by This essential security element will be with ease on your vehicle without a permit.
Carter Gauche AIXAM

This left-hand gearbox housing is reserved for Aixam from 1997 to 2008. With its rock-solid sturdiness and attractive price, there's nothing to stop you from replacing your faulty part.
Right-hand housing Aixam

This right-hand gearbox housing is reserved for the Aixam brand. With its rock-solid strength and attractive price, there's nothing to stop you from replacing your faulty part.
AIXAM differential

AIXAM Differential To replace original part no. 3RC54 For vehicles from 1997 to 2005
Neiman for Aixam and Minauto

Neiman for Aixam, Minauto, Ligier, Microcar, Chatenet, Dué This neiman is specially designed for Aixam VSPs, and more specifically for models after 1997 and Minauto Access. You won't need to replace all your locks, just your neiman.
Front hub carrier circlips

Aixam Ligier, , , , , , and Microcar Chatenet JDM Bellier Casalini Minauto Dué The front hub circlip is primarily there to hold your front wheel bearing in its housing. If it is missing, replace it as soon as possible.
Brake fluid reservoir Aixam

Aixam 400, 400.4, 500SL, 500.4, 500.5, 721, 741, 751, City, City S, Roadline, Scouty and Crossline If you notice brake fluid leaking from your master cylinder, your brake fluid reservoir must be cracked. Buy our brake fluid jar for Aixam at the best price.
Left seat adjustment slide Aixam

Aixam 300, 400sl, 500sl, 400.4, 400 evo, 500.4, 500.5, 721, 741, 751, Crossline and Scouty For optimum driving comfort, don't hesitate to replace your front driver's seat slide. You'll be able to choose the driving position that suits you best.
Interior mirror Aixam

Aixam 300, 400, 500, 400.4, 500.4, 500.5, A721, A741, A751, City, City S, Roadline, Scouty, Crossline, City, Crossover, GTO, Coupé, Mega phase 2 and all models from Minauto Is your rearview mirror broken or out of order? Quickly replace it with a new one. Easy to dismantle and assemble ... As well as being a safety feature, this mirror will let you ladies give your car a makeover at every traffic light ;) This high-quality mirror will fit perfectly on your Aixam.
Hood lock Aixam and Minauto

Hood locks Aixam and Minauto (all models) Is your hood lock no longer working properly? Think about replacing it, and you'll prevent your hood from opening unexpectedly while you're driving.
Gearbox Nylstop nut diam. 12 Aixam and Minauto

Nylstop nut diameter 12 mm gearbox for Aixam and Minauto Your nut is deformed or missing, buy our original nylstop nut for many models Aixam
Seat slide Aixam Right

Original seat slide for AIXAM 300 / 400 / 500 / 400.4 / 400EVO / 500.4 / 500.5 / A721 / A741 / A751 / CROSSLINE and SCOUTY Does your Aixam buggy passenger seat no longer slide? Take advantage of our best price on the right seat slide Aixam. This slide allows your seat to slide and adapt to all driver sizes.
Door contactor Aixam and Chatenet

Door switch Aixam all models and Chatenet CH26 Adaptable contactor for your VSP Aixam: 400 (1997-2004), 400.4 (1997-2004), 400 Evolution (1997-2004), 500.4 (1997-2004), 500.4 Minivan (1997-2004), 500.4 Pick-Up (1997-2004), 721 (2005-2008), 741 (2005-2008), Scouty 2005-2008, Crossline 2005-2008, City 2008-2010, Roadline 2008-2010, Crossline 2008-2010, Scouty 2008-2010, City 2010-2013, Crossline 2010-2013, Crossover 2010-2013, GTO 2010-2013, Coupe 2010-2013, City 2013-2016, Coupe 2013-2016, Crossline 2013-2016, Crossover 2013-2016, City 2016-2019, Coupe 2016-2019, Crossline 2016-2019, MEGA 1, MEGA 2, Pro D-Truck Easy to change, this little switch ensures that you're properly alerted in the event of an incorrect door closure.
Ceiling light Aixam all models

