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VMSCH40 offers you a whole range of products for your Chatenet CH40 at discount prices.

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Air filter ligier xtoo - 2175166

Adaptable on LIGIER XTOO (also Motor Inn) This air filter mounts to Ligier XTOO and many models of cars without a license with a motor Lombardini focs or dci. found it to you at discount prices. Feel free to visit our other crazy price air filters that correspond to your cart.
Front brake hose chatenet - 111419

CHATENET BAROODER / MEDIA You can't brake anymore ? Don't look any further, this front brake hose is adaptable on Chatenet barooder and media, has been manufactured identically to the original. We advise you to check your master cylinder and the level of brake fluid.
Front brake hose aixam - 6L017

AIXAM 500 / 500.4 / 721 / 741 / 751 / CITY / ROADLINE / CROSSLINE / SCOUTY When brake hoses are out (leak), it becomes impossible to curb because the pressure of the liquid happens more brakes. This brake hose is adaptable to all the Aixam from the 500 model. Remember also to check your master cylinder, the problem may come from this piece.
Starter lombardini origin - 5840209

STARTER LOMBARDINI WITH CROWN FLYWHEEL 73 TEETH This starter Lombardini with Crown of the flywheel, is adaptable to engines of the same brand. This piece features of 73 teeth information to take into account when placing your order. It can arise on the Virgo (2 and 3), MC1 and MC2 by at Microcar , as well as from many brand vehicle Ligier .

Glue for windshield 310 ml  Bumpers, fenders, windshield glue This glue for windscreen and bodywork suitable for all models of VSP is the essential accessory to ensure a good attachment of your windshield! Easy to use, it will ensure a keeping perfect your windshield or your body parts by absorbing all the vibrations.
Body rivet

RIVET BODY  These body extra-large head rivets allow you to set all your body reinforcements. They are reusable and easily arise at a glance.  
Dimmer switch microcar mgo

Controller origin MICROCAR MGO with YANMAR engine This engine original Variator is mainly reserved for cars without a permit Microcar MGO with a motor Yanmar . By its unique reliability and simplicity of installation in a short time, it will satisfy the most reluctant.
Variable speed drive CHATENET ch26

Dimmer box original CHATENET CH26 This dimmer original box is purely consistent with the Chatenet CH26. Our products have undergone a battery of tests of quality in order to verify that they have been manufactured according to the safety standards imposed by French legislation.
Drive belt ligier dci

Belt new Variator origin Ligier with domestic central Groove, engine Lombardini DCI This strap has an orange marking origin, pledge of enhanced strength, and a domestic central grooving necessary for the post-2008 model. It will fit perfectly in your Ligier and engine Lombardini DCI.
5w40 engine oil

Oil for all vehicle without a permit This engine oil 5W40 100% synthetic has been specially manufactured for all cars without a permit and recommended for vehicles without a permit from 2008 (motor inns,...). The tank is with a capacity of two litres knowing that you have need of a liter and a half when your drain. Remember to check your oil level regularly.
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AIXAM front plates , Minauto and Chatenet CH26 / CH28 / CH30 / CH32 / CH33 / CH40 / CH46

Front plate for Aixam after 2010, Minauto and CHATENET   Inserts for City / Crossline / Crossover / cut / GTO (from the Impulse range, Vision and Sensation) and Chatenet CH26 / CH28 / CH30 / CH32 / CH33 / Sporteevo / CH40 / CH46 (Kailing assembly) For the replacement of front brake pads adaptable on Aixam Impulse, Sensation, Vision (models after 2010), choose this model delivered with the clamps and the sliders. Also remember to check the condition of your brake discs, which can cause premature wear of your brake pads.
€14.90 €21.90
Adaptable drive belt Lombardini DCi Ligier, Microcar, Chatenet, Belliergrecav

For Ligier with DCI engine   This belt of adaptable drive is dedicated to all models of vehicles without a permit of the Ligier brand equipped with a Motor Inn.
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Starter lombardini adaptable - 5840209

