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In addition to spare parts for your braking system, Piecesanspermis offers a range of braking accessories such as brake oil, axles and disc screws.

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Evase screws for disks

Flared screws for discs AIXAM These flared screws are mounted on all models of discs for Aixam . If you have lost one of the screws of your disks, sells them to the unit. Do not hesitate to go see also the different types of disks for your Aixam
Front disc screws Ligier, Microcar

Microcar MGO, M8, F8C, CargoDué and Ligier Ixo, Optimax, JS50, JSRC and Dué Fixing screws for VSP2020 front brake discs, you will need 4 per disc. Exclusively for brand specific models Microcar and Ligier.
Hub holder screw

Screws for door hub (all models)   This screw to door hub fits all models of vehicles without a permit. Fix your hub thanks to door.
Cylindrical brake pad axle

All models (sold to the unit) These axes of platelets are compatible with all models of car without a permit) Aixam , Microcar , Ligier , Chatenet , Grecav , Bellier ,...) It is recommended to replace the axes at each change of brake pads
Brake hub stud

All models These brake hub studs ensure a good attachment of your brake discs. Cheap and easy to install, you can consult our advice to mount them in good conditions.

Aixam Coupé and Crossover from the Impulsion range, for Aixam from the Vision and Sensation ranges with ABS Braking problems? Don't gamble with your safety. Don't hesitate to change your multi-pole disc so that your ABS works correctly and efficiently. Piecesanspermis offers you the lowest prices on the market and the best quality.
Brake master cylinder clips Aixam impulse range, Vision, Sensationemotion and Minauto

Aixam City, Coupé, Crossline, Crossover and GTO range Impulsion, Vision, Sensation, Emotion and Minauto Original master cylinder retaining clips for Impulsion, Vision, Sensation, Emotion and Minauto models at discount prices.
Brake pedal clevis Aixam range Sensation and Minauto

Aixam City, Crossline, Crossover and GTO ranges Sensation, Emotion, Minauto Sensation, Access and Cross Minauto Sensation The brake clevis holds the brake pedal push rod in place, and should be replaced if the part fails.
Handbrake plate Mega D-truck

Handbrake plate Aixam Mega D-truck Genuine handbrake plate specially developed for the D-truck model Aixam, new and genuine part
ABS crown Chatenet

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH30, CH32, CH33, CH40, CH46, Sporteevo The ABS ring gear is fitted to the rear disc brake of the latest models of Chatenet.
Brake fluid reservoir Aixam

Aixam 400, 400.4, 500SL, 500.4, 500.5, 721, 741, 751, City, City S, Roadline, Scouty and Crossline If you notice brake fluid leaking from your master cylinder, your brake fluid reservoir must be cracked. Buy our brake fluid jar for Aixam at the best price.
Master cylinder push rod Aixam D-truck

Master cylinder push rod Aixam D-truck Replace your master cylinder push rod for Aixam D-truck with our new and original part at the lowest price on
Brake fluid jar with Grecav cap

Original jar for Grecav Eke and Sonique You notice a leak in your Grecav master cylinder? Check your jar and its cap to see if they are not cracked. Find at all your brake parts for your Grecav EKE or Sonique at the best price.
Throttle pedal for Grecav EKE, Pick up and SONIQUE

Accelerator pedal Grecav EKE, Pick up or Sonic Is your Grecav pedal loose or no longer holding? Does your pedal have trouble going up? It's probably time to change it for your own safety. It's easy to change, and only takes a few moments. This steel pedal comes directly from the Grecav workshops. Piecesanspermis is the reference for all your parts Grecav at the best prices on the web.
Brake oil dot5

DOT4 brake oil This braking oil is specially designed for all cars without a permit. Penzez to control its level regularly and change it every 5000 kms approximately. Be aware that you need to add about 0.4 litre.
Brake cleaner

Cleaning brakes for VSP You can change the discs and/or the brake pads of your vehicle without license or simply for maintenance of your braking system, this degreaser cleaner brake easier and will give all its brilliance to your brakes.
Braking resin

Braking 50ml medium resin to prevent loosening of the screws in case of vibrations. (BRAKE NET) Screws of your carts are loosening during vibration? This resin of braking at unbeatable price is compatible with all vehicles without a permit. We also offer oil brake car without a licence.
Front caliper screw kit Microcar, Ligierdué

Microcar MGO 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, M8, F8C, Flex, M cross, Ligier Ixo, JS, Flex, Be Sun, Dué 2, 3, 5, 6 The OE front caliper bolt kit is specially designed to ensure the correct operation and safety of your braking system. Featuring high-quality screws and precise specifications, this kit offers easy installation and guarantees reliable long-term performance. Genuine front caliper bolts ensure a perfect fit, corrosion resistance and exceptional durability, helping to keep your braking system in good condition. Opt for this OE front caliper bolt kit to ensure the stability and safety of your braking system, guaranteeing confidence and peace of mind on the road.
Front brake caliper bolt Ligier

Ligier Nova, Xtoo 1, 2, Max, Xtoo R, Xtoo S, Xtoo RS, Optimax Genuine front brake caliper bolts for no-license cars are critical components in ensuring the safety and performance of the braking system. Precision-engineered and manufactured to the highest standards, these screws provide reliable and secure attachment of front brake calipers. Their robust design and durability guarantee exceptional resistance to wear, ensuring smooth operation of the braking system. Opt for these genuine brake caliper screws to ensure safe, effective braking for your licence-free car, giving you peace of mind when you're on the move
Brake disc screws Aixam, Minautogrecav Eke

