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Brake hose Chatenet

Discover our wide range of brake hoses Chatenet at unbeatable prices.

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Front brake hose aixam - 6L017

AIXAM 500 / 500.4 / 721 / 741 / 751 / CITY / ROADLINE / CROSSLINE / SCOUTY When brake hoses are out (leak), it becomes impossible to curb because the pressure of the liquid happens more brakes. This brake hose is adaptable to all the Aixam from the 500 model. Remember also to check your master cylinder, the problem may come from this piece.
Front brake hose chatenet - 111419

CHATENET BAROODER / MEDIA You can't brake anymore ? Don't look any further, this front brake hose is adaptable on Chatenet barooder and media, has been manufactured identically to the original. We advise you to check your master cylinder and the level of brake fluid.
Rear brake hose Chatenet

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH30, CH32, Pick up and Sporteevo Does your brake hose have corrosion and leaks? Replace it with our original rear brake hose for Chatenet
Rear brake hose Chatenet CH40 / CH46

Chatenet CH40, CH46 The Genuine Rear Brake Hose is specially designed to provide safe, reliable performance in the braking systems of non-licensed cars. Featuring robust construction and high-quality materials, this hose guarantees efficient transmission of braking pressure, ensuring smooth, precise stops. Choose this genuine rear brake hose to maintain the integrity of your braking system and ensure safe, reliable driving.
Banjo connector screw

Live Banjo fitting   The screw of your banjo fitting is no longer young? Change here for this model of quality at discount prices.
Copper gasket flexible brake connector

Copper joint for VSP brake hose This copper joint for brake hoses is designed for all non-licensed vehicles. This reliable and robust part will meet all your expectations, with a discount price to boot! You need 2 joints per hose replacement!
Brake hose

Brake hose between brake distributor and master cylinder This adaptable brake hose is an essential component for vehicles without a license. It provides a crucial connection between the rear brake distributor and the master cylinder, ensuring efficient hydraulic pressure transfer in the braking system. With a length of 2.20 meters, this hose offers the flexibility needed to adapt to different models of unlicensed vehicles. Opt for this adaptable brake hose for your no-license car, whether you need to carry out repairs or replacements. Order this hose today for efficient maintenance of your vehicle.