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Dics Chatenet

Front / rear brake discs for CHATENET Are your discs worn? offers you a wide range of low-priced front and rear brake discs for your Chatenet. Select the discs and accessories you need according to the model of your Chatenet.

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Brake hub stud

All models These brake hub studs ensure a good attachment of your brake discs. Cheap and easy to install, you can consult our advice to mount them in good conditions.
Hub holder screw

Screws for door hub (all models)   This screw to door hub fits all models of vehicles without a permit. Fix your hub thanks to door.
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Front brake disc Chatenet (Killing)

Chatenet CH26 / 28 / 30 / 32 / 33 / 40 / 46 / Sporteevo Central part of the braking system, the disc brake must be replaced at the first signs of wear (thickness too cracked, deep ribs...). Take advantage of our front disc specially designed for cars without a licence Chatenet
€39.90 €49.90
Front brake disc chatenet ch26

Disc brake before Chatenet CH26 / diameter: 225 mm   Adaptable on Chatenet CH26 unlicensed vehicles, these front brakes discs conform to the highest standards of the European Union. Important security feature, braking must be monitored carefully. Our brake discs are sold at the unit. 
Rear brake disc Chatenet

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH30, CH32, CH33, CH40, CH46 and Sporteevo Your rear brakes are less and less efficient? Replace your rear brake discs of Chatenet and get back all the bite of your braking at a discount price.
Right-hand brake disc Chatenet

Chatenet CH26, CH28, CH30, CH32, CH33, CH40, CH46 and Sporteevo Your brake discs are a little tired, get back the bite of the braking Chatenet thanks to our brake disc specially designed for the latest models of the brand Chatenet.
Complete front disc - 118008

CHATENET BAROODER / CH26 These front brake discs of impeccable quality, sold complete by the unit, are suitable for Chatenet Barooder and CH26. The hub is fixed on the disc but you can also find on our site the same disc without hub. Don't forget that it is safer to change both discs at the same time.
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Front brake disc aixam d172 - 6G028

AIXAM 400 / 500.4 / A721 / A741 These brake discs for Aixam 400/500.4/A721/A741 are high quality to guarantee you an optimal braking even in emergency situations. Our discs are sold to the unit and have a diameter of 172 mm.  
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Front brake disc JDM, CHATENET , MICROCAR

JDM ALBIZIA AND ABACA With these before for brake discs JDM Abaca and Albizia, you are certain to be able to stop in an emergency. Mindful of its clients, has developed these discs with flawless finishes. Our discs are of a diameter of 210mm
€27.50 €30.50