Starter adaptable lombardini for crown wheel engine 73 teeth This starter is dedicated to the vehicle without a permit with a Lombardini engine, such as the Microcar Virgo (2 and 3) and MC1 / MC2 and many vehicles of the brand Ligier. The engine flying Crown to your vsp must have 73 teeth for this starter is compatible.
€99.00 €189.00
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Distribution kit Lombardini DCI

Lombardini LWD 442 and 492 DCi timing kit Put together the timing kit you need to overhaul your Lombardini DCI engine.
€86.25 €115.00
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Left front brake caliper Ligier / Microcar / Dué

Ligier Ixo, JS50, JS50L, JSRC, Optimax, JS60, Flex, Microcar Cargo, MGO1, 2, 3, 4/5, 6, M8, F8C, Dué 2, 3/5, 6, Chatenet CH26,CH28, CH30, CH32, CH40, CH46 Calipers are an essential part of your VSP's braking system. As soon as they are defective or seized up, it's important to replace them to ensure safe braking. At the same time, don't forget to check the discs, which may be damaged.
€72.90 €92.90
Electric fan Chatenet CH26 / CH 40

Electric fan Chatenet CH26 Evo and CH40 (Lombardini LWD422 motor) For engine cooling problems on your Chatenet Ch26 Evo or CH40, choose our top-quality electric fan specially developed for the Lombardini LDW 422 engine.
Lower ball joint Chatenet CH26,28,30,32,40,46

Suspension ball joint for Chatenet CH26/CH28/CH30/CH32/CH40 and Casalini M10(2nd mounting) M12, M14, M20 Your car does not offer you an optimal road holding anymore, your suspension ball joint must be replaced. You have the possibility to do it thanks to our ball joint specially developed for the models of the brand Chatenet .
Kit 3 Filters Lombardini DCi

Kit 3 filters for Lombardini DCi LWD 442, 492 and 492 EURO4 engines Carry out your draining on the  Lombardini  DCi  engine licence-free car with our kit specially designed for DCi engines, equivalent to the original, you will be thrilled by its premium quality and its unbeatable price . 
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Maintenance kit with 10W40 oil Lombardini DCi

Maintenance kit with 10W40 oil Lombardini DCi LWD 442, 492 and 492 EURO4 Carry out the maintenance of your licence-free car with this complete kit including 3 main filters and 1 oil container of 2L of 10W40 at a discount price and the equivalent quality of the original. 
€36.90 €39.90
Engine radiator Chatenet CH28, CH40 and CH46 DCi

Engine radiator Chatenet CH26V2, CH28, CH40 and CH46 DCi engine You are experiencing engine overheating problems, replace your defective cooling radiator with our new part of equivalent quality to the original one.
Motor variator spring after 2008

Post-2008 engine transmission spring An essential part in the opening and closing of your engine transmission, the spring ensures the ramp-up of your vehicle. Don't hesitate to replace it if you notice a reduction in speed and difficulties opening or closing the transmission.
Oil filler cap Lombardini DCi

Oil filling cap for Lombardini Progress and DCi engines Your oil filling cap for Lombardini Progress and DCi engines is missing on your licence-free car, do not hesitate to buy our original cap.
Engine oil filter connection Lombardini

Lombardini engine oil filter connector This oil filter connector is suitable for several Lombardini engines, such as the Lombardini 523 petrol, 502 diesel and DCi 442 and 492.
Distribution spinnaker gasket Lombardini DCi

Spi gasket for distribution Lombardini DCi engine You notice a leak in your crankshaft spi gasket, this could lead to an oil leak which could alterate other components.  Do not hesitate to replace it with our spi gasket specially designed for vehicles fitted with Lombardini DCi LWD 442 and 492 engines.
Coolant flange Lombardini DCi

Cooling liquid flange Lombardini LDW 442 and LDW 492 A leak occurs in your cooling liquid flange, replace your flange with our part at a discount price.  Specially designed for vehicles fitted with Lombardini LDW 442 and LDW 492 DCi engines
Thermostat gasket Lombardini DCi

Thermostat gasket Lombardini LDW 442 and LDW 492 DCi If you notice a leak in your thermostat, your gasket must be faulty! Do not hesitate to replace it with our gasket specially designed for Lombardini DCi engines.
Lombardi DCi engine mounting screws

