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Ironsmith offers a wide selection of screws, bolts, rivets ... at discount prices for all makes of VSP.

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Cylinder ball joint fastener

Universal The Universal Adaptable Cylinder Ball Mount is an essential accessory for holding your cylinder securely in place, ensuring safe and reliable performance. With its versatile design, this mount adapts to a variety of license-free car models. Opt for the Universal Adaptable Cylinder Ball Mount to guarantee the stability and durability of your cylinder system diameter: 10 mm thread length: 16 mm
Cradle insert Aixam

Aixam City, Roadline, Scouty, Crosslineand City, Crossline, City, Crossover, GTOOff (Pulse, Vision, Sensation and Emotion) Minauto Access Over time the cradle may become loose in the fasteners, replace your cradle inserts in this case.
Box drive mounting

Drive mounting box This set consisting of a bolt, flat washer, and a split washer (anti-unscrewing) will be used to fix in the best conditions the inverter box of your car without a license. It is designed only for cars of brands Aixam and Great Wall
Fork M6x43

Grecav Eke, Sonic This fork mounts on the reverse cable ends of your Grecav golf cart.
Gearbox fixing screws Chatenet

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH30, CH32, CH33, Sporteevo Offer maximum support for your gearbox with our gearbox mounting screw (or pin) for Chatenet.
Gearbox fixing screws Aixam and Minauto

Aixam 400sl, 400.4, 400Evo, 500.4, 500.5, 721, 741, 751, City, Crossline I, Roadline, Scouty and City, Coupé, Crossline, Crossover and GTO (Impulsion, Vision , Sensation Emotion), Mega 1 and 2, Mega D-truck and Minauto (all models) Genuine gearbox fixing screws for Aixam models from 400 Sl upwards, Minauto all models on sale at
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Motor - gearbox link pin Ligier / Microcar

Connection axel engine - box Ligier and Microcar Strong vibrations are felt from the connection of the engine and the box, make sure your connection axel engine - box is tightened and not damaged.  If necessary, replace it with our spare part specially designed for Lomardini Progress engines. 
€9.90 €11.90
Cylinder head bolt - 9820222

LOMBARDINI ENGINE This cylinder head screw is adaptable to engines in the range Lombardini .
Cylindrical brake pad axle

All models (sold to the unit) These axes of platelets are compatible with all models of car without a permit) Aixam , Microcar , Ligier , Chatenet , Grecav , Bellier ,...) It is recommended to replace the axes at each change of brake pads
Motor drive screw

Screw drive motor This screw allows the fixing of the controller on all cars without a permit except for marks Aixam and Grecav .
Cradle screws Aixam, Minauto

Aixam City, Roadline, Scouty 2, Crossline 2, City, Crossline, Coupé, Crossover, GTO (Impulsion, Vision, Sensation ranges) Minauto The original cradle bolt is a crucial element in maintaining the stability and strength of your car's cradle structure. Manufactured from high-quality materials to exacting standards, this screw guarantees secure cradle assembly, contributing to the durability and reliability of your vehicle. Choose this original screw to ensure your car's long-term performance and safety
Exhaust manifold screws Bellier Jade

Exhaust manifold screw Bellier Jade Yanmar engine The exhaust manifold is made up of all the exhaust pipes from each cylinder of the engine to the explosion. It must be fastened as securely as possible to protect both your engine and your exhaust system.
Motor connecting rod bolt Lombardini Focs and Progress

Ligier, Microcar, Dué, Chatenet, Bellier, JDM with Lombardini Focs & Progress engine Genuine connecting rod bolts are essential components for ensuring a stable and secure connection between the various parts of your car's engine. Precision manufacturing and high-quality materials guarantee exceptional strength and durability, ensuring that your engine runs reliably and efficiently. Opt for these original screws to maintain your engine's optimum performance and ensure confident driving
Lombardi DCi engine mounting screws

Engine fastening screw Lombardini LDW 442 and LDW 492 DCi If you need to replace your engine brackets don´t forget to replace your fastening screws too in order to give the best possible maintenance to your Lombardini DCi engine 
Cylinder head screws Lombardini DCi

