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Gearbox Grecav has developed a range of gearboxes specially designed for Grecav licence-free cars.

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Gearbox Aixam, ChatenetjDM, Casalini, Bellier, Microcar and Grecav

MICROCAR VIRGO 1-2-3 / LYRA (13 wheel) This box of original speed is intended to the Microcar Virgo from the 1st to the 3rd generation, as well as on the Lyra model. Please note that this room is reserved for models with 13-inch wheels.
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Comex box repair kit

COMEX (AIXAM, MICROCAR,...) This repair kit is specially adapted for the carts) Aixam , Microcar ,..) equipped with a gearbox Comex. It includes the seal of carter, spy joints as well as all the bearings you need to revitalize your inverter bridge.
€59.00 €69.00
Intermediate shaft grecav

Intermediate shaft for Grecav If you need to change the intermediate shaft of your Grecav, this high quality part will perfectly fit your vehicle
Meter forwarding microcar mgo - 1008030

For Microcar MGO This transmitter dedicated to the vehicle without a permit Microcar MGO reference l ' speed of your car at the counter information.
Box chain stilfreni

FOR STILFRENI BOX You have a Stilfreni gearbox and you need to change the chain? This product, which can be adapted to your vehicle without a licence, is the ideal replacement for your defective part.
Gearbox lever for Grecav reversing cable Sonique DCI

Grecav Sonic Lombardini DCI engine This metal part can break over time, and you need a solid support to ensure your VSP shifts safely. the leader in licence-free products.
Grecav gearshift bracket Sonique

Shift lever bracket for Grecav Sonic You need a new bracket for your shift lever. This original part is designed to replace the bracket on your Grecav Sonique. This metal part can break over time, and you need a solid support to ensure that your VSP can be shifted safely. is now the leader in the sale of spare parts for Automobiles Sans Permis.
Grecav original lower gearshift bracket Sonique engine Lombardini DCI

Original lower gearshift mount Grecav Sonique Lombardini DCI engine Is your gearshift lever loose? Check your mounting and the strength of this lower bracket. This part is very important to ensure that your shifter is properly secured. is the spare parts specialist Grecav.
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Stilfreni box repair kit

STILFRENI (LIGIER, JDM,...) This repair kit allows the repair of Stilfreni gearboxes for small cars at a low price Ligier JDM ,... With, nothing could be easier than to make a new look for your small car at an unbeatable price.
€59.00 €69.00
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Stilfreni repair kit Bellier / JDM

Bellier and JDM You need to replace all the spy seals and bearings of your VSP but you don't want to replace the whole gearbox. Thanks to our complete repair kit for stilfreni gearbox, it is now possible
€58.00 €68.00
Reverse gearbox oil

OIL SEMI-SYNTHESIS ALL VEHICLES WITHOUT A PERMIT This oil is a semi-synthetic product to your cart. High quality, this reference fits all models and brands of car without a licence.  
Comex gearbox locking screw

Aixam Microcar, , , , , Chatenet Bellier Grecav Casalini Minauto The Genuine No-license Car Gearbox Locking Screw is an essential part, precision-engineered to ensure secure and reliable locking of the gearbox. Manufactured to exacting standards, this screw offers exceptional strength and durability, ensuring smooth gearbox operation and optimum overall vehicle performance. Opt for this genuine gearbox locking screw for unrivalled reliability and peace of mind on the road Diameter: 10 mm Length: 10 mm
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Gearbox repair kit microcar mgo m8

Microcar MGO and M8 Replace bearings and seals your inverter bridge spy entirely without performing a complete change of your inverter bridge. With this kit you can replace all the bearings and joints spy cheaply.
€58.00 €68.00
Gearbox hollow screw Aixam, Minauto, Microcar, Chatenetgrecav

