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rack Chatenet

Find our high quality racks specially designed for licence-free cars of the following brands Chatenet. Designed for exceptional durability and easy installation, these racks are also available in adaptable versions.

Features :

  • Superior quality: Made from robust materials for long life.
  • Ease of installation: Designed to fit perfectly with Chatenet.
  • Adaptability: Adaptable versions available for maximum flexibility.

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Steering rack Chatenet

Chatenet Barooder You are having trouble keeping the car straight or driving your cart is becoming more and more difficult. Your steering rack has probably got some play. To drive with peace of mind and no longer have difficulty driving your vsp, replace the steering rack with our quality and discounted adaptable part.
Steering rack Chatenet CH26, 28, 30, 32, 33 Sporteevo

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH30, CH30, CH32, Sporteevo The steering rack is an integral part of a vehicle's steering system and is therefore important. At the first signs of wear, replace yours with our new and adjustable part as soon as possible.  
Steering rack Chatenet CH40

Chatenet CH40 Steering Rack If your steering rack is showing signs of wear, for instance if you find it difficult to steer in a straight line, you should consider replacing it. Buy your Chatenet CH40 here. 
Rack bellows

AIXAM / LIGIER / MICROCAR / JDM / CHATENET / ERAD / BASHER... This bellows of rack or also called "bellows direction" is standard and compatible with all brands of cars without a permit. Also find on our website of fat in order to install your bellows direction.