Aixam all models The original ceiling light for all Aixam models is designed to provide reliable, optimum lighting inside your no-license car. Featuring simple installation and superior durability, this dome light ensures clear, comfortable visibility for drivers and passengers. Choose this original dome light for a safer, more pleasant driving experience, even in low-light conditions
Brake disc screws Aixam, Minautogrecav Eke

Disc screws Aixam (all models), Minauto (all models) Grecav Eke The adaptable brake disc fixing screw is designed to provide optimum security and stability for your braking system. Made from durable, hard-wearing materials, this screw ensures a solid hold on the brake disc, guaranteeing reliable, efficient braking performance. Choose this adaptable brake disc fixing screw to maintain the safety and reliability of your unlicensed vehicle.
Suspension ball joint fixing screw Aixam, Minauto

Aixam, Minauto Adaptable suspension ball joint mounting bolts are designed for optimum stability and safety, guaranteeing a solid connection between the various suspension components of your no-license car. Manufactured from top-quality materials and with a precise design, these screws ensure high resistance to stress and guarantee long-lasting performance. Opt for these adaptable suspension ball joint fixing screws to maintain the structural integrity of your suspension system and ensure safe driving
All makes of cardan or ball joint nuts

Adaptable ball joint nut for all models of licence-free car. Adaptable universal joint or ball joint nuts are essential to guarantee the stability and safety of the mechanical links in your licence-free car. Made from high-quality materials and a robust design, these nuts offer exceptional resistance to mechanical stress and vibration, ensuring reliable performance on the road. Opt for these adaptable nuts to ensure safe driving and enjoy optimum ride quality on every journey Diameter: 10 mm
Wheel nut Aixam (aluminum rims)

Aixam with aluminum rim The original wheel nut for licence-free cars is an essential part of your vehicle's wheel fixing system. Made from top-quality materials, this nut offers reliable resistance to vibration and road stress, ensuring safe driving. Opt for this genuine wheel nut to ensure the stability and reliability of your wheels, and enjoy confident driving. 10X125
Cylinder ball joint fastener

Universal The Universal Adaptable Cylinder Ball Mount is an essential accessory for holding your cylinder securely in place, ensuring safe and reliable performance. With its versatile design, this mount adapts to a variety of license-free car models. Opt for the Universal Adaptable Cylinder Ball Mount to guarantee the stability and durability of your cylinder system diameter: 10 mm thread length: 16 mm
Universal bumper fixing screw

Universal These Universal Bumper Mounting Screws are designed to provide a secure and reliable mounting solution for no-license car bumpers. Their adaptable design guarantees quick and easy installation, providing a secure hold to ensure bumper stability and safety. These high-quality screws are made from durable, hard-wearing materials, ensuring long-term durability and effective protection against vibration and impact. Opt for these universal bumper fixing screws to keep your bumper securely in place and extend the life of your no-license vehicle size: 6X20 mm
Lumbar cushion

Adaptable to all licence-free cars Optimize your driving comfort with our adaptable lumbar cushion, designed to fit all models of licence-free cars. This ergonomic cushion provides extra support for the lower back, helping to reduce fatigue on long journeys. Its adjustable design and high-quality materials guarantee a perfect fit and optimum comfort for all drivers. Easy to install and adjust, this lumbar cushion is the ideal accessory for improving your posture and reducing back pain while driving. Treat yourself to a more pleasant driving experience by opting for our adaptable lumbar cushion today!
Valve gasket Aixam - Minauto

Kubota Z402 and Z482 engine valve seals Optimize your engine's performance with our adaptable valve seal, designed specifically for Kubota Z402 and Z482 engines. This high-quality valve seal provides reliable sealing and protection against leaks, ensuring efficient operation of your combustion system. Its simple installation and compatibility with a range of Kubota engines make it an ideal choice for maintaining your license-free car. Order today to ensure optimum engine performance and a hassle-free driving experience
Injector cleaner

CLEANER DIESEL INJECTOR NOZZLE   Cleaner diesel injector is recommended to clean and lubricate the pump and injectors   It restores engine performance, removes the holes to acceleration by cleaning the combustion as well as the valve Chamber. Facilitates cold starts.
Carbon stickers