Aixam Minauto, , , Microcar Chatenet Grecav The original gearbox hollow screw is an essential part for maintaining transmission integrity and ensuring smooth gearbox operation. Made from high-quality materials, it guarantees superior resistance to wear and mechanical stress. Opt for this original hollow screw for maximum gearbox reliability and long-lasting performance of your no-license vehicle
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Stilfreni repair kit Ligier

Ligier XTOO R / S / RS / OPTIMAX / IXO Discover this complete kit for the repair of the reversing bridge of your Ligier. With this kit you can easily replace the bearings and spy seals of your reversing gearbox. Take advantage of a discounted price to repair your gearbox without having to replace it entirely.
€58.00 €68.00
Gear lever Chatenetgrecav

Chatenet Media, Barooder, Speedino, Grecav Eke Improve the control and maneuverability of your license-free car with our high-quality adaptable shifter. Designed to provide smooth, precise sensation shifting, this gearshift lever is compatible with several models of licence-free car. Made from durable, hard-wearing materials, this shifter guarantees exceptional durability even under the most demanding driving conditions. Its ergonomic design offers a comfortable grip and easy handling, ensuring a pleasant driving experience. Order today to enhance the performance and comfort of your licence-free driving
Intermediate reduction shaft

Intermediate reduction shaft for Comex Does the intermediate reduction shaft of your Comex box need to be changed? We offer you this high quality part at a discount price.
Gable (top view)

Fixed reverse gear for Comex gearbox Does your Comex gearbox need to be replaced? We offer you this high quality part at a discount price.
Reverse drive pinion

Reverse gear adaptable on Comex gearbox Your reverse gear on your Comex gearbox is defective, don't hesitate to replace it with a high quality part at a discount price
Gearbox selector ball spring

Aixam 400 e, s, l, sl, 500sl, 400 évolution, 500 évolution, 400.4, 500.4, 500.5, Microcar Lyra, Virgo, Chatenet Stella, Media, Bellier XLD50, VX550, VX650, Divane first assembly with Comex gearbox Designed to ensure smooth, precise gearbox operation, our selector ball spring is essential for maintaining efficient, reliable shifting. Made with durable materials and rugged construction, our selector ball spring is designed to withstand the stresses of everyday driving, ensuring exceptional durability and reliable long-term performance. Order today for a smoother, more confident driving experience, whatever the journey Length: 25.3 mm
Spy gasket for drive-side COMEX box

SPY SEAL FOR COMEX GEARBOX MOUNTED ON THE VARIATOR SIDE DIMENSION 25X40X7. This high quality spy seal will be mounted on the shaft of your Comex gearbox, on the variator side. It prevents various oil leaks from the gearbox. A useful part and always at a discount price!
Left half gearbox housing - Comex

Aixam Microcar, , , , Chatenet Casalini Ligier Grecav The gearbox half-housing ensures that the components making up your gearbox remain firmly in place, and its watertightness is essential. This left-hand half-case is designed to be compatible with various models of licence-free cars, offering a reliable replacement solution. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, it guarantees a precise fit and long-lasting protection for your transmission. When you need to replace or repair the left-side half-case of your sports car, opting for this adaptable part is a wise choice for maintaining the performance and reliability of your transmission.
Right-hand half gearbox housing - Comex

Original Comex right-hand half-case The half-case protects the gearbox's internal components from dirt, debris and moisture. This ensures smooth operation of the transmission and prolongs its service life. In addition, this half-case plays an important role in keeping the transmission oil inside, ensuring adequate lubrication of the gears and internal components. Proper lubrication is crucial to prevent premature wear and damage to the gearbox. Opting for this genuine Comex part is a wise choice to maintain the performance and reliability of your transmission.
Housing gasket

Crankcase gasket The injector pipe gasket Aixam is an essential automotive part designed to ensure a reliable seal between the injector pipe and your vehicle's engine. Its main function is to prevent fuel leaks, thus ensuring the smooth operation of the injection system. Opt for this quality injector hose gasket to maintain your engine's performance and avoid unwanted fuel leaks. Order this replacement part today for peace-of-mind driving and optimum operation of your injection system.