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Wishbone Bellier

Discover our wide selection of suspension triangles for licence-free cars from the following brands Bellier. Offered at an attractive price, our new and adaptable triangles will satisfy you both in terms of manufacturing quality and price!

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Right-hand suspension triangle Bellier B8

Straight suspension triangle Bellier B8 The suspension wishbone is an important part of the ground linkage, providing the connection between the chassis and the wheel. If your suspension wishbone is warped or broken as a result of an impact, replace it as soon as possible.
Left-hand suspension triangle Bellier B8

Suspension triangle left Bellier B8 The precision and handling of your branded VSP Bellier depends very much on your ground connections. Our suspension triangle for B8 is specially developed among the best suppliers of spare parts.
Right rear triangle Bellier Jade

Bellier Jade The suspension wishbone is the link between the car's chassis and the wheel hub. The precision and roadholding of your Bellier VSP depend enormously on your suspension components.
Silent triangle and arm blocks LIGIER, MICROCAR, DUE, BELLIER

Ligier, Microcar, Bellier Ligier Xtoo R , S , RS , Optimax , Ixo , JSRC , JS50 , JS50L , Flex , Be-sun / Microcar M.go , F8C , M8 , Cargo , Flex , M.Cross / Dué JS42 / Bellier ( 10x22x30x33 )
Left front triangle bellier VX550 large model

Bellier VX550 large model left front wishbone The left front wishbone specially designed for the Bellier VX550 large model is an essential spare part that contributes to the suspension and steering of your vehicle. This suspension triangle ensures the stability of the left front wheel, enabling safe driving. Choose this dedicated left front wishbone for the Bellier VX550 large model to maintain the performance of your suspension and ensure a smooth ride. Order this spare part today for a stable and safe vehicle on the road.