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Cardans Microcar

Our company is able to manufacture all cardan shafts for your unlicensed vehicle. If you don't see your homokinetic universal joint on our website, please contact us via!

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Transmission kit, gearbox side

Transmission kit (gearbox side) This transmission kit makes the connection between the gearbox and the transmission shaft. It consists of a transmission end cap on the gearbox side (ball mounting), a bag of grease, two clamps and a cardan bellows. Make sure that your car is equipped with a ball or tripod mounting Number of flutes: 18
€44.90 €54.90
Tripod gearbox side transmission kit

Transmission kit (gearbox side) This transmission kit makes the connection between the drive shaft and the gearbox. It consists of a gearbox end cap (tripod mounting), a bag of grease, two clamps and a cardan bellows. Check your car carefully to see whether it is fitted with a ball or tripod mount Number of flutes: 19
Wheel-side transmission kit

Transmission kit (wheel side) This transmission kit makes the connection between the wheel and the gearbox. It is composed of a wheel side transmission end, a grease bag, two clamps and a cardan shaft bellows. It is reserved for the following brands Ligier , Microcar , JDM and Chatenet .
Cardan shaft (585mm) JDM, Chatenet, Microcar

Left side JDM ABACA (585 mm) This left cardan shaft is adaptable on the model Abaca of the manufacturer JDM , this quality part will meet your expectations! This part measures 585mm, a data to be taken into account during your order.
Gimbal Ligier 162 , Ambra - right side, Microcar Virgo

LIGIER AMBRA (540 mm) (Radiator on the side) This cardan shaft is specially designed for the model Ambra of the brand Ligier . This part has a dimension of 540 mm and will fit on products with a radiator on the side.
610 mm JDM universal joint, Microcar, Ligier, Chatenet Casalini

For JDM ALOES, ROXSY, XHEOS right/left (610 mm) This adaptable cardan shaft is intended for the model AloesRoxsy, Xheos of the brand JDM . With a simple installation on the right or on the left and an unbeatable discount price, it is difficult not to fall for it! Note that this model measures 610 mm, an information to take into account when ordering.
MICROCAR Cardan shaft MGO 1 and 2 / M8 / F8C / Ligier JSRC Right/Left

For Microcar MGO 1 and MGO 2 / M8 / F8C Left and Right - Dué First Left - (610 mm) This 610 mm gimbal dedicated to the MGO1 and 2 model of the brand of unlicensed vehicle Microcar will fit your car perfectly, both right and left side. this quality product at a discount price will meet all your expectations!
Left universal joint Ligier XTOO RS, Ixo, JS50, JS60 Microcar MGO3, 4/5 and Dué 2, 3/5

Left hand cardan shaft (660mm) for Ligier XTOO RS, Ixo, Microcar MGO3, 4/5 and Dué 2, 3/5 If your drive shaft shows signs of wear, such as jerking or a pierced shaft seal, replace your complete drive shaft and enjoy the best possible transmission.
MICROCAR MC1 / MC2 / MGO 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 right-hand drive shaft, Ligier XTOO R / RS / S / JS50 / JS60, Dué

MICROCAR MGO 3/4/5 /6, Dué 3, 4, 5, 6 RIGHT (565 mm) This cardan joint is reserved for the MGO 3/4/5/6 model of the brand Microcar . With a dimension of 565mm, it will perfectly replace your defective cardan shaft, not to mention its discount price! Note that this gimbal is mounted on the right side of the vehicle.
Transmission bellows

ALL TRADEMARKS, SIDE BOX / SIDE WHEEL SIMILAR = This bellows of cardan is a piece that will fit in your car without a license without difficulty. Compatible with most major brands of cart, it works both at the level of the box as the wheel!
Self-locking transmission nut

Cardan nut all models You have replaced your cardan shafts and at the same time found that your nuts were seized or not reusable. Replace them with new cardan nuts for greater safety and this will ensure easier installation, and by simply tightening it will prevent it from loosening during vibrations.
Crimp transmission nut

Cardan shaft nut all models You have replaced your drive shafts and you have noticed that your drive shaft nuts were scratched or not reusable. Replace them with new drive shaft nuts for more security and it will ensure an easier installation.
Clamping collar

For all vehicles without a permit This lot of 2 clamps is ideal to ensure a good attachment of your bellows on the ends of your VSP transmission. The necklaces are usable on the bellows side wheel as in the side box. You are not required to have specific pliers for tightening of the clamps.
Transmission bellows kit

1 BELLOWS + 1 BAG OF FAT + 2 NECKLACES This kit includes 1 bellows, 1 bag of fat as well as 2 attachment clips. This comprehensive package will fit to your cart Aixam , Ligier , Microcar , Chatenet , Bellier and Erad. At this price discount, hard to beat!
Grease sachet

Bag of grease for transmission This bag of grease is an indispensable product for your cart. It will be your best ally to maintain your mechanics!
All makes of cardan or ball joint nuts

Adaptable ball joint nut for all models of licence-free car. Adaptable universal joint or ball joint nuts are essential to guarantee the stability and safety of the mechanical links in your licence-free car. Made from high-quality materials and a robust design, these nuts offer exceptional resistance to mechanical stress and vibration, ensuring reliable performance on the road. Opt for these adaptable nuts to ensure safe driving and enjoy optimum ride quality on every journey Diameter: 10 mm