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Car hub carriers Chatenet

Are your hub holders worn out? offers a wide range of low-priced hub holders for your CHATENET. Select the hub holders you need according to the model of your CHATENET. Hub carriers are an essential part of your car, holding the wheel straight while it turns.

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Front wheel bearing 30 x 60 x 37

AIXAM / BELLIER / CHATENET / LIGIER / MICROCAR MC1 MC2 / JDM ALBIZIA - ABACA This front wheel broken priced bearing is dimension 30 X 60 X 37, it is adaptable to vehicles without a permit Aixam, Bellier, Chatenet, Ligier, Microcar and JDM.  The wheel bearing allows the axial guidance and rotation without resistance to the weight of the wheel.
Pivot support chatenet - 11448

Wheel for Chatenet Stella pivot bracket / Media Lot of 2 (right + left) wheel supports compatible with STELLA and the brand MEDIA Châteney . Enjoy as always quality at discount prices!
Wheel hub carrier chatenet

CHATENET MEDIA and BAROODER This front wheel hub is only compatible with the cars without a permit Chatenet Media and Barooder. At price defying all competition, it will satisfy the most demanding by its long duration of use as well as its exceptional quality.
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Passenger side / Right - 0122017

CHATENET CH26 This front wheel hub is only dedicated to the carts Chatenet CH26. Sold to the unit, it was made so as to have enhanced strength and be able to easily install your bearings. The case of a wheel hub may have been caused by worn bearings.
€141.90 €161.90
CHATENET CH26 / CH28 / CH30 / CH32 / left hub carrier Sporteevo (GIMEC)

For Chatenet Ch26 from 2011   Your vehicle without a permit Chatenet CH26 needs a new door hub? This quality product at discount prices will ideally replace your defective part and will give you complete satisfaction. Don't forget to choose the desired side before putting the product in your shopping cart.
Hub carrier bellier / italcar

BASHER, ITALCAR, XPRO door hub knows how it is often difficult to find spare parts for certain brands of car without a licence. That is why, we asked our suppliers of manufactured these specially wheel hubs for the carts Bellier , Italcar and Ligier XPRO