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VJRJS16FD offers a wide range of product for your 162 Ligier - VJRJS16FD at discount prices

Active filters

Set of 4 brake pads 30mm *Prenium quality*

AIXAM - LIGIER - MICROCAR- CHATENET - JDM - GRECAV - BELLIER Your front brake pads are at the end of their life and no longer provide safe braking for your VSP. Replace them at the lowest cost with our set of 4 brake pads. Height (lining): 30 mm For disc diameter :172mm
Original water pump Lombardini Focs and Progress

Water pump Lombardini Focs and Progress original Essential for cooling your engine, the water pump must be replaced at the first signs of weakness.  Make the most of our original  Lombardini   part on
original distribution kit Lombardini Focs and Progress

Distribution kit Lombardini Focs and Progress original You have to redo your distribution on your licence-free car fitted with a Lombardini Focs and Progress engine? We can offer you this original kit for you to carry out your reparations inexpensively with quality parts.
Oil pump card seal Lombardini

Lombardini Focs and Progress oil pump casing gasket Is there a leak in your oil pump? If so, it is likely that the gasket is cracked or split. To repair your VSP at the lowest cost, choose our superior quality part at a discount price. 
Thermostat housing gasket lombardini

Thermostat housing gasket Lombardini Focs and Progress You notice a leak in the thermostat housing top, your gasket must be faulty.  Do not worsen the problem and replace it with our original gasket at ultra competitive prices.  Specially designed for vehicles fitted with a  Lombardini LDW 502 (diesel) or 523 I (essence) engine.
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Distribution kit Lombardini

Distribution kit for Lombardini Focs and Progress engines (without water pump) You have to redo your distribution, do not hesitate to buy our distribution kit including 1 belt with 108 teeth, 1 tensioner strap. Specially developed for Focs and Progress engines from the Lombardini make, this kit will give you reliability and peace of mind.
€66.00 €110.00
Breather hose Lombardini Focs and Progress

Radiator hose breather pipe for Lombardini Focs and Progress engines If your radiator hose breather pipe shows cracks or is completely torn replace it with our new and adaptable part at an equivalent quality to the original. 
Kit 3 original engine filters Lombardini Focs before 2004

Kit of 3 filters original for Lombardini Focs before 2004  Need to carry out a revision to your vehicle fitted with a Lombardini Focs engine before 2004, achieve it with our original maintenance kit for Lombardini. Choose the best quality on
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Maintenance Kit Lombardini before 2004

Pre-2004 Lombardini Focs maintenance kit with 10W40 Oil Carrying out draining has never been simpler with our maintenance kit for pre- 2004 Lombardini Focs , consisting of an oil, diesel, and air filter, a drainage gasket and 10W40 oil.
€25.90 €26.90
Kit 3 Filters Lombardini before 2004

Pre-2004 Lombardini 3 filter kit If you need to carry out draininage to your VSP car and it has a pre-2004 Lombardini engine, we recommend our maintenance kit consisting of an oil filter, a diesel filter and a rectangle air filter with drainage gasket.