Cylinder head screw Lombardini LDW 442 and LDW 492 Cylinder head screws have a crucial importance in the proper functioning of your engine, ensuring the tightening of the cylinder head with the engine, it enables the correct squashing of the cylinder head seal and the gasket in the combustion system.
Gearbox drive nut

Nut to dimmer box This nut allows the fixing of the controller's box on some cars without a permit.
Gas pedal cable fixing pin Bellier Jade and B8

Bellier Jade and B8 The throttle cable fixing pin ensures that the throttle cable is held securely in its housings. If your fixing is faulty, you won't be able to control your VSP's acceleration.
Cylinder fixing ball joint Aixam

Aixam 500.4, 500.5, 721, 741, 751, City, City S, Roadline, Scouty, Crossline Hold your boot lift cylinder optimally with our original mounting ball joint specially developed for the 500.4, 500.5, 721, 741, 751 models, City, City S, Roadline, Scouty, Crossline brand Aixam .
Cylinder fixing ball joint Aixam

Rear hatch cylinder attachment Aixam (many models) The cylinder mounting ball is designed to hold the cylinder head in place, allowing your tailgate to be held securely in place when opening.
Cylinder fixing ball joint Aixam

Aixam 500.4, 500.5, 721, 741, 751, City, City S, Roadline, Scouty and Crossline The purpose of the tailgate jack mounting ball joint is to keep the jack in the optimum position, allowing you to open your trunk safely.
Front disc screws Ligier, Microcar

Microcar MGO, M8, F8C, CargoDué and Ligier Ixo, Optimax, JS50, JSRC and Dué Fixing screws for VSP2020 front brake discs, you will need 4 per disc. Exclusively for brand specific models Microcar and Ligier.
Hub holder screw

Screws for door hub (all models)   This screw to door hub fits all models of vehicles without a permit. Fix your hub thanks to door.
Grecav oil breather nipple Eke and Sonique

Grecav Eke and Sonic If you notice that your engine oil is over-consuming, it's probably due your breather connection is damaged and no longer fulfilling its role. Replace it with our new parts at discount prices.
Banjo connector screw

Live Banjo fitting   The screw of your banjo fitting is no longer young? Change here for this model of quality at discount prices.
Brake / shoe fixing kit

Brake attachment Kit / JAWS This brake attachment kit is compatible with a large number of car without a licence. This set includes 2 springs, 2 rods and 2 great clips to change your system of braking without difficulties but also without breaking the Bank!
Evase screws for disks

Flared screws for discs AIXAM These flared screws are mounted on all models of discs for Aixam . If you have lost one of the screws of your disks, sells them to the unit. Do not hesitate to go see also the different types of disks for your Aixam
Black fixing screw - 7R349

For Aixam You need to replace the bumper of your Aixam but you do not have screws to fix it. Don't worry, we now offer you the fixing screws of bumper. They are usable only on cars without a permit of the Aixam brand. We also have of this gray color fixing screws
Window crank clip

Crank clip for Aixam, Ligier, Microcar The crank clip ensures that the crank is held securely in its housing. Replace it as soon as you notice it's missing.
Torx screws, Ligier, Microcar

Microcar, Dué, Ligier M6 x 25 Torx screws are versatile, heavy-duty fasteners, suitable for a variety of applications to ensure a secure connection. Their sturdy design and reliability make them ideal choices for holding the essential components of your licence-free car. Opt for these M6 x 25 Torx screws to guarantee solid, long-lasting installation of your spare parts, ensuring optimum performance of your vehicle. For various uses.
Cradle fixing screws Ligier, Microcardué

Ligier Ixo, JS50, JS50L, Microcar MGO 3, 4/5, 6, Dué 2 3/5, 6 Cradle fixing screws are essential components for holding your car's cradle securely in place. Their sturdy design guarantees secure fastening, ensuring the stability and safety of your vehicle. Opt for these high-quality screws to ensure the longevity and reliability of your cradle, contributing to your car's overall performance
Scroll screws Ligier Be up, Be twonova, XTOO 1, 2, XTOO R, RS, S, Ixo, Optimax

