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Cable box reverser Chatenet

Take advantage of our selection of gearbox reverser cables for Chatenet at discount prices. Quality at the best price at

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Inverter cable Chatenet CH26n CH28, CH30, CH32, Pick up and Sporteevo

Chatenet CH26 V2, CH28, CH30, CH32, Pick up and Sporteevo The shuttle cable allows the gearbox to be shifted into the desired gear, forward, reverse or neutral. If this cable is frayed or cut, replace it quickly, otherwise your vehicle will be unusable.
Inverter cable Chatenet CH26 - 0326052

Chatenet CH26 You have a few difficulties in moving forward or reverse on your Chatenet CH26, your problem is probably the inverter cable which is either worn, cut and as a result no longer meets its primary function. This can also create noise in the gear box. 
Inverter cable chatenet - 116114

Cable CHATENET MEDIA / BAROODER This crossover cable was specially manufactured for vehicles without a permit Chatenet model MEDIA / BAROODER. Its good finishes as well as its price make this cable a reliable product. You can find our instructions for installation on each of our product.