Disc screws Aixam (all models), Minauto (all models) Grecav Eke The adaptable brake disc fixing screw is designed to provide optimum security and stability for your braking system. Made from durable, hard-wearing materials, this screw ensures a solid hold on the brake disc, guaranteeing reliable, efficient braking performance. Choose this adaptable brake disc fixing screw to maintain the safety and reliability of your unlicensed vehicle.
Handbrake Chatenet

Chatenet Media, Barooder, CH26, CH28, CH30, CH32, CH33, Sporteevo, CH40, CH46 The original handbrake for licence-free cars Chatenet offers safe, reliable control when parking your vehicle. Made from robust materials and designed for optimum durability, this handbrake guarantees reliable performance and precise handling. Choose this original Chatenet handbrake for added safety and peace of mind when parking your license-free vehicle.
Rear brake caliper spacer Ligier

Ligier Nova, Xtoo 1, 2, Xtoo Max The OE rear brake caliper spacer is designed to precise specifications to ensure a perfect fit and optimum performance of your braking system. By choosing this OE part, you guarantee the reliability and durability of your rear brakes, ensuring a safe ride. Choose this genuine rear brake caliper spacer to maintain the integrity of your braking system.
ABS cardan shaft crown Aixam - Minauto

Aixam impulse, Vision and Sensation ranges, Minauto Access Ensure the safety and stability of your drive system with our adaptable ABS universal joint ring gear. Designed for smooth, precise rotation, our ABS universal joint ring gear guarantees reliable operation of the ABS braking system, ensuring safe, confident driving. Compatible with a range of licence-free car models, our adaptable ABS universal joint ring is the essential accessory for maintaining the integrity of your transmission system. Order today to ensure reliable operation of your ABS braking system, whatever the road ahead
Ressort gauche - Aixam

Aixam - Minauto With this genuine left-hand rear handbrake lever spring for the various Aixam models, drivers can be assured of a reliable replacement part, designed to fit their vehicle precisely. Whether for everyday urban use or long journeys on a variety of roads, this left-hand rear handbrake lever spring guarantees efficient, reliable braking, contributing to a carefree driving experience. Opt for this genuine handbrake lever spring to guarantee safe driving and optimum performance, ensuring peace of mind for all your journeys.
Capteur ABS - Aixam

Aixam City, Coupé, Crossline, Crossover, GTO from Impulsion, Vision, Sensation range Choose this genuine ABS sensor, designed for Aixam vehicles, including Impulsion Coupé and Crossover models (with ABS), as well as City, Coupé, Crossline, Crossover models from the Vision, Sensation and Emotion ranges (with ABS). This top-quality sensor ensures precise detection of the ABS braking system, contributing to your driving safety. Installation is quick and easy, allowing you to keep your licence-free vehicle in perfect working order. Opt for this original ABS sensor for safe, confident driving, keeping your licence-free car's braking system in top condition.
Brake caliper bleed screw plug

Brake caliper bleed screw plug The brake caliper bleed screw plug is a small but crucial part of your unlicensed vehicle (UTV) maintenance. It is designed to seal the brake caliper bleed screw, ensuring the integrity of the braking system. Opt for this essential part to keep your brakes in perfect condition, guaranteeing safe driving in your VSP. Remember, safety on the road starts with a reliable braking system!
Handbrake switch support...

Ligier JSRC, Dué First, Dué Coupé, Microcar F8C, M8, MGO1, MGO2 Take advantage of our handbrake switch bracket to replace your old broken part. The handbrake switch bracket is a crucial automotive part which ensures the stable and secure holding of your vehicle's handbrake switch. The bracket is specially designed to hold the contactor in place, ensuring correct operation of the handbrake system. Choose a quality handbrake switch bracket to ensure safe and reliable handbraking in your vehicle. Order this replacement part today for safe driving.
Brake caliper bellows

LigierNova, Beup, XTOO1, XTOO2, XTOO Max, XTOO R, RS, S, Optimax, Microcar MC1, MC2 The brake caliper bellows is an essential part of your vehicle's braking system. This flexible rubber component is designed to protect the brake caliper column from dust, debris and moisture, helping to keep the brake caliper in good working order. Choose this quality replacement part to keep your brakes safe and reliable. Order today for worry-free driving.
Ressort de plaquette de frein

Aixam 400 , 500 , 400evo , 400.4 , 500.4 , 500.5 , A721 , A741 , A751 , City , Roadline , Crossline Scouty Mega phase 1 and 2 . Unlock our brake pad spring, a crucial part to ensure optimum braking performance in your no-license car. Precision-engineered, this spring ensures even pressure on the brake pads, contributing to maximum braking efficiency. Opt for quality and safety by choosing our Genuine Spring. Restore the reliability of your braking system with this robust part. Ensure confident driving. Choose the spring that combines durability and performance. Choose quality, order now for safe, reliable brakes.
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Kit vis étrier

Ligier JSRC, Microcar M8, F8C, MGO1, MGO2, Dué Coupé, Dué First The rear stretch bolt kit is a set of essential spare parts for no-license cars. Composed of specific screws, it enables the rear of the vehicle to be held firmly in place, ensuring stability and safety on the road. This kit offers a practical and reliable solution for replacing damaged or rusted screws. Easy to install, these rear stretch bolts are made from high-quality materials to guarantee their durability and resistance to road stress. You can rely on this rear stretch bolt kit to keep your licence-free car in good working order, so you can enjoy your journeys in complete safety. Order now!
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Té de frein

Casalini Sulky , M10 , M12 , M14 , M14 2.0 , M20 The brake coupling is an essential part of the braking system of a license-free car. It connects the various elements of the hydraulic circuit, such as the master cylinder and brake calipers, to transmit the pressure needed to operate the brakes. Order now!