For all cars Enhance the appearance of your licence-free car with our adaptable carbon door sill, designed to fit all vehicle models. Our carbon door sill also offers extra protection against scratches and wear, preserving the finish of your original door sills. Easy to install, our adaptable carbon door sill is an essential accessory for personalizing your vehicle to your taste. Order today to enhance the interior appearance of your hatchback, while providing extra protection against daily wear and tear
Steering wheel ball

Adaptable to all licence-free cars. Make maneuvering easier and enhance your driving experience with our adaptable steering wheel ball. Designed to provide a comfortable grip and improved steering control, this steering wheel ball is an essential accessory for drivers of license-free cars. Its simple installation and universal fit make it a practical addition to any vehicle. Experience smoother, safer driving with our adaptable steering wheel ball. Order it today to make your travels more pleasant and ergonomic
Handybar, exit aid handle

Suitable for all vehicles with rectangular striker plates This handle is aimed primarily at people with reduced mobility who need a solid, practical, removable support when getting out of their car. The handle fits onto a rectangular strike plate found when the door is open. Use: belt cutter, window breaker and mainly as a support handle
Universal bumper fixing screw

Universal These Universal Bumper Mounting Screws are designed to provide a secure and reliable mounting solution for no-license car bumpers. Their adaptable design guarantees quick and easy installation, providing a secure hold to ensure bumper stability and safety. These high-quality screws are made from durable, hard-wearing materials, ensuring long-term durability and effective protection against vibration and impact. Opt for these universal bumper fixing screws to keep your bumper securely in place and extend the life of your no-license vehicle Dimensions: 6X25 mm
Wheel cylinder bleed screw

Aixam Ligier, , , , , Jdm, , , Chatenet Dué Microcar Grecav Minauto Bellier Casalini The adaptable wheel cylinder bleed screw is an essential component for regular brake system maintenance. Designed to provide effective bleeding of air and impurities accumulated in the brake fluid, this screw ensures the smooth operation of your unlicensed vehicle's braking system. Its simple installation makes it a practical choice for mechanics and DIY enthusiasts. Choose the adaptable wheel cylinder bleeder screw to guarantee optimum braking performance and maximum safety on the road 8mm thread diameter
Two-component glue gun

Aixam Ligier, , , , Greacv, , , , , Microcar Bellier JDM Erad Dué Italcar Chatenet Casalini This two-component glue gun enables you to use your glue correctly and mix it thoroughly for maximum efficiency.
Two-component adhesive

Two-component adhesive for bonding bodywork and fasteners. Dries in 60 seconds. Capacity 50 ml + 1 nozzle
Rear wiper aixam

Wiper rear Aixam This rear wiper is adaptable on models from the brand Aixam . This piece has a length of 280 mm, information was taken into account when the portion of your order.
Universal heating cable clips

Aixam Ligier, , , , , , , , (all models) Microcar Bellier JDM Chatenet Casalini Dué Erad Italcar Is your heating clip cracked or damaged? With piè you'll find a wide range of adaptable parts at the best guaranteed prices.
Universal trunk net

All models (Aixam, Ligier, Microcar, Bellier, JDM, Chatenet, Casalini, Minauto, Dué, Grecav...) Is your trunk net cracked or defective? With replace your net with our new and adaptable part for all VSP models, at the best guaranteed price.
Universal handbrake bellows

Aixam Ligier, , , , , , , , Jdm, Bellier Casalini Chatenet Dué Erad Grecav Italcar Microcar Is your handbrake bellows damaged? With Piecesanspermis, exchange your damaged part for our new and adaptable part at the best price, guaranteed for all VSP models
Telescopic wheel remover

Telescopic wheel wrench with sockets offers this telescopic wrench (380 mm - 500mm) with 2 reversible sockets 17/19mm and 21/23mm for all types of VSP
Phone charger (all types)

Cigarette lighter (12V) and mains charger for VSP Take advantage of our phone charger accessory (iPhone, Samsung...) to plug into the cigarette lighter, 12V socket or mains.