Ligier Be up, Be two, Nova, XTOO 1, 2, XTOO R, RS, S, Ixo, Optimax Front volute bolts are key elements in maintaining the strength of your car's volute. Their durable design guarantees a secure fit, contributing to the strength and reliability of the structure. Opt for these high-quality screws to ensure optimum stability and performance of the front volute, contributing to the safety and longevity of your vehicle Dimensions: 5.5 X 16 mm
Cylinder head screws Aixam, Minauto

Aixam, Minauto Genuine cylinder head bolts for Kubota Z402, Z482 and Z602 twin-cylinder engines are essential parts for ensuring the integrity and strength of your vehicle's cylinder head. Their high-quality construction ensures optimum strength and reliable performance, keeping your engine running smoothly. Opt for these genuine cylinder head bolts to maintain the efficiency and durability of your Kubota engine, and ensure a safe ride M8 X 1.25
Comex gearbox locking screw

Aixam Microcar, , , , , Chatenet Bellier Grecav Casalini Minauto The Genuine No-license Car Gearbox Locking Screw is an essential part, precision-engineered to ensure secure and reliable locking of the gearbox. Manufactured to exacting standards, this screw offers exceptional strength and durability, ensuring smooth gearbox operation and optimum overall vehicle performance. Opt for this genuine gearbox locking screw for unrivalled reliability and peace of mind on the road Diameter: 10 mm Length: 10 mm
Wing extension screw Aixam

Aixam City Sport and Scouty R phase 2 The original fender extension screw is a crucial part of the fender extension system, specially designed to ensure a secure and stable fit. With its high-quality construction, this screw guarantees a solid fit that resists vibration and road stress, ensuring adequate protection for your vehicle's fenders. Choose this genuine fender extension screw for hassle-free installation and long-lasting performance of your fender extensions
Steering wheel fixing screws Aixam - Minauto

Aixam (all models) Minauto (all models) The original steering wheel fixing screw for licence-free cars is a vital component ensuring a secure and stable connection between the steering wheel and the steering column. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, this screw guarantees a secure fit, providing a safe and comfortable driving experience. Opt for this genuine steering wheel fixing screw to maintain the stability and security of your steering system, and enjoy hassle-free driving
Injection pump bleed screw Aixam, Minauto

Aixam Minauto with Kubota Z402 and Z482 engines The original injection pump bleed screw for Aixam and Minauto models equipped with Kubota Z402 and Z482 engines is an essential element in the maintenance and smooth operation of the injection system. Designed with high-quality materials and precision manufacturing, this screw ensures efficient bleeding, guaranteeing optimum engine performance. Opt for this genuine injection pump bleed screw to ensure the reliability and durability of your injection system, and keep your unlicensed vehicle running smoothly Diameter: 6 mm Length: 8 mm
Torx mounting screws Ligier, Microcar and Dué

Microcar MGO 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, M8, F8C, Cargo, Ligier Xtoo, Xtoo max, Xtoo R, Xtoo S, Xtoo RS, Ixo, Optimax II, JS50, Dué 2, 3/5, 6, Genuine Torx multi-purpose fixing screws are indispensable for securing a wide range of components on your car. Made from high-quality materials, these screws offer superior resistance to corrosion and mechanical stress, ensuring long-term durability. Opt for these genuine Torx mounting screws to guarantee the safety and stability of your vehicle's components, and enjoy peace of mind while on the road
Suspension ball joint fixing screw Aixam, Minauto

Aixam, Minauto Adaptable suspension ball joint mounting bolts are designed for optimum stability and safety, guaranteeing a solid connection between the various suspension components of your no-license car. Manufactured from top-quality materials and with a precise design, these screws ensure high resistance to stress and guarantee long-lasting performance. Opt for these adaptable suspension ball joint fixing screws to maintain the structural integrity of your suspension system and ensure safe driving
Motor variator cone support screw

Ligier, Microcar, Chatenet, Bellier, JDM, Dué, Grecav Lombardini Focs and Progress Motor variator conical support screws provide a sturdy, secure hold for your car's variator. Made from high-quality materials, these screws guarantee a solid grip, contributing to smooth, reliable transmission of engine power. Opt for these tapered motor variator support screws to maintain the optimum performance of your transmission system, ensuring a worry-free driving experience. dimensions: 10 X 40