Engine fastening screw Lombardini LDW 442 and LDW 492 DCi If you need to replace your engine brackets don´t forget to replace your fastening screws too in order to give the best possible maintenance to your Lombardini DCi engine 
Cylinder head screws Lombardini DCi

Cylinder head screw Lombardini LDW 442 and LDW 492 Cylinder head screws have a crucial importance in the proper functioning of your engine, ensuring the tightening of the cylinder head with the engine, it enables the correct squashing of the cylinder head seal and the gasket in the combustion system.
Engine gasket kit Lombardini DCi

Set of engine gaskets Lombardini LDW 442 and LDW 492 DCi If you need to carry out repairs on your engine and consequently replace your gaskets, choose our pouch full of engine gaskets for Lombardini LWD 442 and 492 DCi makes. Adaptable for makes such as Microcar, Ligier, Chatenet, JDM, Bellier, Dué...
Oil dipstick Lombardini DCi

Oil gauge Lombardini LDW 442 and LDW 492 DCi Your oil gauge is missing in your licence-free car fitted with a Lombardini DCi engine, buy our original part as an ideal replacement. 
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Thermostat Lombardini LWD 442 and 492 DCi

Engine thermostat for Lombardini LDW 442 and 492 DCi Your thermostat is faulty and does not allow the cooling of your engine radiator.  Choose our adaptable thermostat of equivalent quality as the original for Lombardini LDW 442 and LDW 442 engines.
€13.90 €18.90
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Rear shock absorber Chatenet

Chatetenet CH26,28,30,32,33,40 and 46 Rear shock absorber (with suspension arm) for recent Chatenet models. Our parts are inexpensive and easy to replace, and are of equivalent quality to the originals. We are certain that you will be completely satisfied. 
€89.00 €109.00
Rear brake disc Chatenet

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH30, CH32, CH33, CH40, CH46 and Sporteevo Your rear brakes are less and less efficient? Replace your rear brake discs of Chatenet and get back all the bite of your braking at a discount price.
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Front brake disc Chatenet (Killing)

Chatenet CH26 / 28 / 30 / 32 / 33 / 40 / 46 / Sporteevo Central part of the braking system, the disc brake must be replaced at the first signs of wear (thickness too cracked, deep ribs...). Take advantage of our front disc specially designed for cars without a licence Chatenet
€39.90 €49.90
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Inverter motor Ligier after 2008

Ligier Microcar, , , , , after 2008 Chatenet Bellier JDM Casalini Grecav Need to replace your motor variator for your Ligier? Specially developed for VSP models Ligier , Microcar , Chatenet , Bellier , JDM , Casalini , Grecav at the best price.
€154.90 €189.90
Front shock absorber Chatenet CH26 / CH28 / CH30 / CH32 /CH40 / Sporteevo / CH46

Front shock absorber Chatenet CH26 V2 / CH40 / Sporteevo Need to replace your front shock absorbers for Chatenet ? Buy our new and adaptable part specially designed for VSP's CH26 V2, Sporteevo and CH49 models Chatenet
Ice-washer jar Chatenet

Chatenet Media, Barooder, CH26, CH28, CH30, CH32, Pick Up, Sporteevo, CH40, CH46, JDM Titane, Abaca, Albizia, Roxsy, Xheos If you're noticing leaks and loss of washer fluid, your washer jar must be cracked. Here's our washer fluid jar specially developed for Chatenet models.
Straight suspension triangle Chatent CH40 and CH46

Suspension triangle left or right Chatenet CH40 and CH46 The link between your car's chassis and the hub carrier, it ensures good roadholding and, above all, your safety. Vibrations, longer braking distances or abnormal tire wear should be signs that your suspension wishbone needs replacing.
Air filter hose Lombardini LDW 442 and LDW 492 DCi

Engine air filter hose Lombardini LDW 442 and LDW 492 DCi You notice an intake problem in the air filter housing of your VSP equipped with an engine Lombardini LDW 442 and LDW 492, it's probably coming from your air filter housing outlet hose.
Rear bumper Chatenet CH40

Rear bumper Chatenet CH40 If you need to replace your rear bumper following a collision with your Chatenet CH40, offers you this new and adaptable bodywork part at the best price.