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Maintenance products

Find our wide range of low-cost maintenance products for your license-free car: shampoo, polish, wax, microfiber....

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Black plastic structuring spray 400ml

Plastic structuring aerosol Used for reconstituting the plastic surfaces of vehicle parts (bumpers, exterior mirrors, etc.) 400ml capacity
Anti-silicone degreaser 1L

Anti-silicone degreaser for cleaning surfaces before applying paint. Removes impurities such as silicone, wax and grease which can affect the final effect of the paint . 1l container
Tar remover

Tar Stain Remover ADVANCE RANGE This professional product will remove all traces of tar, resin and sludge from the paintwork, plastics and chrome of your hatchback.
Windshield defroster

Windshield winter de-icer This windscreen de-icer is recommended for de-icing frozen windscreens for all vehicles without a licence. This product is effective up to -20°C.
Scratch Remover

EFFACE STRIPES ADVANCE RANGE This professional product will attenuate light scratches and scuffs on the bodywork of your hatchback.
Ice washer concentrate 500ml

Windshield Washer Concentrate O,500 ml Scented and concentrated windshield washer for all vehicles (to be diluted with water). This concentrated windshield washer is ideal for all vehicles without a license. It is high performance according to the recent requirements of the manufacturers. This windshield washer degreases and cleans the windshield efficiently and without leaving any trace.
Silicone lubricant

Silicone lubricant for all vehicles ADVANCE RANGE With this professional silicone lubricant, which can be used on all types of vehicles without a licence, your rubber seals will be revived and protected from external aggression. Anti-drying, this product resists bad weather and will thus meet all your expectations.
Micro Fiber

This microfiber cleans the interior and exterior of vehicles without a license Sold by 5.
Renovating Polish

Concentrated Polish 500ml Polish concentrated for all vehicle. This Polish is ideal for all vehicles without a permit and immediately restores the brilliant luster of origin of your body. Its specific formula allows the formation of a highly resistant protective shield which delayed fouling allowing space washes.
Polish Renovator

HIGH-PROTECTION POLISHER ADVANCE RANGE Professional polisher for shining bodywork and applying a protective film.

Primary windscreen  Prior product for the installation of a windscreen. This bottle with a capacity of 20 ml will allow you to very significantly improve the glue for the windshield and thus allow better resistance. Buy this primary will greatly facilitate you the life at the time of your windshield, then feel more!
Headlight refurbisher

Headlight restorer   This headlight restorer allows you to rejuvenate your lights which have become dull and opaque due to the sun and the rain.
Renov-plastic exterior

Renov-plastic exterior ADVANCE RANGE This professional product gives a new lease of life to the exterior plastics of your hatchback: bumpers, hood, wings, etc.
Rim renovation

Refurbished rims This rims renovator cleans, degreases and revives the rims and Hubcaps has their original brightness. It easily removes road residues such as dust from brakes, tar, grease, etc...
Shine-enhancing shampoo

Shine Shampoo ADVANCE RANGE Professional shampoo and polish for all vehicles (to be diluted with water). This shampoo is ideal for all vehicles without a licence and cleans the bodywork in depth. A mixture of waxes and surfactants, it restores the shine to your car while protecting it from external aggressions such as mud, salt and frost.
Carpet fabric cleaner

Fabric and carpet cleaner ADAVANCE RANGE Professional fabric and carpet cleaner quickly removes accumulated dirt from fabric seats, carpets and rugs, restoring their original appearance and colour.
Plastic wipes

Scented plastic wipes Plastic cleaning wipes for all vehicles without a license. These wipes are ideal for dusting and cleaning cars without a license. They clean quickly and thoroughly the dashboards and plastic parts of your vehicle.
Window cleaning wipes

Pack of 24 cleaning wipes for windows. This pack contains 24 cleaning wipes for all the glass surfaces of your car.
Multi-purpose cleaner

ADVANCE RANGE Professional multi-surface cleaner for the interior of your no-license car.
Plastic cleaner

Interior plastic cleaner ADVANCE RANGE This professional plastic cleaner is the unavailable product to clean, protect and shine all plastic surfaces for cars without a licence. Satin finish
Glass cleaner

Cleaning glass aerosol Aerosol 400 ml for the Interior window cleaning of vehicles. He degraise and glistening effortlessly traces of cigarette smoke, traces of finger and dust.
Interior plastic restorer - gloss finish

Plastic restorer ADVANCE RANGE gloss finish This professional product will restore your interior plastics (dashboard, door ...) to their original shine. Vanilla fragrance
Extra shine polisher

Extra Brill" polishing pad for dashboard ADVANCE RANGE This professional polishing pad gives an instant shine to your interior plastics (dashboard, interior doors, glove compartment ....)